Top 20 Apps of 2018

Top 20 apps of 2018


Top 20 Apps of 2018

This is the era of automated gadgets and services making our life much easier and comfortable. Most of the needs are just a click away. Apps are one of those tremendous facilities. Each day new apps with cool features are being introduced. From Brushing routine to bed, apps are playing a major role in day to day life. The store of these apps i.e. Play Store have around 2.8 million apps ranked By Google according to some algorithm. And it is increasing day by day. After having a new gadget it will be a cumbersome task to choose best apps for your device. Luckily we are here to help you out. So here we are putting some light on the Top 20 best apps of 2018.

1) Enggle Player

Top 20 Apps of 2018 Enggle Player
Are you having some problem in English? Is your pronunciation not good? If so then don’t you worry, this app brings you the most efficient and entertaining way to learn and speak English. This app is totally free and comes under Video Players and Editors category of app store. It provides you a wonderful way to learn and practice English conversation though watching movies. You can listen to your favourite movie script over and over again improving your listening skills. It provides the best feature of pronunciation and dictation practice. Has a in-built dictionary which improves your vocabulary as well? Overall this is a complete package of entertainment and learning.

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2) Google Hire

Top 20 Apps of 2018 Google Hire
Google hire is under development right now. Since its initial release in 2017, it has received a very positive feedback from the management level people. It is basically an applicant tracking system which helps the small to medium to large scale company to hire efficient candidates. Making the recruitment process much easier using the G-suite, Google hire is already posing a threat to other competitors in the market.

3) Shapical X

Shapical X comes under the category of Photography. Basic features of this app are totally free but the desire to edit at an extra ordinary level will cost you some penny. It provides the mesmerizing features of photo editing with friendly interface. With the n number of art frames, special effects, effects, smudge modes, custom designs etc. this app is the most affordable photo editing software of 2018.

4) Google Assistant

Google assistant is one of the G-Suite app developed by Google. It was initially introduced in 2016 as a messaging app. And after a lot of improvements, it has been introduced in 2018 with best two way communication and voice recognition features. Assistant is an Artificial intelligence available on our mobile. Now Users can interact with it in natural voice rather than text. It can search internet, plan events, set alarms, make a call, organize an album and much more. So overall, Google is making our day- to- day life much easier or is it making us more dependent on it?

5) InboxIt- Share to mail

Sometimes we come across very interesting content on internet but we usually don’t have time to read at that instant. So, here comes InboxIt which provides a very cool feature to save that content to read it later on. You simply have to copy the content and click on share tab and select InboxIt app. Then InboxIt app sends you an email with that attached content, which you can read whenever you want.

6) 1Weather :Widget Forecast Radar

1weather is a weather forcast app. You can track and view the weather conditions around you or of any location on your android screen. Not only that, it also provides you the weather routine of whole week so you can plan your work accordingly. Containing the radar and precipitation information of your locality makes it a more informative and useful app on weather forcast.

7) Google Play Music

Top 20 Apps of 2018 Google Play Music
Google Play Music is one of the G-suite App. It is a built in app comes with your android device. It provides the best platform of offline music collection and online streaming of music. With radio streaming and diverse playlists, it becomes a desirable music app.

8) LastPass Password Manager

Top 20 Apps of 2018 lastpass
LastPass is a password manager and password generator app. Managing so many accounts and their password is a tedious task. Here LastPass provides the facility to manage your passwords and logins in a secure vault. With this you don’t have to remember different account’s id and passwords. You just have remember LastPass Account credentials. It automatically let you login to your accounts.

9) Walli- HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Top 20 Apps of 2018 Walli
Walli is an app which provides thousands of backgrounds in HD. Walli provides you a collection of creative, cool backgrounds which suits you and defines your personality. Walli is not just an app with a lot of backgrounds collection. It is a team of creative, artistic people who generates cool background pictures. Now is the time where you should stop picking background pictures with low quality and Start using Walli.

