What woman want in her husband

What woman want in her husband ?

What woman want in her husband ?

Man and woman differ a lot and when it comes to marriage there are lots of wants from both the sides, but in this article we are focusing only on what woman wants in her husband. Every man has some qualities and flaws in his own, but most importantly if you look closely what women wants then you can reshape or rebuilt yourself for a perfect relationship. Moreover, it is said that the base of a happy family is happy wife, so why wait let us see what are the most basic things women want in her husband. Dear husbands learn and make your relationship beautiful, after all you need something from her too.

1) Share the core values

What woman want in her husband - Share the core values

Romance is the love line of husband wife relationship.After all who wants to spend time with a boring and un-romantic guy. Woman particularly looking for guys who are romantic in nature, this will keep the fire on in her relationship. So guys don’t be shy being romantic in nature with her. Leave your shyness to the corner and start flirting and wooing your girl, she will love seeing you being romantic.

2) Being Loyal towards her

What woman want in her husband - Being Loyal towards her

As someone very well said sharing is caring, this fits in every aspect of relationship. A woman wants you to share you your feelings, your emotions to her. She loves when a man share his feelings and emotions. So guys don’t be hard on yourself, just go ahead and share your emotions, feelings to her and see the magic of it. She will hold you tightly and give you a romantic hug.

3) Feeling of completeness

What woman want in her husband - Feeling of completeness

Woman loves a man who is loyal to her, believe me guys if you are loyal to her, she can do any thing for you. For woman loyalty is a very big thing, they take is above on every thing, you can do anything wrong but if you tell her, she will definitely forgive, but if you try to hide it then she will make your balls out of the pant. So, be sensible and try to loyal towards her and make your love life more romantic.

4) Romantic in nature

What woman want in her husband - Romantic in nature

Getting feeling of completeness is another thing a woman looks in man. When a woman meets a man certain feelings and emotions are getting generated in her and if she gets the feeling of completeness with you, then she will always feel happy and safe with you. She will love to spend time with you and will do anything for you. But if she is not getting feeling of completeness with you then she will be least interested in you. So guys make sure to make her feel special so that she must get the feeling of completeness.

5) Cook on occasion

What woman want in her husband - Cook on occasion

Woman prefer man who can help her in cooking. Cooking is the daily task she needs to do for you. She will definitely love you if you will help her or cook on yourself for a day or two. This will give her feeling of care and love. So guys be smart and learn cooking, at least Maggie.

6) Not being needy

What woman want in her husband - Not being needy

Woman loves a guy who is confident and have self respect, who doesn’t need your things, money etc. He should be able to do his things on himself. Asking for a thing once or twice if fine, but every single day asking for the same thing is irritating for her. Guys try to get the nerve of the circumstances and then ask for anything.

7) Love her parents as yours

What woman want in her husband - Love her parents as yours

As you love your parents and do anything what they say, similarly woman also wants you to respect her parents, listen to them and may be follow them. This is a very big thing a woman looking in guys. After all respecting elders is always a good habit, isn’t it? So guys try not to fall out of this habit in anyway.

8) Good sense of humor

What woman want in her husband - Good sense of humor

Who doesn’t like to hang up with the person who makes you laugh every now and then. Woman loves to hang with the guys who have good sense of humor, who knows how to make her laugh. This is important because every moment is not same for her, some time she is stressed, happy or in pain, at those times she needs some one who can make her laugh and for a time being let her make forget everything. So guys try to get some good sense of humor and believe me this is an art and can be easily learnt.

9) Willing to share house hold works

What woman want in her husband - Willing to share house hold works

Woman loves guys who are ready to share her house hold works. They give much preference to the guys who help her in daily tasks rather than the guys who sits in-front of the television whole day.

10) Able to raise the family

What woman want in her husband - Able to raise the family

This is the most important and necessary aspect which any woman wants in her husband. They need someone who have the ability to raise her children well, can earn handsomely for a good life. She is not looking for guys who make millions but some one who has the potential to meet the standards of happy life.So guys, don’t be sad if you are not earning anything, learn some skills, get a job which pays you handsomely then try to get your girl.

Life is full of miracles, don’t be sad or nervous if you are not getting your girl. Just relax and go through the above points you will know where you are lacking, why she is not having interest in you, once you get the reason you can fix it and then try once more. Hope this article help you to know “What woman want in her husband”.

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