How to Gain Lost Confidence Again in Yourself?

How to Gain Lost Confidence Again in Yourself?

How to Gain Lost Confidence Again in Yourself?

Have you lost your confidence? If your answer is YES then don’t worry we will help you to get back your lost confidence. But before going into details and methods of getting your lost confidence, it is mandatory to know the reasons for losing confidence in yourself. Just like it’s mandatory for the doctor to get the cause of the disease before providing any medicines. In this “How to gain lost confidence again in yourself” we will learn some of the ways through which we can easily get over our lost confidence easily.

Why did we lose our confidence?

Confidence is lost when one starts doubting his capabilities due to recent failure or due to any bad circumstances.

You started doubting on your capabilities or on yourself.

You just start questioning with the self that is you capable to do the things or achieve the things which you want to achieve in your life.

Self-doubting will create lots of negative thoughts in you and whenever you will start doing some positive things then you will start doubting on yourself.

The negative shift or thinking will really create the loss of the self-confidence.

The reason can be of doubting on your self is like loss of job, breaks up with a life partner, the breakup of friendship, failure etc

The negative shift or thinking will really create the loss of the self-confidence.

The reason can be of doubting on your self is like loss of job, breaks up with a life partner, the breakup of friendship, failure etc.

So, to get a successful life, to get some own personality and to get connected with our friend and family we need confidence. We need confidence while walking, writing, speaking, dancing, and singing.

In simple meaning, we can say that we need confidence in every to expect of our life so if we lose our confidence then life can become like a hell. But you no need to worry because today we are going to share some tips through which you can regain your confidence and live your life more confidently.


1. Find your comfort zone

Every people has their own confidence zone so, you will also have some comfort zone. Some people have comfort zone like reading books, dancing, singing, movie, TV, art etc. so, if you think your comfort zone is listening to music then go for it, listen to music.

Remember one thing don’t try to listen to sad songs because you can lose your confidence more by listening to the sad song. So try to listen to some happy and motivational songs. so, listen to the song carefully, give your 100%. You are going to your own comfort zone because you can get recharge yourself.

Your body and your mind both need some time to recharge so that you can work again with the same confidence. So, give sufficient time in your comfort zone and regain your confidence.

2. Change your thoughts

Whatever we think that effect on our confidence. Yes, if we think positively then we will gain our confidence and if we think negatively then we will lose our confidence. You always have to keep one thing in your mind that there is no any such problems which do not have any solutions.

So, if you are facing some problems then that problems will not stick to you forever, it will go on time or you can find their solution but you need to give efforts on them. if you will try to solve your problems instead of questioning on that problems that why it comes to you only then you will find that you have started to regain your confidence because when we lose our confidence then first things that effects in our life that we just stop reacting on the problems which we are facing, we just cry on that and this creates losing of the confidence.

So, always be positive thoughts and problems solving nature.

3. Smile as you mean it

The smile is the beautiful things that can show your confidence every time. Never lose your smile even you have lost your confidence. Suppose you are talking with your friends and you have forgotten something’s but when you keep smiling then this smile can manage the situation so, keep smiling even when you are not sure for yourself.

If you will always smile the people will see the confidence on you and you can also feel some confidence in you. so, keep the smile on your face no matters what the situation is.

4. Take baby steps

We all want some magic in our life that if we do something then we just get the results but dear friend’s life is not as easy as you think. Nothing can happen so fast. So, if you are doing something then you need to wait for their results.

If you are trying to get confidence in your life then let me tell you that you cannot get confidence within a second, to get confidence and getting successful life you need to go slowly and have to take small steps then you will find the confidence is increasing in you by the passing of time.

5. Clean yourself up

Have you ever observe yourself that when you dress up and clean yourself then you find yourself more confidence than normal days. So, try to clean yourself and maintain hygiene levels.

When you will be cleaned then you will think well about yourself, you will have positive thinking towards yourself, you will have lots of confidence in you. When you will dirty, smelly, sweaty or stained then you will never find confidence on yourself so, try to always be clean yourself because of cleanness in one of the keys of success as well as confidence.

6. Face your fears

We all many fears and phobias but many of us are there who just hide their fears or don’t want to admit their fears in front of others.

