21 Ways To Keep Relationship Healthy

21 Ways To Keep Relationship Healthy

21 Ways To Keep Relationship Healthy

“Remove toxic people from your life and you will free up space to have a healthy relationship”

To keep a relationship healthy, first you have to know what is a healthy relationship and what are those things that can make it toxic. First thing first, A healthy relationship forms when two people, despite their differences, accept each other as they are, love and respect each other for who they are. Their bond become strong day by day, little by little. There’s nothing more beautiful when two people face the obstacles together, fight together to keep their bond stronger. But unfortunately, not everyone understand that and that’s why it becomes toxic. If you’re in a relationship, always be in a relationship where your partner appreciate you for who you are. Now the thing that we need to know is that how to keep a relationship healthy. Here are some ways to have a healthy relationship.

1. First of all, know what’s toxic and what’s not. Don’t be a fool, who is blindly in love. Accept it and don’t be in denial. If your partner does something toxic or borderline toxic, don’t wait for it to happen twice in order to correct it. Say it immediately.

2. Being vulnerable is a part of a healthy relationship. It does not make you or your partner weak. Expressing without any inhibition is a beautiful thing. It just means that you and your partner trust each other more than anything and accept each other.

3. Give time to each other. Yeah, I can understand that nowadays everyone’s busy with their regular life. Office, meetings, deadline, friends and so on. These are the things that keep us busy everyday. But, spend some quality time with each other everyday. Because, priority matters.

4. Communication is the master key. No matter what happened, don’t sleep it off. Talk with each other. Make the other person understand what is the real issue. You guys are two different people so it is very normal to have different opinions about many things. Just sit together, talk it out and make it clear. Be cool, be calm.

5. Appreciate the little things that he/she has done for you and is constantly doing, just to make you happy. Think about those times when your partner woke up early just to make you breakfast because you had an early meeting and those times when you were sick for days and your partner took care of you constantly without any complaints.

6. Love, respect and appreciate each other’s choices. You guys are not each other’s twin. So, it is completely natural to want different things in life, to have different opinions about different topics, to love and like different movies, songs, books and so on. Yeah, joke with each other, like batman vs. superman or this movie vs that movie or this fictional character vs that fictional character. But don’t say things like “you don’t know anything” or don’t disrespect each other’s choices. Because, remember, you were his/her choice too!

7. Respect each other, just as a human being. Compliment each other for what he/she has done for you. You don’t have to show it off but make him/her understand that you’re appreciating the other person. Don’t be sexist and say things like “you are a girl, it’s easy for you” or “you are a guy, you are supposed to do that”. Everyone’s different, despite their gender.

8. Don’t let the insecurities come in your life. No matter what happens, what complications you guys are facing, don’t make insecurity an added issue. Love each other that much so that you won’t have time for it to come.

9. Don’t judge each other. Accept that you both guys have a past. That’s what makes you, you today. And your partner fell in love with that “you” and vice versa. You were not in his/her shoes, so you don’t know what the other person was dealing with. Don’t criticize because the society has taught you that this should happen, and this should not, this is normal and that is not. Don’t judge based on the so-called society’s scale.

10. Don’t control your partner and don’t be controlled by your partner. Remember, you both are equal in a relationship. So there should not be any part of controlling or dominating in your relationship. Domination in a relationship is not healthy. It’s not fifty shades of grey, it’s real life. Be realistic.

11. Express yourself. Say what you feel openly and freely. Your partner can’t read your mind. He/she is not telepathic. You have to tell exactly what you are feeling. Argue, cry or do whatever, but don’t just sit back and wait for him to catch up. Don’t just give hints to him to make him understand. Talk freely. Don’t be silent to keep the circumstances peaceful.

12. Be 100% comfortable with each other so that you can say and do anything to the other person without being judged.

13. Tease, joke and have fun with each other. Have quality time with each other.

14. Accept the other person just as they are. If you can’t, then don’t be in that relation and wait for the other person to change for you. IT WON’T AND SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

15. Don’t pretend. Don’t make yourself look like someone that you’re not. Trust me, you won’t be happy and satisfied and the relationship won’t last. The right person will love you for who you are, no matter what!

16. Try to create those moments again that made you fall in love with your partner. Rejoice them.

17. Do something small and silly things together. Everyday or every other day. It does not matter. Like make breakfast together, enjoy the rain together. Watch some silly movie that is not so good per content but has a lots of memories. Trust me guys, it will be memorable.

18. Surprise your guy/girl. Everyone love surprises! Do something step by step, like a treasure hunt. To keep it thrilling and adventurous.

19. Don’t be materialistic. Yeah, you got that right. Now, I am not saying that you can not gift each other something or something. But yeah, don’t be dependent on it. Gift each other your time, something that is made by you. It will have your personal touch.

20. Do something new together that you both haven’t done before. Make a memory that will remain forever with only your partner.

21. Don’t say things like “you can’t wear this or that”. Appreciate her choices. Let her/him wear or do new things, let your partner explore new things too. He/has a life too. Support each other even in the toughest situations when you’re facing the hardest obstacles in life. Love each other. Remember, good times will come and go, good health won’t remain forever but your love is everlasting.

Don’t expect your partner to be completely perfect. No one is perfect. So it is normal to make mistakes now and then. Try to correct it just by pointing it out. Have mutual control over each other. To have and to maintain a healthy relationship, first don’t rush things. Get to know each other in your own pace. Give as much time as you need. Remember, every relationship is unique and different in its own way. Yours, too. Don’t try to make it look like some other ‘ideal’ relationship. Know your similarities and differences and the good sides and the bad sides. And even if after knowing all that, you can accept him/her for who they are and love and respect your partner, then get going. Another thing is that, don’t lower your standard for anyone, not even for someone whom you love too much. You’re who you are. Don’t try to change yourself just because the other person feels like it’s not upto his/her standard. If you think, you need to change for yourself, then it’s okay. But not for anyone else. Love but don’t be blind in love.

Another thing is don’t let anyone have the power to dominate you or to question your self worth. You are lovely, you are unique, you are you. Be happy with that. The love and respect between a couple should be mutual. It should go both ways. Otherwise, it won’t last.

Don’t be over possessive. A little jealousy is okay in a relationship but not too much. If you can’t trust your partner, then there must be something wrong with your relationship. No relation can go on with distrust and lack of faith.

Don’t give him/her time to make the same mistake twice to correct it. They will think it’s okay to do it and no matter how many times they do it, you will accept.

Believe in yourself, believe in love. Everything will happen in the right time. Be happy, stay happy, fall in love and explore yourself! You will live once so make it count!

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