11 Ways to fully end a TOXIC Relationship

11 Ways To Fully End A Toxic Relationship

11 Ways To Fully End A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is always a curse. No matter how much you love the other person, it will get you nowhere. A relationship is a great gift, you are supposed to cherish it, love it, and take care of it. Now the question is what a toxic relationship is and what makes a relationship toxic? In a relationship, two people should be equal, you know, in every way. They should love, cherish and take care of each other. Moreover, they should respect each other. It takes effort to build a healthy relationship. And two people has to contribute in it. You have to give the other person his/her proper value that he/she deserves. Now, in a toxic relationship, a thing like these doesn’t happen. One of them always takes the other one as granted. Their mentality is like “No matter what I do, he/she can’t leave me simply because he/she doesn’t have that kind of power”. They don’t understand that, both of them should put effort in their relationship. In a toxic relationship, one of them would never respect the other person. They will always try to dominate and control their partner and they will want their partner to do everything as per their order to please them. There could be physical or mental abuse involved. To put it simply, they won’t care.

Now the question is what triggers them to behave in this way? What makes a relationship toxic?

Their upbringing could be a factor. If they were raised in such an environment where the partner is always being dominated, then they would think that yes, this is normal. Some of the people have that mentality, to not respect their partner. Toxic relationship does not always mean that there won’t be any love, but one thing for sure, there won’t be any respect.

Now, everyone deserves love and respect. So, you shouldn’t suffer because someone has a rotten mentality and can’t give you what you deserve. No matter how much you love him/her, a toxic relationship never lasts. So, it’s better to end it to keep your self-respect intact. Here are 11 ways to end a toxic relationship.

1. Acceptance

Being in denial won’t get you anywhere. You have to accept that you relationship is not getting anywhere. There’s no love, no respect. You know what you deserve and You are not getting what you deserve. So, it’s better to end the relationship before it gets more bitter and more toxic. You are your priority first. You should not suffer because of someone else. No matter what, your love won’t change him/her.

2. Communication

Arguing with your partner won’t help you. You have to sit with your partner and talk calmly. Make him/her understand what you really want and if he can’t give you proper respect, then there’s no point of this relationship. You both are equal in this relationship. One of you shouldn’t get all the advantages and the other one should not make all the compromises. You have to make him understand that.

3. Don’t give up

Chances are he/she won’t understand it at first. Maybe they will even beg you to give them one more chance. But, know one thing, THEY WON’T CHANGE, no matter what. Not for you or your love or anyone, because at the end of the day, only one thing will matter and that is himself/herself. So, no matter what, stick to your point and don’t lose hope.

4. One step at a time

Don’t rush it. It won’t help. Take one step at a time but not too slowly. Remember, this is your life; you have every right to live however you want it. You deserve every bit of respect that your partner isn’t giving you.

5. Protest

Don’t tolerate everything your partner is doing just to make the circumstances peaceful. It will come back to you later with more power. You have to keep your self-respect intact.

6. Get a Life

Make him/her understand that you have a life that doesn’t evolve around him/her. Spend time with yourself, your friends, go watch a movie, have dinner with your colleagues, whatever that please you. You had a life before him/her, so why should you stop all that? If you want, you can travel solo or start a new hobby. Me time is always important for yourself, to know what you really want and what you want.

7. Be Strong

I know that you love your partner. But you should love yourself too. That should be your first priority, right? As everyone say, if you can’t love yourself then you can’t love anyone else. So whatever your partner says, be it name calling or emotional blackmailing, don’t mind. You deserve much better. You deserve your respect. And it should always come naturally; you should not have to force it. Don’t be weakened by your feelings.

8. Be Resistant to Emotional Blackmail

There is a big, fat chance that your partner will blackmail you emotionally. He/she will make you remember all those good times that you spend together, because let’s be honest, there has to be some good moments, your partner will say those again and again. Just to make you more emotionally weak to him/her. And if that does not work, he/she will make you the villain; will put all the blame on you. He/she will say things like “you promised commitment, no matter what, you said you will always be with me”, just to make you feel guilty. For your own good, please don’t listen to those words. They are just words. Nothing more.

9. Don’t Pretend

If you are not happy, then please come out and say it directly. Say you’re not getting what you really want from this relationship. So, it was good while it lasted but it is now the time to say goodbye. Don’t pretend to be happy just to please him. You are your partner’s equal. You don’t have to please him at all. Say “I want to end this relationship for myself”, say “I deserve better”.

10. Have a strong mind to handle every obstacles

So many obstacles will come in your way. You will feel hopeless; you will want to give up. But, it’s your life, right? You should live it, not just survive it. You are strong and you can do it. If your family is already involved, then there is a chance that the situation will get more complicated. Maybe, some of your family members will tell you to adjust and tolerate, but don’t. For your sake, just don’t.

11. End It As Soon As Possible

Don’t wait up for the perfect time to come, so that you can break the news to him. Don’t think that being late will hurt you or your partner any less. Make the perfect time and do it. It’s like ripping a bandage; you should rip it at once, not bit by bit. Be firm on your decision and break up.

Always remember, you are also a human being. You deserve every bit of love and respect and so much more. You deserve the world. So, don’t settle for something or someone less than that. It won’t be easy. You will face many obstacles and much more complications. It will be so painful, at nights, you can’t sleep. You can’t eat. You will cry. Sometimes, it will feel like you are being choked. But, don’t loose hope. You know, deep down, that what you have done, is the right decision. It was the best for you. Give yourself some priority. Love yourself. Try to spend time with your closed ones and keep yourself busy. Because, one day, when you’re much older, you will look back and you will know that you had made the right decision that day. And every pain, every complications, every hurting, they will be worth it.

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