11 ways to cultivate self love

11 ways to cultivate self love

11 ways to cultivate self love

Cultivating self love is one of the most important and difficult things in our life.
Loving yourself as you are is just likely being your own favorite person. But most of the time we can’t do that just because of few things or the person with whoever we don’t like us the way we are. They want us to change for their happiness but that does not fare with anyone, but the worst is that we allow them to do that just because we love them more than our own self.

Go on , search for your answer about do you love yourself, if you are having a positive answer about it then that’s a great thing. But if you are having a negative answer about it then you really need to learn and understand the value of self love.

Looking in the mirror but not happy with the person who is in the mirror and we aren’t able to love ourselves because we aren’t what we want to be.Thinking about the past life and the worst things happened in that time because of some mistakes and yet blaming oneself with the burden of regret in today’s life.

Not being able to feel confident in yourself because of the sad past that yet gives a big regret for not being able to make a perfect decision about your own life. Because you don’t want to suffer any more as you are doing today but yet you aren’t able to love yourself .

Losing self love is the biggest regret and having regret about the past mistake is okay but blaming yourself for it is worst.Everyone makes mistakes but not being able to be confident in your self decisions makes you more weak.Not happy with your skin color or the body structure you have.

Loving yourself in the first place is not a selfish thing but it’s a selfless thing that will make you more valuable. Learning about it is never a thing about ego but it’s about increasing self ego. It will make you feel happy away from the burden of regrets and mistakes. It will help you in accepting yourself as the way you not just forcing yourself to change or adjust as per others want you.

1. No negative talk about yourself

Talking about the bad , negative things about you will make you feel down and low , it makes you realize that you aren’t capable of anything . Because of these negatives we became the worst enemy of our own self that allows us to become the prisoner of the self made prison in our mind. But the most important thing is being free from it and this is possible at any time whenever you want it to happen. Our thoughts have the power of giving us multiple directions at a time but what is needed is the right motivation and direction tools to step up in the right way. Remember self talk works as the fuel to the fire it fuels up to the fire of your thoughts.

So change your negative self talk to a positive self talk that will allow you to grow more even and will make you remember that loving yourself first had worked as a miracle for yourself.

2. Positive affirmation

Affirmation will help you pay self compliments and build an authentic self love which is needed to be learned by all of us. Because we need to be able to enhance our strength, goodness and that’s also without anyone’s allowance and approval which allows us and makes us self fearless and positive. Affirmation helps us in boosting self esteem and gives the calm and gentle introduction to self love.

3. Self compassion

One of the most important and best ways to grow the self love of a person is through the self compassion act. The only way by which anyone can love oneself is by removing all the deny and forgiving ourselves for being a person . As none of us is struggling alone in the world everyone is struggling for some or the other things but allowing self compassion will help us.

4. Grateful about own self

Living grateful brings up more joy in our life. It makes us feel happy and grateful about what we have and also about yourself makes us feel more confident. As gratitude is a lot more than the positive affirmation and the positive self talk. Gratitude is the best way by which you can experience the world and the opportunity present in the world. Gratitude makes our heart joyful and grateful. A grateful heart makes our life more happy and brings us a lot of confidence.

5. Keep smiling

A smiling face puts up a smile on many sad faces but just looking at them. Your smile shows that you are a strong and brave one who’s not afraid of any situation because you trust yourself and you also have that. Smiling also makes you feel even happier and changes your mood.

6. Remove social challenges

Social life influences us in many ways and has a powerful impact on our life’s. As Offensively we start parroting some of the things that we have heard from others or saw in the marketing of different things because of which we sometimes evenly start doubting our real feelings and opinion. Some social influence which we experience can be negative and positive and it could be about different things like body figure , skin color or career. What’s important is the impact that we allow it to put on us. As our family and friends are all a part of a society and they are being pushed by them for different standards and things some of them can be unrealistic things also.

7. Being in the company of goodness and gratefulness

Being in the company of goodness and gratefulness means being with the people who can make you feel happy and positive. Who can make you realize that you are a lucky person who has so much happiness and good things in your life. Being with good and positive people will make you feel more positive and happy . Removing negativity is easy when replacing it with positivity and gratefulness. Gratefulness makes you more happy and helps you in attracting more of the happiness and goodness from the universe.

8. Talk about your real feeling

Many of us don’t talk about how we feel in real life as we all don’t trust anyone that they could understand us. But you really need to talk about how you really feel because that will let us Open and make us find a solution to it. There are many things which we can’t share with everyone but there is also one person in or with whom we want to open our hearts and talk about all the happening . Not just to find a solution also to find someone who can handle and protect us in those situations.

9. Help needed ? ? Go on ask for it

Need help go on asking for it to the one person whom you trust truly and can understand you . Because sometimes something disturbs and distracts us in the way that we can’t even understand what we really need at that time. Go on bring out all the negative experiences inside you out of you. Asking for help is not an unrealistic thing, it’s just that we aren’t able to fight alone. We need someone who can encourage us towards the positivity by removing all the negativity out of us.

10. Finding humor

Life is too hard to be happy but finding humor in life makes it easy. If we think much about the hardship which makes us feel the suffering more. But finding good humor in life makes life easy and makes us feel happy . Seeing humorous in every situation makes you feel less stressful and free which also shows you that mistakes are done by human beings but not intentionally, which further connects you with yourself and helps in forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

11. Eyes on the success

Keeping your eye on success will make you stronger and more motivated. Because success alone is the best motivator who shows you the paths to achieve it through different directions. As the negative time also teaches us many different things which we forget in the way to success which are the necessary things. So just promise yourself today that you will always love yourself first, which will work as miracles for your lives.

Always remember that you are loved by the people who are there with you even in the negative situation who are there to support you whenever you are down. Loving yourself first will work as a miracle in your lives. Self love is one of the most important feelings in life which we forget somewhere in reach of love. Love starts entering your life the moment you start loving yourself at first place in your priority list.

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