Is it safe to travel Dubai
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Is it safe to travel Dubai?

Is it safe to travel Dubai

Is it safe to travel Dubai?

Yes, port is safe for tourists.Dubai is in fact, one in every of the safest Middle Eastern countries for tourists. Its stricter laws mean that crime is kept to a minimum, and lots of tourists feel much safer in Dubai than they are doing in different parts of the world.

DUBAI news

A travel warning update by the Foreign and Commonwealth workplace (FCO) has been issued for British holidaymakers relating to the political scenario within the country. Is it safe to travel Dubai? Dubai could be a standard holiday destination for British travellers due to low cost flights and luxury resorts. It is thought to be a comparatively safe country for holidays, with very little issues reported by the 1.5 million Britons visiting once a year.

Holidays in DUBAI

Dubai has invariably been vouched for because the most luxurious and promising holidaymaker destinations ever. Its featured issues within the field of realty; however that failed to hinder the functioning of the business business within the least. In fact, the business account for a serious portion of the country’s gross domestic product. The Dubai vacation packages give you an opportunity to find cultural and ancient background of the country. The tours cause you to forget that the country came to cognisance with the pearl business. The Dubai vacation packages take you to the Divine Village and Dubai Heritage, wherever you’ll be able to explore the history of this lovely land.

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Citizens within the United Arab Emirates ought to exercise a high level of security awareness, although enforcement units have effectively incontestable the capability to sight, deter, and stop acts of terrorist act within the UAE. The Department of State remains involved regarding the worldwide threat of terrorist act, together with the chance of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and interests within the Gulf and Arabia.

Dress code in DUBAI

Though one amongst the foremost westernised cities within the Middle East, Dubai is located in a Muslim country that has its own conservative beliefs. Code is very important – in many traveller hot-spots, guests wear shorts and short sleeves,but it’s necessary to remember to dress suitably outside of those areas. By covering arms and feet, you’ll get more native respect.


Dubai is also an enormous town, however it’s still housed in a Muslim country – alcohol isn’t consumed by the most population. Keeping in mind that once choosing a hotel, many of them are “dry” (don’t sell or serve alcohol). However, don’t hesitate to ask for a corkscrew if you have got your own bottle of wine – hotels are accommodating to the current request and can probably offer you with one.

Extreme Heat

Dubai’s low season is throughout the summer. It’s not suggested you go at that time as the heat is oppressive, rising to one hundred plus degrees within the summer months. The hot and humid combination will have an ill-effect on your health.

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Traffic Jams

Slow moving bumper to bumper traffic is that the norm in Dubai. Streets, particularly at the hours of darkness and on Thursday before the weekends, are crowded and you must expect to spend regarding 1-2 hours expecting a bus or a taxi then pay another hour on the bus or taxi simply to get to your destination some miles away. There aren’t any subways and trains you’ll be able to go for get round the traffic issues.

Latest travel recommendations, news, updates, and data from the specific. Maintain to this point with all the most well liked destinations and low cost flights – from exotic long-haul journeys to budget town breaks in Dubai – and every one the protection and security tips and tricks you wish to understand for your next vacation.

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How to become a Dubai travel agent

Today’s day United Arab Emirates is very much talked-about traveller destination. After all, there are good conditions for a resort vacation: year-round favourable climate, azure coast, ancient discipline monuments and gorgeous fashionable buildings. However the foremost vital side is that the govt. of the United Arab Emirates makes respectable efforts for the event of the tourism and entertainment industry. The mixture of those factors makes the jurisdiction enticing for the running of the traveller business. Flexible company atmosphere, the tolerance of the native population and extremely qualified personnel create the Emirates the right place for gap an agency or a corporation.

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First of all one should acquire the relevant license so as to hold out any quite entrepreneurial activities. It’s usually accepted to tell apart 2 varieties of state licenses among the foremost well-liked business areas during this trade. Let’s contemplate every of them individually.

Operator of inward and outgoing touristy

This type of license provides for the organisation of the outgoing traveller visits, services for organising tours inside the country, as well as international conferences and specialised exhibitions. You’ve got to submit the subsequent set of documents to the registration authority so as to get this business license.

• Application, stuffed in due form.

• Copy of the foreign passport of the applicant.

• Certificate that approves the skilled qualification of the manager.

• Clean list certificate concerning the owner and manager of a company.

• Studies regarding the economic practicability of the project.

MANY MARKETING STRATEGIES ARE NEEDED TO RUN THE BUSINESS OF A TRAVEL AGENT IN DUBAI UAE. are the world’s top DUBAI travel agents in the world, we provide you up with all of your requirements and make your trip to UAE worth the money.


Agents do marketing of the air tickets outside the country, give visa support, holidaymaker accommodation, and organise guided tours and transportation services. Besides, the agent is the supplier that secures the touristy operators the implementation of their tours.As to the documents, the list remains the same, however with some additions. The agent should in addition give the letter of approval on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirate. Obtaining this letter is sort of an extended and tough procedure.


Gap a agency needs availability of adequate monetary resources – from a hundred thousand dollars, and the obligatory presence of a certified manager with a relevant professional certificate.

Without a doubt, this list of task is incredibly long. all the same, travel agencies and even freelance travel agents have the possibility to fancy smart profits, particularly after they take into consideration the following pointers.


With this approach it’s quite simple to open an agency within the UAE as a result of this market section is strictly regulated. You’ll invariably use the services of the specialised corporations. Of course, you’ll solve all the structure problems severally, however it’ll cause vital time expenses. It’s rather more economical to entrust the work to the professionals, and to develop your own business concepts and plans.

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