stop trying to be happy

Stop trying to be happy


Stop trying to be happy ?

Happiness is the main point of everyone’s life but sometimes like other emotions, it is not you gain. Generally, we all chasing happiness somewhere to get peace in life but deliberately you cannot stay as same as happy. If you think, you should be always happy; so it is just a mindset, you will be less happy.

•  Happiness doesn’t need expectation
•  Happiness is nothing like positivism
•  Happiness is also not similar to pleasure
•  Happiness is the starting for being own ideal

1) Happiness doesn’t need expectation

According to sources, many folks don’t remain happy but try to be. As you know we are growing up to modify the world, we use social media to share everything about us with friends and family. The failure of our own expectation is not absolute happiness. You always puzzled for your life’s pleasure and peace. Real happiness comes without expecting anything.
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If you expect something, and its result will be the failure; obviously you will get hurt. So it is better to be happy without any expectation from anyone to anything. Always learn from your failure, live a happy life.

2) Happiness is nothing like positivity

If you are the person who always tries to be happy, even there are lots of problems or circumstances in life just stop it; sometimes problems made us cry, you know it is the truth. Your habit of refusing negative situations leads to negative emotional dysfunction. Negative emotions are also healthy to manage happiness in life. If you every time all about positivism, maybe once you will have to face negativity in life; certainly you will get very hurt that’s why negativity is also compulsory for our life. There are many folks who follow the point “only positivist in life” for a happy life.

3) Happiness is also not similar to pleasure

Mostly, folks are finding pleasure in amazing food, watching movies and TV, extra time for partying with friends, new car, and playing sports games. We can say pleasure is good, not as same as happiness. According to many sources, the public who heart their power on materials and superficial pleasure end up with less happiness. You can also say pleasure is the little part of happiness that is very easy as compared to happiness. As pleasure is temporary and not enough for a long time. Happiness is more in life.

4) Happiness is the starting for being own ideal

Finishing an epic makes you happier than playing a game. Moving up a child also provides you with happiness than eating something scrumptious. Beginning a business with colleagues to earn more money makes us happy than purchasing a computer. There are more memories and memorable activities in our life including pain, happiness, and struggle; once you are familiar with all these things then you have experienced them.If you want to live a life of your dreams with unlimited opportunities and chances, you will get certain success in life. Materials never buy you happiness permanently.

Can money buy you permanent happiness ?

Stop trying to be happy - can money buy happiness
In the technological world, most of us think that they can buy anything by money even happiness; but they are wrong. Nowadays, we cannot say money is not affected, but yes, this provides you everything temporary. Likewise, sometimes you donate money to another; this act manipulates your happiness. There are many gyms for exercise, you can get relax from this activity, and this is also happiness. Physical activity makes New Harmony and changes old harmony.Sometimes, happiness is felt like a cup of coffee for a few minutes that you want again. Pursuing happiness doesn’t mean you are happy forever. You know very well, there are much stress and tension are associated with our life. The folks who forgive anything to make other people happy are the real happiness for a long time that gives your heart a special peace.The real happiness you can get by embracing all the moment of life. Don’t compile happiness, when you are not in a happy mood. The enjoyment of happiness is only then you all set for being happy with each moment and memories.No matter what is going on in your life, in the end, everything will be fine. Sadness, struggle, happiness, excitement, frustration, anger and every emotion are the part of our life. Determining for happiness lead to frustration as it is easy and possible to understand. The things we thought will make us happier and still not feel happy.

Why do you need to stop trying to be happy ?

• The reality is, we want to be happy at the time of unhappiness or nothing is going on good. What we do gives us happiness for short time.

• Our emotions are like light signal, that indicates that it is the time of happiness or unhappiness.

• The real happiness always comes from the heart and mind internally not externally.

• My experience says if you always seek happiness, you can never face tough situations. Once you are open with every situation, you always grow in life.

• Nothing is better than experience. You should face everything in your life. It doesn’t matter how bad is the circumstances, you will definitely learn from it.

• You will be mature from your failure. Be happy with the things you have.
• Don’t try to get happiness deliberately from comparing to others. You are always best for your own way.

Most of want to feel happy without tension, but that’s not so easy. When it comes to choosing happiness rather than trying to grow happiness, we usually feel awful. You are unable to find happiness permanent.To be very honest, all of us want to press the button of “happiness” in our life. Lets it clear that happiness makes you used to it, but bad times always gives you something to learn it. So please guys, stop trying to be happy.As you would ever hear “the more you are happy, the more you will weep”, that is so true. The good time comes after bad times and the bad time comes after good time. It’s the life cycle of happiness and sadness. You have to face both situations one by one. It is better to stop all the efforts to be happy. If you depend on happiness, how will you know about life? Life is a combination of every situation. You have to face everything from your born day to death day. Life is full of positivity and negativity. Don’t care about anything, just forget everything. Leave all bullshit in life. I don’t think there are people in the world have permanent happiness. Everything is suffering or facing various types of problems daily.

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