Top 10 Maxi Dresses to love

Top 10 Maxi Dresses to love

Top 10 Maxi Dresses to love

Top 10 Maxi Dresses to love

Maxi dresses are the trend of the hour. The storm of styling maxi dresses began from the middle age, and is still not out of the trend in the year 2019. Be it a party or a work, a Sunday brunch or a meeting, you can style it anywhere and in any way. Also, maxi dresses are always at the top of the list of fashion, be it a summer season, or winters. If you have the fashionista spirit inside you, then you’re all set to carry the maxi dress in your own bohemian or chic style of the past eras. Over the time, each generation has tried their own experiments of fashion and styling on the maxi dresses. These major experiments of the past eras have evolved into many styles we wear now. So let’s see through some of the best maxi dresses ever styled!

1) The Slim-Slit maxi dress

This slim-slit maxi dress with solid colors is the perfect definition of chic. As it does not have a huge flare in it, you can wear it as a formal wear and style the minimalist look. Obviously, this is a maxi dress to style during the summers but you can also rock the dress in winters by pairing up a leather jacket with it. The materials used, especially chiffon, makes it looks so flurry and adds a nice hint of comfort to it.

slim slit maxi dress front women

slim slit maxi dress back women

How to style: Style it with some simple gold necklaces or a pair of gold studded earrings. Try to style a top-knot bun or a fish tail with the maxi dress. Do not forget to pair your sunglasses with it during the day.

Seasons to wear: Wear it during the summers mostly but, can also be paired with a jacket during the winters.
Materials used: Chiffon, Rayon
Occasion: Work, Brunch, Vacation

2) Jacket-Maxi Dress

The jacket-maxi dress is just a replica of the long jackets which was turned into a maxi dress during the early 70s. The maxi dress is usually seen with a pair of hoop sleeves. This is however, not a long and till the heels maxi dress, and is often styled above the ankle. The structure of the dress is usually A-line and also has a slit in the front lower end. This can be styled with anything and everything! You can wear your sneakers or your high box heels with it. Wear it either to the office to swipe away the Monday blues or style it with a big round hat on the beach side party. It’s for everything!

jacket maxi dresses for women 2

How to style: If you’re heading to the work, style it with a sleek waist belt, black in colour and wear a pair of white sneakers with it with a tight top bun hairstyle. While, if it is a vacation or a party, style it with a wide hat and let your hair go loose! Sneakers being one of the constant comfort factors in life!

Seasons to wear: Wear it during the summers, as linen is very comfortable to wear.
Materials used: linen, cotton.
Occasion: Work, Vacation

3) Short sleeve maxi dress

This solid maxi dress is designed with a boat neck design and a pleated waist. It also has pockets which makes it the perfect dress to wear to your work. The flared, long gown with pleated slits, adds a flattering fitting to it. It is a basic maxi dress with a soft and stretchy fabric. You can style it with a stylish, rectangular tote bag to a office meeting. It is the ultimate definition of chic!

short sleeve maxi dress 1

How to style: Letting your hair down, or a high bun, is just the hairstyle that goes with it. If you want, you can add some minimalist jewellery to the look. If you’re wearing it during the day, do not forget to pair your sunglasses and high heels with it.

Seasons to wear: autumn, Summers
Occasion: Office, meetings, get-together.
Material: Rayon, Cotton, Elastic

4) V-neck long maxi dress

We always had an opinion about the maxi dress that they are made for the people with short height only. But now, all the tall girls, rejoice because we have something for you too! The stretchable fabric makes the dress, structure your figure, so beautifully that it makes you look slim. This beautiful maxi dress looks extremely sexy during a night out or a party! Or, if you work in the fashion industry, then it is your thing to wear to the office again!

v neck long maxi dress 1

How to style: Style it with just a wide bangle during a party or a broad round watch, if in the work area. Coming to the hairstyle, it will be better if you can just make your hair let down just like that, or you can also try out a simple, pony tail.

Seasons to wear: Summers
Occasion: Party, Outing.
Material: Stretchable, Synthetic, Rayon.

5) The Tassels-layered Maxi dress

A bit of drama never hurts anyone and when it’s about a dress, we love it! The replica of the dress was brought into fashion during the medieval age, and when, evolved with time, it resulted into this. What a beauty! The multi-layered dress, with the tassel work on it, is the perfect piece to hit away the bad vibes. Wear it to the beach as a casual wear and nothing more is needed to look gorgeous! Wow! Moreover, the miniature detailing going all-over the maxi dress, is worth praise. Such a comfy outfit is best for your summer vacations, making sure you look vibrant and can shine bright even without any makeup!

tassels maxi dress 1

tassels maxi dress 2

How to style: Style it just like that during your vacations with a plain pair of slippers, to walk on the beaches.

