10 Things you should never say to the person you love

10 things you should never say to the person you love

10 things you should never say to the person you love

Love may be a strong bond but a delicate one too. It may not be easy to build up such a bond, but it’s quite easy to break. There are certain things which you should never say or do which might affect your relationship. Being careless to these things might affect your relationship greatly.

After all, you cannot take back the words you speak! This is a very sensitive issue and has been the reason for someone’s break in a relationship too. So, think before you speak. We are not asking you to be dishonest with the person you love, but you need to learn the slight difference between being honest and being rude. It is always a wise choice to choose which aspect you want to talk from. Below are the Ten things you should never say to the person you love.

1) “Damn, he/she is so hot!!!”

If you’re saying another boy or girl HOT in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend, then there is no way you can save your partner from getting pissed. When you’re saying another person hot before your partner, then probably you’re giving rise to the insecurities. These insecurities will not take much time to give birth to the suspicions in your partner’s head.

Things you should never say to the person you love - She is hot

It’s natural to the human’s eyes to gaze at what’s appealing to the eyes. We know that! But you will have to control yourself when you’re with your partner because what they think about you, matters a lot. They may think that he/she is somewhat less beautiful than the one you are looking at. Do not let them think that you do not have a straight character or that you find someone else hotter than them because that incident might lead to hurt their feelings.

2) “So, what’s the big deal?”

If you are not valuing what they are saying or thinking, then you are doing a huge mistake in your relationship. It may be the situation that what they are thinking of, as a big deal, that might not be of great value to you. But restrain yourself! You must at least listen to what your partner thinks. When you’re not giving them value, you’re insulting their views which should not be at all done.

Make them feel that they are important, and you value their views. If such an incident takes place, especially in the public, then it is very insulting to them. Avoid such situations.

3) “Just shut up!”

This is probably one of the worst things that you can say to your partner in between a serious conversation. It may be the situation that you do not bother to listen to your partner. But still, reacting with a “Shut up!” is not the right way to react.

You can instead change the conversation and can avoid the situation which will hardly affect your relationship with your partner. Moreover, your partner may also feel angry if you react like this because this is also very insulting.

4) “You’re not allowed to do that!”

Things you should never say to the person you love - Hit the gym

There may be certain limits in a relationship with your partner but at times, your partner may tend to cross these limits. But if you value the relationship with your partner, then you must not react in such a way with your partner. When you’re not allowing to do something, it may make them feel like you’re restricting them from doing certain things, which leads to making them feel like they are not part of your life. So, you must be careful while saying it to your partner. There are several ways to say a NO or restrict them from doing such things.

5) “You should start going to the gym!”

This is something among the most important things that you should never say to your partner. Especially if you are a boy, and has a girlfriend, never say that! Girls are most of the time, more conscious than some of the boys and at any cost, you must not make them feel like they are not the best or good enough for you! Your partner may find them less beautiful or not fit enough which might affect their self-confidence.

Things you should never say to the person you love - Hit the gym

Instead, you may start going to the gym by yourself and then you can ask your partner to join you, at the gym. Doing this will help them not to feel alone and would also boost their self-confidence.

6) “You’re completely wrong!”

Stop rectifying their mistakes in public. Mistakes are common to humans and so it is also quite common to your partner too. They may be wrong at times, but you need not say it on their face in the public. If possible, avoid the situation and the conversation instead of insulting or making your partner feel awkward by rectifying them. Make them understand their mistake in a better way by substituting your words. This will not make them feel that they have committed anything wrong. So, be with them instead of behaving so rudely.

7) “Enough is enough!”

Things you should never say to the person you love - Enough is enough

No. it’s never enough. Once you utter this, there is probably nothing that can save your relationship. You must never react like this to any situation with your partner. Do not make your partner feel like they have crossed certain limits in your life. There may be certain things which might test your patience at times, but as you know, patience is the key to make everything successful! So, you also need to show the same amount of patience. You may ask your partner to talk back later or something else instead of quoting it like this.

8) “I’m not going to change myself for you!”

Things you should never say to the person you love - I am not going to change myself for you

If you cannot change yourself for your partner, then there cannot be anything worse than this to hurt your partner extremely. There may be bad habits as well as good habits in a person, and you are no exception! Maybe, you also have some certain bad habits, which your partner may dislike. So, the best thing is to give it a perfect try! Take some time and ask your partner to cooperate with you, in resulting the change.

9) “My ex used to like this!”

Things you should never say to the person you love - My ex used to like this

Never ever do like this! Bringing in the reference of your ex is one of the most disastrous things that you can do to your present relationship with your partner. Comparing your ex-partner, to your present partner, is enough for a heartbreak. This might make your partner feel like, they are not able to fulfil your feelings, or they are not worth your love. So, what’s in the past, let it be in the past only.

10) “Who are you to say that?”

Questioning your partner’s authority in your life, and their existence is something too insulting to your partner. If you consider your partner as a part of your life, then it is quite natural for them to care for you and stand against certain things. So, it is always better to talk to them and open up about your insecurities to avoid misunderstandings.

Every relationship is different in its own way and nobody will understand your relationship better than you and your partner. The above mentioned, Ten things you should never say to the person you love, is just to help you with a guide to deal with certain situations in a relationship. If you take care of these minimal things, it might be instrumental in saving your relationship in the long run. It is solely your responsibility, how to handle the situation and which particular instruction to apply during the phase.

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