11 things men want most in their girlfriend

11 thing men want most in their girlfriend

11 things men want most in their girlfriend

If you are in a relationship or getting into it, it is important to know the needs of the men for a healthy relationship. You just can’t simply assume their needs, and take it for granted. Probably your assumptions are not always correct due to which men remains unsatisfied. This article will help you to understand your man’s mind for your beneficiary purpose. So try applying these 11 things men want most in their girlfriend to get appreciated from your men by creating a warm space in his heart.

1. Attraction

Now day’s people take steps towards their relationship but slowly attraction towards each other fades away. This happens due to their girlfriend’s negative behaviour, mind games and being negligent towards him. This could be an attraction killer between you both. It is important that you prioritise your man, give them value and care for them because men wants their girlfriend to have the same attraction towards them like it was before.


Attraction is not only referred to your looks, but it’s about your personality, confidence and your gesture towards him . Take some time for relaxation together and plan some fun and exciting activities. Keep making small efforts towards him and he will notice your love which will make him attracted towards you. Men loves woman who continuously puts effort for them, dress up for them or plan unusual dates and surprises. Just don’t become a woman who keeps nagging all the time or is too busy in her own works.

2. Emotional Intimacy

Girls have a wrong perception that men are not emotional and are always rough and tough. This is because men hide their feelings as they don’t want to show their emotion. Men think that by doing this they will be portrayed weak in front of their girlfriend. But in reality, they need people with whom they can open up. Yes, it needs some time to develop the comfort-ability and being realistic with each other, so girlfriend should put efforts to make their boyfriends comfortable.

Emotional Intimacy
Emotional Intimacy

Men wants a connectivity with their girlfriend to share anything without any dilemma. It can be about any mental breakdown or work pressure. Every men wants their girlfriends to accept them with scars, naturally as the way they are. Girlfriend should console and convey to them how much she cares for him so that men could sense the emotional intimacy between them.

3. Respect

Every men wants to get respect from their girlfriend. They want their girlfriend to have value and faith upon him. You can joke upon your boyfriend once or twice but make sure you won’t hurt his ego. Some men are gender stereotypes they could get hurt accidentally. Men are more cautious about there image when they are around their friends and family, to maintain a reputation. Sometimes you need to be critical in some matters.

Things men want most in their girlfriend - Respect

Men expect from their girlfriends to respect their love life, family and their work. So, do not see him below you, treat him equally or like a child. Girlfriend compare their boyfriend often with strong, smarter, wealthier and better-looking boyfriend which humiliate the men. Also flirting with someone else in front of him could be insulting for him. Just treat him the way, as you yourself want to be treated.

4. Praise

Who doesn’t love to be praised? And so does men. Not all the pampering are just meant for girlfriends. Men want to be praised for their efforts, whether it is about themselves, their careers, how good they are in bed, or how they are as partners.


Yes, they don’t want appraisal as much as their girlfriends but praising them gives a feeling that their efforts are not going waste upon their girlfriend. After all, its just a small expectation that every human has. Girlfriend should make them feel special and acknowledge their hard work, because recognition helps as a sign of feedback.

5. Acceptance

No one has come perfect in this world, but the efforts someone does to be perfect for you are worthy enough. Every loved ones feel that they can’t live without their boyfriend. But sometimes frustration makes you think that its harder to live with your boyfriend. This takes place if the men don’t do the things right or forget little things.


You should learn to accept his weakness and mistakes because it will take time to change him according to you. Accept his uniqueness and don’t force him to be like others. You need to cooperate with him to make him learn from his mistakes for becoming an ideal men. They can’t change their habits overnight so have patience.

Girlfriends also needs to accept that men requires their personal space too. Everyone needs time for themselves to fulfil their own hobbies and interests. Maybe your boyfriend likes being alone for some time, so don’t try to pull him along with you every-time. Give acceptance to his need, way of living and his thinking.

6. Physical Connection

Physical Connection
Physical Connection

Generally, men are not found good in communication, but they may change the game when it comes to being intimate. But men also want their girlfriend to actively participate in making the physical connection. Many a times women don’t show up the same interest which can upset the men. So maintain the spark of your life because physical intimacy is an important factor in you relationship and should not be ignored. Even the little gestures like holding hands and hugging give men the feeling of togetherness.

7. Romance

Things men want most in their girlfriend - Romance

Not only girl’s but men also like romantic gestures. Men don’t expect romantic gifts, rather a sweet text or kisses from their girlfriend to make them feel special. You can try something unusual which amazes them and can make them feel loved by your efforts towards them. This gives them a feeling that you still have the same interest towards him.

8. Security

Things men want most in their girlfriend - Security

Men or woman, no one like to feel distressed about their relationship. Everyone wants to feel secure in this insecure world. Men want their partner to be honest and reliable, they want a commitment for a long term relationship. So it’s important to build your trust by communicating with him, to give him a secure feeling. Men want a reliable woman who stick with them in their good and bad times. Efforts are necessary from both sides to make your relationship strong. Men don’t like flirty women who just stick around for their greedy purposes.

9. Emotional Maturity

Men prefer mature girls over childish ones for a better understanding to tackle every situations. Men want a supportive and independent woman who can advise them correctly. They want girlfriend who give respect and love to their family and are well communicative upon their emotions. They don’t want women who suddenly burst out and doesn’t cooperate with the situations, or they are too needy and wants pampering all the time.

Things men want most in their girlfriend - Emotional Maturity
Emotional Maturity

Men don’t like the game of ignorance instead they want their girlfriend to speak about it clearly instead of getting mad at it. They want smart women to deal with every situation.

10. Communication

Communication is an important key factor in a relationship. Generally girlfriend don’t communicate about their problems and give the silent treatment to it which results in anger outburst. Man wants their girlfriend to be open about everything and communicate straightly about good and bad things they felt. Also, men want an honest review upon everything because they are bad in reading minds. Girlfriends want that men should understand everything without their saying but this is not a fairy tale, and in reality it is not possible. So communication would be the best way to deal with your problems.

Things men want most in their girlfriend - Communication

You also need to be a good listener and observer when your man is communicating something. Don’t just be ignorant towards his words listen him carefully and advise or discuss him upon that. Make your man feel that you are always there to support him. These helps you to be involved with each other. Communicate him about your plans for the day or if you will be getting late, these small things help to reduce quarrels and built trust upon each other.

11. Partnership


Partnership in a relationship is not just about being together and spent good times, but partnership should be in reaching success or in handling the bad moments of life. It means to support in important aspects of life and value each other’s opinion rather than just being partners in intimacy. Not only this but men wants their girlfriend to be partner in their fun activities and during chill out sessions.

The relationship is a two Way Street so it’s important to know and fulfil your boyfriend need to get the same treatment from him. Men have expectations regarding communication, maturity and compromises you do. They wants to be feel special and being admired for their efforts. They want to be accepted naturally with their little personal space. They don’t want their girlfriend to compare or make them feel insecure or weak instead they want respect and support from you. Men don’t like their girlfriend to stick around all the time and treat them like a child. Men appreciate fun loving but responsible girls. So these 11 things men want in their girlfriend could definitely help you to make your man feel good.

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