Why We Stay With People Who Are Bad For Us

Why We Stay With People Who Are Bad For Us?

Why We Stay With People Who Are Bad For Us?

Have you gathered your thoughts about life and the people you have been around lately? And the chances are that’s why you have been asking yourself and the mighty make internet about the importance of having bad people in our lives when we know they are bad for us.

However, let’s not forget; there’s always two sides of the story. The people who are bad for you might not be bad if you continue to study them up close. For that, you need to dig more into the real reasons why we stay with people who are bad for us.

1. They poke us to improve ourselves constantly

One of the lasting effects that evil or negative people in our lives is that they can help us improve. And if you are asking yourselves about the whys and hows, the answers are always lying around you.

To be precise, when the people who might certainly dislike us, will always love to poke us. They will know the bad things or the shortcomings in our personality. So, if we sit back and relax, we should be thanking them for pointing out our mistakes.

This gives us another chance to continually improve ourselves and become a better version without anyone’s exclusive help.

2. They compel us to be more ambitious

Bad people are a constant reminder of what we lack. This could be our drawbacks or something that we are taking for granted. So, if we keep our head and heart strong, we can achieve more goals.

That is also because, at times, we want to achieve validation from such people who are wicked but are still our friends or family. In other words, we get pumped or charged up to accomplish our goals faster and prove them wrong as soon as possible.

3. They make us thick-skinned

You can even say that bad people never let us forget the harsh reality of the past-faced world around us. And when we are in touch with such people, we will never lose an opportunity to be more strong-headed and be thick-skinned.

In short, we will not feel like wallowing or crying over something someone might have said about us; either in front of us or behind our back. When evil people keep reminding us indirectly about the harshness that is present in the world, we can channelize our energies more productively.

That being said, we can start and learn to grow a thick skin and ignore those remarks and comments which we wouldn’t like to hear about us. At times, this is necessary because it can be distracting coming from others unexpectedly. However, bad people prepare us for this kind of mental battle in advance.

4. They teach us how we shouldn’t be

Another reason why we keep such a company in our lives is that it is true they teach us to behave ourselves. We already know what kind of these people and how they behave. That is why we have labelled them to be bad.

We know they might have hurt us or have the potential to hurt us. If we are always aware of the feelings, we are receiving from them; then we know that we do not want to make others ever feel the same because of ourselves.

Thus, over time, we realize the kind of personality we do not want to be. It prepares us in advance for the kind of people we should never be to others who are good for us.

5. They teach us the importance of positivity and good nature

All the while, when we are dealing with bad people, we can also realize the importance of being a good human and inculcating only good values in our behavior. That is because if we want someone to treat us with respect and honor, then we realize that the same should be expected out of us.

So, we do not take anything for granted in life, especially when it comes to respecting others like children, elders, and seniors at both workplaces or home. These corrupt people also teach us how important positivity should be in one’s life to lead a high standard of living emotionally and mentally.

6. They help us judge the character of a person

When we have constantly dealt with the wrong people, we already know what kind of traits do negative people can harbor. So, if someone tries to play mind games or be diplomatic with us for his or her motive, then we can catch or earn a strong intuition in advance.

With time, we can behave smartly and move away from that person, if that is feasible. Or else, we will already know how to avoid talking or reduce the regular conversation with such a person. That is done ultimately to restore or keep our mental health intact and keep focusing only on positive people or things, which we already have in life.

7. We learn to balance our attitude even in a difficult scenario because of them

Every person who is a bad influence for us teaches something. And this blog’s every point narrates that somehow. That is why these bad people are also like a difficult period in our life. In each difficult or predicament, we face in our lives, we feel disheartened, discouraged, or maybe even discomfort.

These feelings can be aroused by bad people who currently exist in our life. So, when we continuously handle them, we learn somehow, unknowingly, how to treat ourselves and our mental and physical well being—especially when the times are rough and usually, there’s no alternative in sight.

8. They push us out of our existing comfort zone

Dealing with bad people mean that we are constantly on our toes. But we should not take it negatively. We should train ourselves to a specific limit to think that we can turn every negative aspect, including those people, into something meaningful and positive.

Thus, in one way or another, these bad people motivate us to be out of our comfort zone. That is also because they know how to directly either speak badly about us or do something nasty to hinder our success.

In such cases, we follow the defense mechanism strictly. This could then lead us to either throw these people out of our lives or learn to be more courageous and focus only the betterment of our life goals.

9. They challenge our beliefs thoroughly

Another thing that justifies the prolonged stay of bad people in our life is that they know how to challenge us. These bad people can be selfish, narcissist, or even those who cannot see us happy.

And eventually, using those emotions, they target our internal beliefs. And in such cases, either we consider ourselves to be defeated, or stand upright fighting for what we believe in thoroughly.

In any of the viewpoint that we choose, we get closer to ourselves. That is because we realize the actual depth of the values, ethics, and societal or religious beliefs. If we are willingly able to yield the beliefs we have grown up with, that would mean that those beliefs never had a chance to improve our lives.

Or else, we stand up straight for the things that we believe in; it means that we know ourselves better than those bad people who know nothing to comment on us and our success unnecessarily.

10. They help us to become selfish

Now, that’s one of the most interesting reasons to let bad people stay in our lives. At times, the cause of bad people to having an impact in our lives is that we are emotional fools. We let them control our emotions or decisions.

However, if we grow to learn our priorities, goals, and aims in life more, then we will not comply anymore. That is why having bad people to a certain point of time in life is necessary. When they are in our lives, they teach us to respect and listen to ourselves first before anyone else.

Thus, we begin to be selfish for ourselves and indulge in self-love. We also realize that the negative comments or actions from bad people shouldn’t affect us. And we should only focus on becoming our priority before wasting time on others unnecessarily.

11. We learn to say no or stay away from those who don’t value us

Lastly, the importance of bad people can be relatable to many when they earlier couldn’t ever refuse to anyone. After saying yes every time to bad people and getting insulted or neglected, there comes a time in our lives when we realize the bigger picture.

And that picture tells us that we are making a fool out of ourselves. From that point, it becomes a stage we turn to a new leaf. We can even say with the thick skin we grow after getting insulted or neglected so many times, we finally listen to ourselves.

Then when gradually make excuses to avoid bad people, which eventually lead to a clear-cut no as an answer to their wishes and demands. This leads to our mind telling us to form better priorities in life, and we learn to value ourselves more over those who do not give us even slight respect.

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