Ways of Making Extra Money

11 Ways of Making Extra Money

11 Ways of Making Extra Money – Guaranteed to Work

Are you looking for ways to make extra money online? If your answer is Yes, then you have landed in the correct place! In this article I am going to share 11 proven ways of making extra money, starting right now.

You must be wondering or asking your self “How will be you able to make extra income”?

Harsh but true for some time money never seems enough. No matter how much you are saving it into your account.

Chances are high that you may need money to pay off your bills or debts or you need to look after your family or you want to upgrade your lifestyle. All these things require money, a constantly fixed income service can provide you the same lifestyle for all time, but then there is no scope of additional saving or upgrading your lifestyle with it.

I know this feeling, I have already been there for some time, and believe me this is the best time to either evolve yourself or just compromise with what you got.

The fact is we are not all alone in this. Thousand of surveys reveal that majority of millennials have a side hustle to make extra income, on top of their full-time job.

You will be amazed to know that majority of these hustler’s making more than $1000 per month.

So if they can do why not we? Are you thinking the same thing? If your answer is yes then keep reading.

In my years of blogging, I Have spent the majority of time researching and finding the best ways of earning extra income, on the path of creation of passive income source and becoming financially independent.

You will be surprised to know my experience; I eventually learned that making extra money is not rocket science. It is not as complicated as we have made in our minds. It is much easier than compared to our imagination. Similar to everything, I accepted that it needs lots of hard work and passion but then what comes free in this world?

If you are reading this line, this means that you have the potential and you are ready to try out new things to earn extra money. This blog is my side hustle and I do have a full-time job, but the dissatisfaction we have with a job created this hustle for me. So it’s possible to make more than $1000 per month as extra money.

Okay before proceeding further to know the ways of earning extra money, I must admit that there are lots of scam websites on the internet and it is very hard to tell what’s legit and what is fake.

You will find thousands of articles on the internet that claim that by doing this and that you will be able to make extra money like $100000 over a month. Believe me guys this is not possible initially. I am not saying that this is not possible but for that, your service or blog must be at the top of the google search for almost every tenth search.

Making money is not necessarily easy for all persons, but believe me, this is possible for everyone. You know what is the hardest part in making extra money is getting to start. We usually keep on postponing which makes it next to impossible for earning extra money.

But once you have successfully created a stream of passive income, believe me, guys the feeling is awesome as you will find yourself as your boss. You can then quit your job and continue with your hustle full time.

Depending on the fact that how much time you can give to your side hustle daily and how much serious you are about your side hustle, here you will get to know the perfect ideas of earning extra money which will boot you to start earning extra money.

1) Flipping for profit

Not heard of this business? Oh, don’t worry this is just another term for buying cheap and re-selling products at a higher price. This is not an outdated idea, but this is a new trend started among young people. Thousand of people are already following the same model, they buy the products in bulk from the company and selling them to the individual at a higher price.

Additionally, they also get lots of perks and benefits from the company as they are helping companies to sell their products.

Re-selling products is a very sustainable business model. Thousands of e-commerce companies are already following the same model.

I am a big fan of this business model since the potential of earning extra money is unimaginable. The sky is the limit for this business. You just need to play smarter and find the products which are in demand among people.

How can you get started?

Look in your closet – The research reports show that the second-hand apparel market will be more than $100 billion by 2029, easily overtaking traditional fashion ways. Why don’t you learn from this research and start this business this year and start earning extra money?

Flip your furniture – Just like clothes, you can apply the same concept with furniture. Thousands of people are already looking for good furniture. They are ready to pay a high amount for the type of furniture they are looking for. The idea is the same find what it’s in demand in the market and earn extra money with this hustle.

Get products at a discounted price and sell them at a full price– If you are an expert in any product and have the idea of your buyers, their demands, etc. Then you can use this method of buying products in bulk when there is a discount and sell them at the actual price. If you look closely you will find many of the niche-oriented websites are doing the same business they get the product from the giants like Amazon, eBay in bulk at a discounted price and reselling them at the actual price on their websites.

