Future of Marketing

Future of Marketing

Future of Marketing

Working in the marketing field is one of the most challenging job in today’s life because in this field marketers really need to have both analytical as well as creative minds, also they need to always up-to date with the constantly changing marketing landscape. If you have any kind of business then you really need to give lots of efforts on its marketing and it is very complex process to get the consumer for the business. Communication and advertising play important roles in any business but when you are in business then you will definitely think about the future of the marketing so, in this article we will tell you what will be future of marketing.

1.) Forget 4Ps and welcome 4Es

If you are doing business in marketing then you definitely know about 4Ps that are the product, price, place, and promotion, but we all know that in future we will have the digital word and we really need to follow some other rules instead of 4Ps to grow our business and if anyone does not follow that rules then they will definitely lose their business so, what are things that need to do instead of 4Ps? Yes, we need to welcome the 4Es that is Engagement, experience, exclusivity, and emotion.Yes, in marketing you really need to understand that people never buy products as they only buy your experiences and emotions. If you do emotional branding then it will really create great effects on your business and your business will be grown on the daily basis so, for that, you really need to think about “what you should sell” or “how you should sell” and “why you should sell it“.
4Ps are now 4Es
If you see the strategies of the most successful brands of any business in marketing then you will notice that they never offer any materials or service of their products but they sell experiences and emotions. For examples, coco cola sells the happiness; from the Adidas or Nike you can get the courage to follow your valuable dream, the most famous brands L’Oreal sells beauty.

2) 73% of people never care on the disappearing of the brands

We know that it’s really hard to swallow that if your brands stop existing then no one will care and the people will move to another brand. Yes, if the other brand fulfils the same need then why people can’t move on another? Do you think that why people never care? Let me tell you that the brand is never relevant for many people. So, you really need to work hard if you don’t want to end up your brand with this 73% because once your brand fall down the people will definitely move to another brand.

3.) Build intimate one to one relations

Many of the marketing models have worked very well in the past because the process was really easy. They develop many of the communication style as well as important as well as attractive messages to send the particular group, the rate of their conversion may not be impressive but their model really worked.Digital media helps in growth of this model, as internet gather the information of both users and marketers which really targets the interest as well as demographics and habits of the people which is more accurate to reach out the number of the consumers, but when it was used a few years ago it was not as effective as comparing today’s world of marketing.Cloud computing really has revolutionised marketing communication. In today’s world its really need to collect all information about the behaviour of the consumer with their preferences including their interested which can create the personalised marketing message to every individual. if you really want to distinguish your brands with other then, first of all, you need to make loyal clients and then you can move towards further step. If we talk about today’s consumer then they need both individual service as well as personal approach in every aspect. it will really be appreciated that if your brands goes the extra miles only for the customer services and this will make your business more effective and through which your business can grow rapidly

4.) Don’t be superficial

Many of the brands do not resonate with target groups. They try but get fail to building the deep relation with them. They reach on the level where they cannot get engage with the peoples. All consumers are both emotional as well as love experiences so, if you want to convey your message then first you have to win their hearts. People can only be engaged with you when you will give them some emotional touch because prizes and offers can engage the consumers for sometimes only.

5.) Influencer marketing

Many of the influencers like bloggers, vlogger and other have power to shape the opinions of the consumer. Internet lover really trust on them who is their favourite youtuber. if the influencer is genuine as well as trustworthy they trust on them easily. Most of the brands are appreciated by the influencer to get engaged the consumers on them. These influencers can give measurable results in marketing. It is really beneficial when you involve popular people in your marketing communication. You can find all the influencer who has some interest in your company or in your business.

6.) People engage with meaningful stories

We as a human always wants to see honest and genuine people and we want to know what they do in their life. This is only reasons of teenagers video gets viral in made in even a small room because they just show their own personality and use the common language which can be understood by most of the people. So, if you want to make your brands more popular then you really need to focus on the needs and problems of your consumers. You have to create a genuine message which will be the meaningful to the consumers.

7.) Get along with new apps

The social media, apps helps to people connected all the times. if you want to stay on the top of your business then you need to adapt the advancement of the technologies and will have to follow the platforms of audience which they use. Yes, Facebook is the most famous social media site but nowadays Snapchat or vine also powerful leaders. A few years ago we never took snap chat or vine seriously but their creative ways have given positive feedback to the Snapchat on the news and other social media sites and this is only possible because of interesting facts on Snapchat which engage the people.

Five things that will never change in future of marketing

1.) Understanding the customer: If you are in marketing business then you need to understand everything about your customer including both their decisions as well as their experience of the journey. Company really needs to all the things in which they build the trust of their customer to advocate their own brands.

2.) Value proposition : Every field has their own competition, so you really need to improve the value proposition for the changing competitive environment. Particularly a company needs broad thinking to innovate their business model for marketing.

3.) Science : There are many aspects of science in the field of marketing. But the marketing is moving with the advancements of big data and neuromarketing

4) Art: The art of marketing can be only developed by the focusing on the ideas of the bold platforms which can be works in any of the media and also can be amplified by the entire customer.

5) Trust : Trust is the fundamental units of any business with all the business practices. if the company are sharing some values to the customers then they really need live and stay on those values.

Two things that can be different in future of marketing

1) Real-time : You really need a better system, so that you can work or react or move on real time with your customer. Time is so precious in any field and if you give your service on real-time to your customer then it will be very beneficial in the growth of your marketing.

2.) Personalized: Digital worlds has made easier to research on different products and buying of the products,so you really need to keep your communication relevant, you need to create the personal connection with customers, and have to convey the real and clear message to your customer so that they understand your emotions, as well as brands value, will differentiate your excellence in marketing

So it is not big to say that the marketing of tomorrow will be really different from our imagination, no doubt that marketing is the most popular job in today’s world but in future the business in marketing will be more effective with full of emotions, experience and excitement.  

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