10) Pulse SMS

Top 20 Apps of 2018 pulse sms
Android Messages is the Google’s official texting app comes in-built with your device now. It is the best Texting app of 2018. This app provides the basic feature of texting app and some advanced features. With this app we can not only send text but also gifs, pictures, videos, audios. We can take a picture or video or audio from this app to send to others. It has also the advance feature of location sharing. This app is the richest texting app with zero cost.

11) Gboard- the Google keyboard

Top 20 Apps of 2018 gboard
Gboard App is free and comes in-built with your android device. It has speed and reliability. It comes with the exciting features of glid typing, voice typing, emoji search, Gifs, Google translation in real time. This keyboard allows to write in cursive and printed letters in 100 languages. We can also search from the Google and share it to others with this keyboard. It also supports multilingual typing i.e. no switching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrect your word and suggest from any of your enabled languages. This is the best keyboard anyone would want.

12) Google Pay

Top 20 Apps of 2018 google pay
Google Pay is a digital wallet or online payment system. It comes under the G-suite Developed by Google. Google pay is the enhanced version of Tez app. For any payment you just have to add the contact you want to pay and proceed the payment. The money directly goes to bank account, there is no intermediate storage like paytm. We can also pay using tez mode feature where you don’t have to add the contact in the app. It is fast, secure and reliable.

13) Plants vs Zombies 2

Top 20 Apps of 2018 plants vs zombies
Plant vs Zombies 2 is a amazing gaming app. It comes free on play store but requires a lot of memory than other apps. It is the enhanced version of Plant vs Zombies, providing more special effects and adventures. It is the concept of Zombies that want to eat your brain and you have to discover amazing ways to protect your brain using plants in your yard.

14) Google Lens

Top 20 Apps of 2018 google lens
Google lens allows you to search what you see. We don’t need to type the name or text to find the results. With Google lens just focus the camera on the object or text to identify. It can take actions on Text. With this we can learn more about the world like landmarks. It can identify plants and animals. You can find whatever you like on the internet using Google lens. It is a great AI work and the Future of internet search.

15) Citymapper

Top 20 Apps of 2018 citymapper
Citymapper is the smart trip planner. It makes easier to explore cities. Using this we can check bus, subway train, taxi, car, bike, walk to travel. Provides the best update about fastest route, alert about delays, step-by-step directions and the most important an offline map.

16) Amazon Kindle

Top 20 Apps of 2018 amazon kindle
Amazon Kindle is a modern library in your pocket. The kindle app has millions of books at a single click. This app is for any age, sex, preference etc. Provides the features to read free book, shop for books. We can also customize our reading by choosing preferred font size, screen brightness, colour etc.

17. Telegram

Top 20 Apps of 2018 telegram
Until now there is no app near Whatsapp other than Telegram. It is a messaging app which is fast and secure with end to end encryption. In such less time it has evolved as a good competitor having the best features of messaging.

18) CamScanner

CamScanner is one of the best document Scanning App. It helps to digitalize any form of document using the mobile’s camera. It uses the OCR(optical Character recognition) feature to recognize text from the document. It has smart cropping and enhancing features which takes care of the high quality document. We can also the digitalized documents in any format to others.

19) Clean Master

Top 20 Apps of 2018 clean master
Clean Master is the best space cleaner and antivirus. It is just like mob which cleans out the junk or un-used files which is just taking up the memory. It also collects all the notifications and removes them. Junk Files makes our device slow. It also keeps the device safe from viruses and trojans which can defect your device by scanning them then removes.

20) Loco – Live Trivia Game show

Top 20 Apps of 2018 loco
Loco is the India’s first live interactive quiz show app. By playing this you can complete with thousands of people and earn cash prize by giving right answer. This app is getting famous day by day.These are the top 20 apps of 2018 to make your device extra efficient. These top 20 apps of 2018 cover all the fields of need like entertainment, knowledge, earning etc. So guys, just stop installing junk apps and making your device a junk-yard. Hope my illustrations have helped you out to find useful apps for your precious device.

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