Ways to Earn Online Money to Quit Your Job

Ways to Earn Online Money to Quit Your Job

Ways to Earn Online Money to Quit Your Job

Whether you are a private employee or a public employee, almost everyone has dreamt of quitting his job and earn money online sooner or later in his life be it today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future. However, there is a big difference between ground reality and dreams. Anyone can dream of anything but only a passionate one can achieve it, it also includes lots of risk factors before quitting your job. Some have a family to feed, some have other liabilities to be fulfilled and the list goes on.

Therefore, if you need to quit your job, you need to find another possible or practical way to earn money so that you will be able to pay for your daily needs, able to save some money, and can lead a good life. But have you ever thought about whats can be the best possible way to achieve this? How will be you able to earn money without doing any job?

In this article, we will share some of our practical thoughts by applying which you will be able to earn money while still working your daily job.

1) Investment in Real Estate

The first and foremost idea is to create a stream of passive income. The great concept of passive income is best defined in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book by Robert Kiyosaki. I insist you if you have not read this book till now, then please go and read this wonderful life-changing book.

Start investing in real estate and accumulate more and more assets, in the future these real estate investments will turn out bigger support for achieving financial independence. Please note here that real estate investment is not always passive and not always easy but on the other hand, there are good chances of getting benefit able by investing in real estate. Additionally, there are thousands of ways to invest in the real estate business, for example, you could do the following.

  • Rent the houses
  • Become a house hacker
  • Provide spaces for people you are on vacation
  • Provide spaces for tourists
  • Rent your duplexes, triplexes etc

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to achieve financial independence, many people have already done this and are free from their financial needs. Real estate investment like any other investment does need time to grow, so have patience and let it grow automatically.

2)  Writing a book

Many people have thought of writing a book, but in reality, only a few of them can write it. Whatever be the reason but writing a book has more potential to become financially independent than we can think of it. There are many reasons why people are not able to write a book, it may be because that people think that writing is a very tough task, or they don’t have enough knowledge for that subject or they think of writing a book is a waste of time or some personal reasons. But in reality, anyone can write a book and can easily earn online money. It just takes lots of passion, effort, and research on the internet.

There are various ways of writing a book and believe me there is no best route to exist for this.

1) You can start writing a series of short books and publish them on kindle. People love to read thin books in comparison to fatty books.

2) You can write a book on a particular subject and can become your publisher by publishing your book on your website or blog.

3) You can become a partner with big firms and ask them to promote your book in return for some credits to them.

3) Sell a product on Amazon

You will be amazed to know that there are lots of people who are addicted to shopping on Amazon. There are lots of people who order products daily on amazon. Thinking all these facts in mind, today there is a lot of opportunity for earning money by becoming the seller on amazon.

You will be also amazed that nowadays to become a seller on Amazon you don’t need to have a physical shop, nor need to have a warehouse or inventory or people to manage your business or products. Amazon has already taken care of such things.

All you need to have an idea of a product, you can then contact manufacturers and can make a physical product then you need to sell that product on amazon. You need not care for its delivery and other issues.

The best part is that you won’t hold the product for yourself and this model works on autopilot mode, meaning you need to just put that product on amazon and the remaining things will be taken care of by Amazon.

4) Sell your skills

Every person in this world is an expert in at least one thing. The task is to identify that skill in you. If you have already identified which skill you are good then you can sell that skill to the people already looking for it and can earn money easily.

Whatever skill you are good at, you will find thousands of people out there willing to pay you good money to run their business using your skills. Smart businesses have the idea of focussing on what they are good at and for the other parts they hire skilled people in which they are not good.
This is the opportunity where you can jump in and can earn money easily.

Besides, to become their full-time employee, you can showcase your skills to others and can become a freelancer also. Apart from this if you have time, you can also go for becoming consultant of such skill.

5) Start a blog

Last but not the least, the best way which I like to earn money is blogging. Blogging has tremendous potential for earning and becoming financially independent. Although it takes some time to grow, once it grows there is no turning back.

Once you have enough visitors to your blog you can go for monetization. Blogs can also be used to capture the opportunity hidden behind affiliate marketing, digital marketing, online products review, online consultant, etc.

So to succeed in blogging, you must do the following things

1) Never have a give-up attitude.
2) Ready to work continuously for at least 6 months
3) Habit of posting 1-2 articles daily on your blog
4) Focus on quality content rather than doing copy-paste practice.
5) Give the user a smooth experience be it the user interface or quality of the content.

So guys these are just some of the ways of earning money online, by following any of these, anyone can earn money online and become financially independent. So what to wait for, go out and find the best possible way which matches your skill, your interest, and passion, and start building your business. You will be able to quit the office job faster than you ever imagined.

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