I can give you many examples of how people are doing this, it is worth to know some examples.

Door handles: Bought around $8 and sold for almost 10 times its price.
Old radio: Bought around $20 and sold for almost 20 times its price.

2) Try pet sitting

If you love animals and like to play with them is your passion, then you can opt for pet sitting in your free time. Pet sitting is another great way of earning extra money. Pet sitting can be done in various ways but the idea is the same for every way that is to take care of pets.

The good part about the pet sitting business is that you can decide at what time you can do it, thereby schedule the same time. It’s easy to do even if you work full time, as you can spend time during the weekend looking after someone’s pets.

A great website that will help you to get started is Rover.

Rover provides several types of services to pet owners and once you have registered with them, you will be able to decide which one you want to offer to your potential customers.

Some of the services are

Dog Walking: You need to pick up a dog and go walking with it.

Dog Daycare: If you are a work-from-home type person and you don’t like the idea of going to the office, then pet daycare might be the ideal choice for you.

Dog boarding: Care for a doing especially at the night.

3) Provide assistance to researchers online

If you are a tech guy and have knowledge in some particular domain, then you can opt for this method of making extra money.

You need to answer or assist your researcher so that the researcher can complete his task easily.

By registering yourself as a part of research studies, online focus groups, or answering online surveys, you can help many companies by sharing your opinion on products and services.

User Interviews is another website that is my favorite place to find online focus groups. Upon signing up to this website, the website shows you many different studies and what the things researchers are looking around. If you are looking for a specific product or service research then you will be asked to complete a quick survey on the same product or service.

If you got qualified for the research study, you will get an email for your assistant’s approval.
On average, you can easily make $80 per project, but there are chances that you can even find a project costing $200. Generally, on average it will take an hour to complete the study.

Respondent is very similar to User Interviews. It offers you to get paid to participate in once on one research sessions and focus groups too.

4)  Rent your additional house

If you are the owner of many houses, then this business model is just for you. You can easily rent out your additional houses and get paid monthly. If you have additional money then you also buy some more houses and follow the same idealogy of earning extra money.

You could buy

  • A duplex
  • A triplex
  • A fourplex
  • A multi-bedroom apartment

Additionally, if you are not using all the rooms or parts of your house, then you can also rent out some specific portion of the house. You can easily rent out your additional space on Airbnb.

You could rent out the additional space to long-term tenants and can easily minimize or even eliminate your housing costs.

Once you start earning money from this business model, you will soon realize the power of passive income. You will then appreciate yourself for doing such a smart thing.

5)  Rent your car or parking space

If you think that renting a house is not fit for yourself, then there is another way also, you can rent out your car when you are not using it, even you can also rent out the parking spaces to other people.

Generally, we all have one or other things occupied spaces in our house which we hardly use.
Some of the best examples are

Rent out your car: Many websites like Turo let you share your car when you don’t use it, You will be surprised to know monthly income from this way, which will be approx. $800 per month.

Rent out your parking space: If you have an empty parking space, then why not earn something from it? You can easily list it on Craiglist or websites like Stow it.

Rent your backyard: Yes you read correctly. IF you have a house you can make extra money by letting your backyard on rent.

6) Teach kids online

If you have a passion for teaching, then this way of making money is best suited for you. Thanks to modern technology, nowadays it is possible to conduct online classes and teach your students from home itself.

All that it requires a good calm place, a solid internet connection, a laptop, and a good mic.

Outschool is an online teaching website that lets you teach any type of subject to your students, you can teach maths, science, physics, English, etc. Not just limited to academic subjects you can also teach music, cooking, gardening, etc.

To teach online, it doesn’t need to be a traditional teacher. You just need to go for some background checks to make sure that you are who you claim. Additionally, you need to put a video introducing yourself and show your teaching skills.

Once your application is approved, then you can start promoting your classes and make money, and you are done. The good thing is that after that you will be in full control of when to take classes and how many classes you can take in a day or a week.

