Romantic ways to say I love you

Romantic ways to say I love you


Romantic ways to say I love you

Why it is so difficult to say I love you sometimes? is the hesitation or awkwardness which stops us to say ‘I love you‘? Is it the cheesy ways to say it makes you stop? Or is it our busy life?

We are so busy in our day-to-day life that the communication with our partners pays the prize. We forget to say those three magical words and the connection between the relationships weakens slowly and we do not even notice it. It is a well said phrase that “falling in love is destiny but being in love is our choice”. So everyone must take a break often and express their love to their partners. The thing which makes us human is love. And expressing it to your special ones make our relationships long lasting by saying I love you to your partner.

Romantic ways to say I love you - gf bf i love you

But wait, saying “I love you” is an art. What if you are saying “I love you” in mogambo’s (a bollywood villan) voice? Then your partner surely will become invisible like Mr. India. Or saying “I love you” like fast mutual fund ads won’t get noticed just like the fast moving words in those ads won’t get noticed. And don’t just say plain words, make it special with actions and more beautiful words.

Expressing love should not be a formality. It should be romantic and finding romantic ways to say “I love you” becomes tedious for some people. And it is not necessary that it should be said after every hour like a alarm clock. It can be also shown by our little romantic gestures in day to day life. So let’s just discover some romantic ways and gestures to say “I love you” to make your love life romantic and full of excitement.

1. Dedicate theme songs

I am not saying you to be a singing superstar. But still putting a little effort means a lot to your partner. You may not sound like Sonu Nigam but still your words will do some magic. Dedicating and singing songs for your partner is the easiest and romantic way to say I love you. It might also be possible that your voice sound like Mr. Karunanidhi while singing. Then you can play some beautiful stuff on a player. That will also work. All is needed is to express love in beautiful words.

2. Prepare a romantic dinner

Food makes a lot of people happy, specially when it is of their choice. So put some extra effort and prepare a dinner of your partner’s choice by yourself. You can add some menu of your choice too it is not going to hurt your partner. Then arrange the dinner in a room or under open sky,decorated with beautiful candles and flowers. This will surely melt your partner’s heart to accept your romantic proposal. Express your love by saying it but again in some beautiful voice and not in mogambo’s voice 😛

3. Plan a surprise

Romantic ways to say I love you - suprise proposal
Is there anyone exists who do not like surprises? Even if someone denies this fact, internally they do like surprises. Don’t wait for anniversaries, birthdays or valentine’s day to express your love. Sometimes giving surprises on occasions become formality or the expected surprise. And you won’t be able to amaze your partner with a expected surprise. But doing it uncertainly will amaze your partner. Plan a surprise like an unforgettable gift or flowers or dinner or movie or anything that your partner likes. Those smiles on your partners face will make you confident and comfortable enough to say those magical words “I love you”.

4. Follow Old letter system

Romantic ways to say I love you - love letter
If you are not comfortable in saying “I love you” at first. Then just write it down. This is very helpful at the very first stage of your love life. It is outdated but still effective and famous system for college time lailas and majhnus. And don’t worry about pigeons because we have a postal system or a friend in need system. It is very helpful for shy people. Letters shows your effort to express love. Lets you say whatever you want to say to your partner without being cheesy or awkward. So just Say “I love you” in poems or sayaries or in whatever form you want.

5. Relive your first moments

Romantic ways to say I love you - love kiss
Why everything at first in love feels amazing? Because it is the first feeling you experience that you have never experienced before. First meeting, first dinner, first kiss, first movie or anything makes you fly in the sky. But why can’t we experience those feelings over and over again? Stop making everything for granted and express your feelings like you did once. Let your partner feel that you still adore those first moments. Relive your first date, first kiss or first movie and tell those words in the most romantic way ever to your partner.

6. Plan a trip together

Romantic ways to say I love you - trip together
Trips are really amazing to be experience the closeness. So just plan a trip out of your regular life. Make it romantic and adventurous. Take your partner to his/her favourite destination. Stay in a Tree house. Plan a dinner at a beach. Do some adventurous stuffs with your partners like rock climbing, river-rafting etc. Alert! Don’t follow the adventure of zindagi na milegi dobara bull scene. Because there is a high chance that you will be planning your trips in heaven or hell, after that bull experience. So avoid this and experience the beauty, romance and calculative fear together. These would be the feelings that you will never forget. Those feelings will be the unsaid “I love you “ to your partner because every time it is not necessary to be said. Sometimes it is enough to be felt.

7. Do Little stuffs together

Romantic ways to say I love you - movie together
We all start our day like a robot doing the same stuffs over and over again. Robots do not have feelings but we have. Stop for a day and make a regular day as irregular, just for your partner. Do those little stuffs that you like to do with your partner. Wake up late. Cook some food together. Eat together. Watch some movies. Just stay away from your mobiles and laptops. These little things are way enough for being romantic. Then say those little three magical words “I love you” to your partner with passion. And make him/her feel that he/she is the most deserving and important person for those magical words.

8. Express love in front of all

Expressing love to your partner alone is easy and romantic. But expressing it in front of all without caring about anyone is higher level. Saying I love you in public needs courage but it is most romantic. Send flowers and chocolates to your partner’s office making him/her feel extra special than others. It should not be a one time goal. Do it more often and make your love strong forever.

9. Say it in your busy time

Communicating and dedicating time to your partner when your free is easy. But its really tough to take some time out from a busy schedule for romance. It shows your dedication towards your partner when you are very busy but still you make some time to text I love you message. Or simply just calls him/her to ask about their food they had. Believe me it feels amazing. So don’t ignore these amazing gestures of saying those magical words.

10. By giving Beautiful cards

Romantic ways to say I love you - love you cards
With beautiful love cards, one can express his/her love to their partner. And when it is made by you, it will become more valuable to your partner. Put your and your’s partner pic, moments and beautiful quotes in that. Those pictures and beautiful lines will say the magical words loud. Well this is the era of technology so you can also create some e-love cards or videos. But again if are bad in art and craft then better buy it.

11. Express gratitude

Tell your partner that how lucky you are by having him/her in your life. How he or she is the reason for your smile? How much you adore their presence in your life? Respect your partner in front of all. Let him or her to meet your friends and family which shows your fondness towards him/her. Let others feel jealous of your bond. Expressing gratitude is the best way to say “I love you”.

12. Respect their choices

Romantic ways to say I love you - romantic proposal
It is a well known proverb that in a relationship we should adore the similarities and respect the differences. It is not always necessary to like whatever your partner likes. Sometimes just for their shake we need to do some things that your partner loves. This is one of the way to express love without even saying it.

These are the best romantic ways to say “I love you”. If you are hesitant or don’t know how to say it. Then at least you can write it for your partner in a letter or card. And sometimes you really need not to say it, your little gestures are loud enough to tell those three magical words. So whenever you feel difficulty in saying “I love you”, just follow these romantic ways to express love.

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