Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship

Top 10 Habits which kills a relationship, you should avoid them


Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – you should avoid them

Love is a beautiful feeling, it has a sweet tenderness that gives you butterflies in the stomach, you meet someone, fall in love, land up being there, but sadly sometimes things change, and all the beautiful picture falls apart, from a successful love story to a sad film. But what if you get a chance to know Top 10 Habits which kills a relationship so that you can save your beautiful relationship.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – quotes

Every relationship starts on a beautiful note, but then it happens that some end soon and if you turn to look back it appears like a mistake. There is always a reason for everything, therefor today I will tell you know 10 habits which can ruin your healthy relationship.

1. Being too busy

It’s always said that enter in one’s life when you have time for them. Being busy in your self can make the other person feel unwanted which  is the major reason why breakup happens so quickly now a days. People go on a date try making the moment lovely but mess up with constant pings or messages over the phone. Every person loves getting attention and when this does not happen relations break. Try to dedicate enough time to your loved one’s else it won’t take much time that he will lost interest in you.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Being too busy

Therefore if you like someone deeply then make that person feel wanted and try giving your enough time. This will only help you to know each other better and creates the roots of beautiful relationship.

2. Possessiveness towards your love one

Yes, partners like being treated as the most expensive things one can have. On the other hand caring and being sure about something is different from locking up someone and making them feel important will lead to a rough and suffocating environment. Sometimes people fall in love, and the care turns into possessiveness, this possessiveness is really a problem because of people starting asking questions from morning tea to night pee. So this is a big problem that breaks hearts.

With the statics today you can see that more than half relations fail due to the partners being excessive possessive about each other. If you love someone you’ve got to trust him, and if you think your possessiveness and the reason is that you don’t wanna let that person go away, then honey this is not the step you should be taking. If someone wants to cheat you, they will anyway. So trust and stop being possessive, give him some his time.

3. Lying to your partner

Now, this is as clear as glass, if you are lying to your partner then you have to repeatedly lie to hide the very first lie. This very first lying will only make a big issue of smaller issues and than you don’t want to make a big pile of mess up to fix. Do you? If you and your partner have decided to be one then living should never be an excuse, you and your love should be frank and faithful to each other.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Lying

If there is any reason to lie then talk straight away. Human generally starts to lie for fun and then makes it a habit. Your little lies can break your trust levels. So don’t have this bad habit of lying.

4. Being influenced

Listening to friends is one thing and applying in your life is another. One should always take other’s advice but only do what’s right for them after thinking reasonably and logically. A relationship should be like a closed door, people around you will just run around and have fun but don’t able to disturb your lovely life. So try to keep your relation personal and secure if you don’t wanna land in a mess.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Being influenced

And when you feel you are not sure about something in your relationship and need to talk to a third person then go talk to your buddy only, since you are in the relationship and you are the only one who have to face the consequences.

5. Over expectations

Over-expectations are the big issues these days in relationships because we often end up expecting more and more from our partners even when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we should understand that they are busy in their work,  they have their own personal life, and yes they have there own problems.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Over expectations

Therefore, we should learn to expect lesser so that we can have a better understanding and expectations. You should not break his trust because of over expectations. The time you stop demanding or expecting, then your partner will find you more attractive and will do something unexpected, which will make both of you happy. Trust me with out having over expectations you are gonna have the best time.

6. Stereotyping of Gender

Even though this issue has been significantly reduced these days, but its still going on with some of the couples. Stereotyping genders is not the right thing to do these days because everything is accepted now. Women can work, Man can cry, Women can also work and handle the kids at the same time.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Stereotyping of Gender

If you feel there is such an issue in your relationship, then you should have a conversation with your partner about it and come to a resolution as soon as possible.

7. Keeping things bottled up

Due to the advancement in technology we are so busy in ourselves that we have stopped trusting people. We should learn to trust our partners, be it their needs or something, you have been keeping up inside yourself from a long time, share with him everything because it makes things more transparent and creates sense of understand-ability between you two since understanding is the basic structure of any relationship.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Keeping things bottled up

Speak your heart out to him, because you both decide to be one and now what you feel or see is the same for him. So take the big decision together.

8. Different working environments and circle

When one is working and other is staying at home because of personal problems, then it can make some kind of divergence between you two. A difference of friend circle can also make that happen. When Divergence starts happening, you may want to start talking as much as possible to clear that gap and stay happy, otherwise divergence will become enough to keep you two apart and sometimes can also lead you to break up.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Different working environments and circle
It’s better if you both are comfortable with all the people that you hang around because happiness comes for internal and you have to sail on the same boat to reach your destination.

9. Communication Issues

Communication plays major role in any relationship. It’s one of the fundamental pillars of it, without communication a bond in relationship won’t be created. Try to maintain your communication with the partner as much as possible because it will make the roots of your relationship grow, and yes roots are necessary for a relationship to become a giant tree. Without the required communication, a relationship cannot stay live for longer time.

Try having conversation when both of you are in good mood or just talk over a sip of tea. While you both are busy in your own world, a  simple conversation can make you and your partner aware about the happenings. If you both don’t talk, then it’s a lost zone for sure, and in such case cheating can happen.

10. Divergence and Boredness

If you have been in a relationship for not much longer time and you both have already grown apart, this may be due to partner incompatibility or lack of communication or may be an error in finding the right mate for yourself. If it’s not working out between you two, then may be its time for you to move on and find a new mate because sometimes you are just with the wrong partner and finding the right life partner is a trial and error process.

Top 10 Habits which kills a Relationship – Boredness

Yes, its right, things change with time but its always needed a spark of love to live together. So if you think the couple goals are falling apart with the time then you should put some effort to recreate the lost spark back.

If you have read all these lines clearly, then you have been sure about what is the exact reason behind the problem that you are going with the habits that turn to become issues in your relationship, so before they stick to you like a magnet it’s better to push it away. The relationship is really delicate and once you break or negate your partner, you will only create a break in the tread which can be repaired but not heeled. So its always better to keep your partner happy if you truly love someone.

These 10 habits are the primary reason for breakups today. With the change in our ideas and thought we humans have forgotten the importance of someone we love, and so we forget how to make them feel special and land up building habits that can ruin our happiness. We tend to keep other’s happy more than the person who actually means to us. So its never late even now you can change your these 10 habits that can ruin a relationship, and get the love back in your life that has been lost in the world of your thoughts. So have a fantastic relationship with just a little change in the things you have not been aware of before reading these top 10 habits which kills a relationship.

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