Outschool will charge only 30% of your earnings for their website services and will pay you the remaining amount through PayPal.

7)  Become a bookkeeper

Do you find yourself good at bookkeeping tasks? Do you have a great grip on excel knowledge? Do you like working on excel? If your answer is yes then this method of earning extra money is just for you.

So what is the work of a bookkeeper? Ideally, the bookkeeper’s main task is to take care of a company’s income and expenses.

You will be responsible for recording all financial transactions on behalf of a company and track what is company doing in terms of financial aspects, meaning how much they are earning and how much they are spending.

Bookkeeping is also one of the highest-paid side jobs which you can start from your home. Traditionally bookkeepers charge around $18-$50 per hour for their services. But once you are in this business and have a solid grip then you can even ask for $300 per hour. For quality work companies never hesitate to pay asked amount.

You can easily find bookkeeping jobs online through various websites like FlexJobs, AccountingFly, and Upwork.

8)  Provide content and get paid

If you have a passion for writing, then why not earn extra money from this?

Today, by content only companies and publishers can promote their product to their audience. According to WordPress, more than 75 million articles are getting posted per month.

The above survey is a clear indication of how much business needs good quality content for the promotion of their products or services. For this companies are also ready to pay more than what you think.

For this, you must be clear about what are you going to write.

Feature Writing – For writing feature articles, you must be an expert in a particular domain or product or service. This requires a little more research and hands-on product.

Ghostwriting – Ghostwriting is another way of providing your services to someone willing to use your content. But in this the owner or business will take the credit of the content, you will be given only the money, not the credit for creating the content.

Copywriting – As a copywriter, you will produce creative content like website copy, emails, or sale pages to help businesses engage clients and sell.

Once you pick your writing field, you need to build your portfolio. This means you will have to work for free for some time. Find online publications in your niche that accept guest writers or offer your services for free to potential clients.

Once you land your first paying gig, you can expect to make around $100 per 2000 words long article as a rookie. Experts in their fields can charge up to $2000 for the same article.

9) Provide virtual Assistant

Nowadays this method of earning extra money is becoming popular day by day. Not only it has the potential of earning as a side hustle but also taking it as a full-time job.

You can provide your assistant at any time of the day and from any place of your choice at your rates.

So how to start from virtual Assistance?

The main thing which should be kept in mind before becoming a virtual assistant is that you need to decide which services you are going to offer and then you need to figure out how to reach your potential clients.

There are thousands of platforms where you can find your potential clients, two of such platforms are Facebook and Instagram. You need to create a niche profile on Instagram and Facebook, start posting useful content in your niche, follow the people you would like to work with, and try to engage with them.

10) Provide Proofreader service

Does it feel bad every time you come across an article which has grammar mistake? Do you hate to see those grammatical mistakes? If yes then this way of earning extra money is for you.

How about correcting those mistakes for some money?

If you have a passion for reading and you can easily spot grammatical or spelling errors in the content then you can easily make $500 per month as a proofreader.

As we have already told that millions of content got published per month, so with that increased demand for content, there is automatic high demand for proofreaders also.

Sometimes, no matter how many times you have gone through your article, you will still find some grammatical or typos error.

Proofreading jobs are in high demand and one can find thousands of websites providing proofreading services. Upwork and freelancer are top of such websites. You can make your profile in it as a proofreader and can easily start earning extra money.

11) Start Blogging

This article won’t be completed if I miss telling you about blogging. Yes, I have to mention blogging too.

After all, you are reading my article on my blog only, and this is a blog that is my side hustle, able to generate more than $1000 per month extra income for me.

Believe me, I never thought that one day I will be able to generate more than $1000 per month from my blog. But yes now I admit that this is only the tip of the ice, blogging has great potential of earning extra money. Some of the bloggers are even making more than $25000 per month, which is a huge income as a side hustle.

A blog is a great way to earn money doing something you like to say or write about it.

But to earn money from blogging, you need to have lots of patience, you need to have learned thousand of articles, you need to learn how to create quality content for your readers.

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