Many people afraid from spider, snakes, heights or loss of control, darkness etc. so you may also have lots of fear so, try to admit your fears as well as try to face at least one fears because when you will try to face your fears and will succeed on surviving upon fears then you will get more confidence on yourself because fear can also lose our confidence.

7. Define yourself

You are a person but how you live, what you think and how much you are successful and your behavior defines you. So, try to improve yourself try to set definition for you.

You can make some routine for your life, some rules and regulations for your life and you can set some moral ethics and they will show or prove you that who you are, so, never forget to define yourself.

8. Embrace mistakes

We all are human beings and definitely will do some mistakes but we should learn from those mistakes. If we feel embrace from our mistakes then it will lose our confidence.


Suppose you are going for a competition and you have worked hard but unfortunately, you lost the chance to become the winner, then you have two option either you just cry and stop trying again and another option is trying again and work on the mistakes which you have done previously.

So, if you will start work on the mistakes then you will surely get confidence in your life and if you have lost your confidence then you will regain it surely.

9. Live in the present

Our main problem is we do not live in the present moment. We either think about our past or our future.

Why we think about our past when it already had gone. There are two types of past. The first one is a happy past and the second one is a sad past. If you once think about the happy past then you will feel more energetic and more confident but when we have sad past and we think about them we feel low so, think about those moments only which gave you happiness.

If you think about the future then it will give you stress anxiety etc so you need to avoid so much thinking of the future. When you living in the present then give 100% to your present moment, make it better and awesome. When you will live in the present moment you will find yourself happier, more energetic as well confident.

10. Take inventory

We have lots of things in our home but we just keep it as it comes from the market. So, if you want to increase or regain your confidence then, first of all, you should be creative as well as inventory.

Search your home and find the things which you do not use and use them in a creative way. Many of the things will be there which are too difficult to use like if you don’t know computer then it will be difficult for you to use the computer properly but you have to give time on that and you have to learn as well as use them.

When you find that you are gaining something, when you will find that you are creating something then definitely you will regain your confidence. So, try to be creative and inventory to get your confidence back in your life as well as increase the confidence.

11. Socialize yourself

Whenever we suffer from any problems our friends and family are always there to solve those problems so if you have problems then share it to your friends and family, maybe they can’t solve your problems but they will be with you in every situation, will support you.

You know when we hide the problems from our friends and family then we just keep the problems in mind and fight alone but this will lose your confidence but when you will share it to your family then they will support you to boost your confidence.

You can try to talk with strangers and you can talk with the social media account but you have to share those problems with everyone at least one of your friends or family members. Because sharing of problems always give the energy to fight with the problems and when we fight with the problems then definitely we will regain our confidence.

12. Play a game

The game helps us to fresh our moods and gives some energetic and enjoyable moment. You have many outdoor and indoor games you can try any of the game. Remember one thing that you have to make one game your favorite game and play it on the regular basis.

When you will play any game on the regular basis you will get more confidence. The video game is one of the best games to play the indoor game. Maybe you are bored with your work or people around you but when you will play the game then you will never bore of the video game.

There are lots of types of video game which you can play and even you will enjoy the game so, try to play the video game and boost your confidence.

13. Do something crazy

Craziness gives us happiness so, do some crazy things which will give your confidence and happiness.

The crazy things can be like helping some people, night walk on the road, doing some arts and crafts etc and many more things which you find crazy. Shouting on the mountain etc. so, try it and feel the energy of confidence inside you.

14. Try again

Sometimes we lose our confidence because of failure as when we get the failure in our life then we just lose our confidence very fast. So, if you have lost your confidence because of failure then you need to work on it by practicing as well as learning.

When you will practice and try to learn and achieve again the same the things then you will feel yourself smarter, stronger as well as faster. So, try the thing again and again if you once fail on that.

It is really very easy to lose something so, it will be very easy for you to lose your confidence but the same time you really find too hard to gain the same confidence but if you are going to try to regain your confidence then you really should be the focus on your aim.

Try to follow all the above steps through which you can make your life more spicy as well as can increase the confidence. We all know the importance of confidence in our life so; avoid the things from which you can lose your confidence. Think positive and stay positive and increase or regain your confidence.