PMS Myths and Facts – Every man should know

PMS Myths and Facts – Every man should know

PMS is the stage which is the combination of both physical and emotional symptoms which is observed by many women after the ovulation and just before their menstrual cycle. Almost 40 percent of women observe the PMS and out of 5% to 8% observe the severe PMS. The severe form of premenstrual syndrome is known as PMDD that stands premenstrual dysphonic disorder. You can get relief from PMS only after the menopause. PMS might come with different symptoms after the pregnancy.

Who gets PMS?

Many research shows that almost every women feel the PMS in some points of their life but for some women’s symptoms are minor or for some women’s symptoms are major.The changes of getting PMS in those women who have:
* Really high level of stress and tension
* Any depression patients in the family
* Having the history of personal depression

Does the premenstrual syndrome changes with the changing of age?

Yes, PMS symptoms are minor during the age of teenage but as you reach the age of 30s or 40s the symptoms become worse which approach the menopause which is also known as perimenopause. These symptoms are really very true for those women who have very sensitive emotions as well as their hormones changes during the periods. You can some changes of mood or worse mood changes during this phase but PMS stops after the menopause i.e. no periods no PMS but the PMS typically starts just after the ovulation periods.

Sign and symptoms of PMS

Every woman observes different symptoms of PMS as may get physical symptoms like bloating or gassiness or you can get some emotional symptoms like changes in mood such as sadness and your symptoms can change with the different stage of life.

Physical symptoms of the PMS are:

1) You may feel swollen or tender breast during your periods.
2) You can also observe constipation or diarrhoea
3) Feeling of bloating or gassy feeling
4) Cramping
5) A severe or a mild headache or a backache

6) You can’t tolerate heavy noise or light
7) Acne on the face
8) You can feel little amount or too much amount of sleep disturbances.
9) You can observe some weight gain during your periods.
10) Appetite may change with the overeating or carving of food.

Emotional or mental symptoms of the premenstrual include:

1) Some of the irritability or hostile behavior.
2) You may be feeling of tiredness.
3) Sleeping too much or little amount of sleepiness.
4) Having trouble in concentration on any things or memory power.
5) You can feel some tension or anxiety.
6) Feeling of depression, sadness feeling or feeling of crying.
7) You may suffer from mood swings.
8) Less interest in sex during PMS.

Cause of PMS in women

Till now, the real cause of PMS is not cleared by researchers but it is said that the changes in hormones level during the periods can play an important role for the cause of PMS. So, changes of hormones level can effects different from every women.

How can PMS diagnosed?

There is no any test for diagnosing the PMS but one of the best tools which you can use to diagnose your PMS is a menstrual diary in which you need to write all the physical and emotional symptoms of all over the month. If you observe the changes during the menstrual periods or before the periods then it’s probably the accurate diagnosis of the PMS. it helps to know the professional about your symptoms and then they understand your body and moods more accurately. There is no any blood or laboratory test are there of the diagnosis of the PMS symptoms but you can observe the thing like:The PMS always happens before five to ten days before the menstrual cycle.
The symptoms will ends with ending of your four days of periods.
You can track your symptoms with help of some apps and you can observe it by writing your symptoms on your phone or diary or in the calendar and you can give this information to your doctor when you go for the checkup.

How does PMS can affect your health?

Many women are there who gets some other physical health issue because of PMS which can give worse effects before the menstrual periods so, below some symptoms and problems which can cause during the premenstrual syndrome.1) Depression and anxiety disorder: this is one of the most common symptoms which is observed by almost all the women which really get worse and also can get some severe problems before the periods.
2) Chronic fatigue syndrome: this can lead the heavy menstrual bleeding which can cause before the premature menopause.
3) Irritable bowel syndrome: this can cause cramping on your body, you can feel some bloating and gas and this symptom is worse just before the periods.
4) Bladder pain syndrome: it is one of the most painful syndromes before the periods in which women feel lots of pain in their bladder.
How can you get relieved from the PMS symptoms?Some of the treatments are there which can not only make you relieve from the PMS but you can also be healthier in normal days. So, you need to follow these tips on a regular basis and tips are:1) Do the exercise on the regular basis so, that you can get fewer symptoms of PMS.
2) Try to give emotional support during the premenstrual periods.
3) Try to avoid the amount of caffeine.
4) Avoid smoking
5) Reduce the intake of refined sugar.

Herbal and natural remedies which can help in PMS

The limited studies show that the fruit of chasteberry fruits are very beneficial for the PMS symptoms. You can take some calcium and vitamins supplements which can help you to relieving some symptoms of the PMS. Don’t try to eat an excess amount of calcium, magnesium, and vitamins that can be very harmful to your health so, try to take in a limited amount so, you can get more benefits from those supplements.

Medication used for treating PMS

Many of the symptoms of PMS are there which can be treated by medication so below we are going to give you the names of some medication are: 1) Diuretics: this medication help to extract extra fluids of the body and also it is used to increase the production of the urine; diuretics are used to treat the swelling of the hand, face, feet caused by PMS.
2) Analgesics: this is type of painkiller which treats the muscles cramps, headache and pelvic discomfort.
3) Antidepressant: this medicine is used to treat the mood swings or mood disturbances during the menstrual periods.
some of the other drugs which are usually prescribed by the doctor or women take to treat their PMS symptoms are benzodiazepines, oral contraceptive pills, ovarian suppressors etc. it is really very important to know about these medications, apart from this medicine a women really need to take good amount of diet with regular exercise to not even avoid the symptoms if PMS but to stay healthy all time.

Amazing facts on PMS

1) Average age of the girl for the periods is 12 years old.
2) Women loose from one spoon to one cup of menstrual blood in every month during her periods.
3) There are almost 400 times periods comes in average women in their lifetime.
4) Almost 15000 pads or tampons are used by women in their lifetime.
5) Do you know why tampons are sent in the pack of 18? Let me tell you because you need to change it on every 8 hours.
6) The average age of menopause is 51 years old.

Myths on PMS

Many of the myths on PMS are socially accepted which is really needed to know so, that you can keep yourself away from these myths are:

1) PMS affects every woman during her periods

Yes, many women observe the symptoms of the PMS but it does mean that all women observe this. Every woman has a different lifestyle, diet, behavior, and environment so, these factors are also the reason of the PMS and if these conditions are not same for all women then how could be the PMS is for all women so; it’s not true that all women observe the symptoms of PMS.

2) PMS only happens to humans

many studies cleared that the PMS is not only common in humans as it also common in animals like a monkey so, but it’s also not only our problems as it is the problems of many animals too who observe the periods.

3) Nothing can be done about PMS

all problems are not stable or constant so, if anyone thinks that nothing can be done about the symptoms of the PMS then those people are totally wrong as many medications which we have above told you or the exercise or diet has treated the symptoms of PMS of many women.

4) Women should take rest during her periods

If you really want to be treated from PMS than you need to avoid this myth and work on exercise and feel good even during your periods.

5) Women can’t swim during her periods

Yes, if you are using pads then it will very difficult for you to swim in water but once you wear a menstrual cup or tampons then there are no any problems to swim during the periods.

6) Food items will be destroyed when you touch it during your periods

Yes, if you don’t work on hygiene then you need to keep you self away from food items, so it’s totally a myths that don’t touch the food items it will destroy there is nothing like that, many women who live alone and need to work or cook food even in their periods and the taste of the food are same as regular days, they never observe any bad taste of the food.So, we have discussed all the facts and myths about PMS which you really need to know. so, enjoy these facts and myths along with little knowledge of PMS.

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