Seasons to wear: Summers, Springs.
Occasion: Vacation, Beach Party.
Material: Cotton, Crepe, Georgette.

6) The Off-shoulder Knotted Maxi Dress

The latest fashion trends cannot bear too much on the shoulders. So, we chopped those sleeves off! And look, what we have with us now, the off-shoulder maxi dress. The best the dress can look is with the stripes. The white and blue combination, with a cape on the top, is what fits in with everything and everywhere. Wear it with elegance to your office meeting, fly with it in the dance floor with your friends, or flaunt it the fashion show event! This dress is made to suit everything.

Off-shoulder Knotted Maxi Dress 1

Off-shoulder Knotted Maxi Dress 2

How to style: Style it, with a pair of 5-inch heels, or with a pair of box heels, or with a pair of sneakers! Do a hairstyle like bun, or a ponytail, or even a fish braid with it.

Seasons to wear: Summer, Springs, Autumn.
Occasion: Work, Party, Meetings.
Materials: Cotton, Rayon, Crepe.

7) The Shirt-Maxi dress

The Polka dotted Maxi-shirt dress with a collar, is the perfect example of retro style, with a hint of modern trend in it. It does not touch the ground as it is above the heels. Moreover, it also has the pockets on both sides of the dress which makes it the perfect wear for the modern-day woman. The polka dots over it is the factor which takes it out from the wardrobe of your office wear only, and includes it in your party wardrobe. You can also style the dress with a wide white belt for a party.

shirt maxi dress 2

How to style: Style it with pencil high heels or with a pair of white sneakers. Any kind of hairstyle is Yaaaayyyy for the look. Just make sure, you do your makeup on point to amp up the look.

Seasons to wear: Summer, Winter, Springs, Autumn.
Occasion: Work, Party, Meetings.
Materials: Synthetic, Polyester, Rayon, Georgette.

8) The Bridal Maxi Dress

It is quite evident from the name of the dress that it is made for the beautiful brides like you. The dress is designed with beautiful laces and chiffon materials. The dress is perfect for the bride who wants the minimalist look on their wedding day. It does not even have any wide flare in it, which gives a smart look to the bride, besides looking beautiful. The v-neck dress with a backless design hints a modern and fashionable bride.

bridal maxi dress 1

bridal maxi dress 2

How to style: As it is a bridal wear, it should be styled just like that. A bride draped in white from head to toe would look so stunning in this maxi dress.

Seasons to wear: All seasons.
Occasion: Weddings.
Materials: Chiffon, Synthetic, Georgette, Nets.

9 ) Jersey Maxi Dress

Regretting those extra calories in your tummy fat now? But guess what, that won’t stop you from styling a super cool maxi dress! Get a Jersey style maxi dress for yourself today! This loose knit casual maxi dress will make sure that you look absolutely boho and chic at the same time in this dress. Also, it is such a wonder as it saves you to hide the extra tummy fat! Yayyyy! Now no need to give up on those pizza slices fitting inside a maxi dress.

jersey maxi dress 2

How to style: Style it like a casual wear should be styled! Minimalist, yet gorgeous! And you’re good to go. The best part of this dress is, you can wear it anywhere, be it to your workplace, or to your beach vacation.

Seasons to wear: Wear it casually during summers and belt it up or pair it up with a jacket during winters.
Occasion: Work, Party, Vacation.
Materials: Georgette, Rayon, Elastic, Synthetic.

10) High-neck Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have so much more in the discovery. The most innovative addition to the wardrobe of maxi dress is the high-neck maxi dress. The dress is such a perfect fit and seems to structure the figure in such a good way. The dress is the perfect corporate outfit and is extremely chic. This is also the perfect summer outfit that can even be styled in the party with obviously, some extra junk jewelleries.

How to style: Style the dress with some junk jewelries and do not forget to do the high bun to get the extremely smart look. This is such a classic example of a summer vacation maxi dress.

Seasons to wear: Wear it during the summers or during the springs.
Occasion: Summers, Springs.
Materials: Rayon, Georgette, Synthetic, Chiffon.

Maxi dresses have always been into the latest trends due to their variety trends and contributions to every dressing style. Anybody, of any age, shape, height, complexion, can style the maxi dresses as they want to. They are so versatile that you can just pick any of them and style them with whatever you want. That is the specialty of maxi dresses, that they can amp up and cooperates with every look you try out. So, don’t wait. Try out the maxi dresses today, and experiment with every style, and let the world know about your fashion sense.

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