How to impress your crush girl over text

How to impress your crush girl over text

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

Impressing your crush is never easy. And if your crush is a girl then impressing her becomes a real challenge. Because girls have better or a way better six sense of love and they rely on a lot of things to like or dislike you. Now the question is how to impress your crush girl over text?

Impressing girls over chat becomes tougher. But it is not impossible. You just need to be a little careful with your text words and follow our impressive tips to impress your crush girl. This is a social networking era. Every individual in the world is connected in some way. So getting in touch with your crush is not that much tedious as it was. But starting a conversation over text and impressing your crush with your words is an art.

A lot of questions pop up after getting the contact number or being accepted on any social site by your crush. How to start the conversation? How to sound decent and not weird with your words? When to start? What to say and what to not? What if she ignores your text? How to make the chatting interesting?

Ah! A lot of questions! Don’t worry and just follow our little Do’s and Don’ts tips and groom your chatting skill to impress your girl crush over text.

1. Start the first conversation with a question

How would you feel, if you send a text with all your heart to get a reply from your crush but she ignores it? Feels bad! So why don’t you text something that has a high chance of getting a reply?

How to impress your crush girl over text - Start the first conversation with a question

A common question? Or something about you both has talked recently. Please don’t send any stupid question or message that can piss her off, like flirting words or using cheap words or show off.

Girls never like it. Sending a joke over text is also a good way to start. But that has very fewer chances to get a reply. So decide the relevant topic and time first before texting. And better start the first conversation over text with a common and genuine question.

2. Avoid being too Serious

Your talk with your crush over text should be very enjoyable and too serious. Try to be funny and playful. So that whenever she feels stressed or sad, at first she approaches you to text. Because you let her feel relieved and make her smile with your funny words. So try not to include serious talks over text.

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

For example, discussing a nation problem with your crush is really a bad idea. Keep the conversation light and exciting. Keep the serious talks for some real-time. If you introduce serious topics over text then she may feel bored and think of you as a lecturing buddha. And who wants to date a senior citizen at her young age? Avoid being a “buddha” and be a smart you.

3. Think of an interesting topic before start

Often it happens that you may start texting her and after some time the conversation becomes dull and boring. It is because you get short of an interesting topic. Often you start with hi, how are you? What are you doing? How were your day and a full stop?

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

So to avoid this boring and awkward texting, think of an interesting topic that your crush would like to discuss. And then go with the flow.

4. Choose your words wisely

Be careful with the words when you are talking to any girl and especially when she is your crush. A single word could ruin your dream of dating her and a single word could also fix a date with her. For example, Boys have the tendency to use abusive words in casual talk. So if you have such a habit then try to avoid this while texting your crush. Scan your text once before sending it.

How to impress your crush girl over text - Choose your words wisely

Most of the time boys just go with the flow and don’t think of whatever they are saying. And that’s why most of the boys die single. Just kidding! They don’t die, they just get married without any dating.

5. Don’t look so desperate

Everyone has the nature of getting too excited after getting a reply from their crush. And for a single text of her, they start sending dozens of texts. Don’t do such things this makes you look too desperate for her. Of course, you are desperate but don’t let her feel that.

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

Text smartly and timely. It may happen that your dozens of texts would annoy her. Or maybe she is busy in her important stuff and you are disturbing her with a lot of messages. Girls don’t like “despo” boys. So don’t text too much before you get another reply from her.

6. Avoid long text and way too short words

No one has so much time to read a long paragraph. Even our professors don’t prefer long paragraphs. So how your crush would consider that? Avoid using long texts while chatting with your crush. Keep your text within two sentences to get noticed by your crush. Too long texts are not good but too short texts are the worst.

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

One-word texts like “ok”, “yeah”, “hmm” can make your crush feel like you are not interested to talk at all or doing some kind of charity while talking to her. And this one word can ruin your whole plan of dating her. So put some effort and text full sentences and make your crush interested in you.

7. Respond Quickly

Social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp have developed so much. And your crush can see whether you are seeing her text or not. So better don’t get lost in thoughts while texting her. Think properly while replying in a quick time and respond quickly.

How to Impress your Crush Girl over text

Otherwise, your crush would feel like being ignored and that is not a sign. Also replying to her too quickly is also not good for your daydreams of dating her. You might seem like a “despo” to her. And no one like desperate boys.

8. Try to analyze her interest in you

Don’t just keep chatting with her. Also, analyze her interest towards you. Is she interested in you or not? Does she consider you even a friend or not or more than a friend? Does she talk with you out of boredom or politeness? Is it only you who always texts her first? How frequently she replies to your messages?

How to impress your crush girl over text - Try to analyze her interest towards you

Try to analyze her words while texting. These are the signs you should be looking to find out her interest in you. And if the signs are negative then you and your crush both would be better without each other.

9. Be Respectful

Girls like funny, smart, and cheerful boys but what they more like is being respected by them. If you really want to impress and date your crush, be respectful to her. While being funny in your way you may get disrespectful somehow. So be careful with your words. And try to impress your girl with a decent and classy personality.

How to impress your crush girl over text - Be respectful

10. Never make fun of her

No one likes to be a fun talk. So while showing your funny part to your crush, don’t be a fool to make fun of her. Otherwise, your dream of dating her will become fun. If you are not funny and don’t know how to be like one then just avoid this and be your real self. Just Treat her like a princess and make her smile in whatever way you can. And that will be enough to impress her.

How to impress your crush girl over text - Never make fun of her

Just Treat her like a princess and make her smile in whatever way you can. And that will be enough to impress her.

11. Try to show your loving and caring nature

Who does not like being loved and cared for? Then don’t wait for too much to show your loving and caring nature to your crush. But don’t be a pheku(only talk-oriented person) and try to show that nature with your actions. Like if she has to wake up early then try to help her in that with a call. Or when she is feeling sad, be there for her and make her smile.

How to impress your crush girl over text - Try to show your loving and caring nature

These little things are enough to show your nature and don’t have to pluck a moon from the sky.

12. Avoid miscommunication

Chatting has become all texting in shorter words and emojis. People have made abbreviations of full sentences like LMAO, ROLF, LOL. And social sites are filled with different types of emoticons. It is good if you’re using those but be careful while using those in chatting with your crush. Because your crush may misinterpret those short words or emojis in a bad way.

How to impress your crush girl over text - Avoid miscommunication

Or it may be the case that you are using those in the wrong way. For example, your crush sends you her picture and you text her back LOL. In your sense, you are saying lots of love but what it actually means is lots of laughs. Trust me your crush will never text you back then. To avoid such miscommunications while using short words and emojis in chatting.

How to impress your crush girl over text? What to say at first? How to say? What to say and what to not? I hope all your problems of approaching your crush over text will get resolved with these amazing tips. Even after following all these tips, be real to your crush and approach with love and a little bit of smartness. Your crush will definitely get impressed by you.

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