How to lose weight in one month?

How to lose weight in one month?

How to lose weight in one month?

How to lose weight in one month is one of the difficult thing which can not be done without proper diet and exercise. Once you get focused and start hard work on your weight then you will surely lose your weight rapidly. Some of few steps are there which can apply in your daily life and can see the results with in a month

1. Creating a positive mind set

So, when you have planned to lose weight in one month then you should be prepared for hard work and lots of exercise with proper diet.

Set a realistic and achievable goal

First of all, you should measure the weight which you have, now think about your target that how much weight you want to lose, the target or goal will help you lots in loosing of weight, don’t think for the big goal, first start with small goal as it will help you to achieve it easily and will increase your confidence level towards the weight loss. You did not need to do exercise on daily basis, if you do exercise three days in a week with proper diet then it will be really effective in your weight loss. The dramatic weight loss is really very risky, if you eat weight loss pills or liquid diet then it may help you in losing your weight but you also get there side effects.

Always take your measurements

Tracking your daily or weekly progress is really important during the weight loss workout, so to check the progress you need to take the measurement of your body weight on the daily basis that will also help you to know whether the diet or exercise you are doing for weight loss is really effective or not. If you are taking proper diet and doing proper exercise then you can see the results in one weeks or two weeks. Take measurements of everything like shoulders, bust, waist hips thigh etc. and you can see noticeable change even in a week.

2. Changing your diet

Many of the studies are there which shows that most of the people gain or lose weight mainly due to their diet choice. So, it’s time to change your diet.

Calculate your calorie limit

The first step you need to take in diet is you need to cut some calories in your everyday diet. You can choose to cut these calories in any way in the form of combination of both exercise and diet or you can cut all the calories from diet only. There are almost 3500 calories in one pound, so, if your target to lose 1 pound of weight in every week then you need to cut 500 calories every day from your diet then you can lose 5 to 8 kg of weight easily in one month. Use some food journal or food app to cut the calories level which can help you to lose your weight in an easy way. Never try to cut more than 1200 calories in a day because it causes some nutrients deficiency. One of the best things that you can do for cutting the calories from your diet is taking of food which is rich in nutrients and have fewer calories and don’t forget to do exercise on the regular basis.

Add fruits, protein, and vegetable at each meal

When you are trying for losing your weight with proper diet and exercise then you really need to eat that food which has more nutrients. These foods will helps you to get proper nutrients with cutting of calories on the daily basis. Protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins are the effective nutrients which have few calories and can keep you healthier if you added it in your daily diet. Lean proteins are one of the best examples of nutrient-rich food and will help you to lose your weight.
Apart from lean proteins, vegetables and fruits are also considered as rich nutrients foods with fewer calories. Vegetables and fruits contain a higher amount of fiber and vitamins which can help you in easy digestion with the addition of feeling of fullness as well as satisfaction. You can include the half cup of fruits or vegetables in every meal.

Choose at least 50% of whole grain

Yes, it will be really beneficially to have 100% of the whole grain in your food, but choose at least half of grains like whole grain to get nutritional benefits. Whole grains have a higher amount of proteins, fiber and much other essential nutrition in it. Eat at least 2 to 3 times of whole grains daily, so, if you will eat whole grains then it will help in both i.e. give nutrition and will lose the weight of your body.

Limit snacking
Excess snaking or habit of eating throughout the day can work against the weight loss, especially when you are targeting yourself to lose your weight in one month. So, it is very important to have limited snacks. Choose snacks which are rich in fiber and proteins and have only 150 calories which can give you proper energy and nutrients as well as you can also get satisfaction from these types of snacks. Some of the best examples of these snacks are yogurt, boiled egg, fruits and cheese with low fats. Sometimes you can ignore your snacks by drinking some water or some other calories free beverages and this will help you to edge off your hunger until the time of your food.
Cut out unhealthy food from your diet

If you are seriously working on your weight loss then you really need to avoid all the food that is unhealthy for you or considered as unhealthy food, because unhealthy foods are rich in calories but it has very few nutrients. Some of the unhealthy foods which you can avoid are soda, chips, pasta, rice, bread, energy drinks, creamy coffees etc.

Drink lots of water
Water has many benefits as it helps you to keep you hydrated all the time as well as it helps you to manage your hunger, try to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep your body hydrated, many of the people are there who needs 13 glasses of water to keep their body hydrated. Carry water bottles all the time. You can add some lime juice, orange juice etc to give some taste in water.

3. Integrating exercise

Exercise is not only important for losing weight but also it helps you to keep healthy all the time.

Do aerobic exercise on the daily basis

Physical activities can be more effective in weight loss, set the target of doing the aerobic exercise at least 150 minutes every week. You can add some more physical activities while work like walking, dancing etc. Do the exercise with enjoyment because if you are enjoying your exercise then it will give less pain. Activities like swimming, hiking etc can be included in the weekend for weight loss as well as for entertainment.

Do some strength training for a few days

Try to add some strength exercise apart from aerobic and cardio exercise as it will help you to maintain your weight even when you end up your diet. Do yoga and lifting weight which will really effective in your weight loss goals.

Don’t over indulge while you exercise

You eats lots of food by thinking that you are doing your exercise well will never be much effective on your weight loss, so, always try to maintain food which are rich in nutrition with exercise. you can eat some fruits, yogurt, salad when you need some food. When you will do more exercise in a day then it will really feel you hungry all time so, try to take enough protein and eats snacks with maximum of 150 calories.

Increase your total movement throughout the day

Yes, exercise and yoga are burning enough amounts of calories from your body but you need some extra movement for your weight loss. Avoiding lift by using stairs, try to ignore your car when you need to walk the short distance or many other activities can help you be more energetic as well as in weight loss also. Try to park your car in the long distance, go to the evening walk or morning walk, do some yoga before going on the bed will really show good effects in your weight loss.When you are working on the weight loss than evaluation as well as maintaining is the most part of it so, don’t forget to evaluate your progress and also always try to maintain your weight loss.

4. Maintain your weight loss and evaluate the progres

Build a support group

When you have your own group who really work and support for your weight loss then it will become easier to gain the target. Many studies are there who has shown that better support system give better results. Therefore, always try to ask from your friends and family about the support weight loss, their support and motivation will encourage you to achieve the target and also try to include them in your weight diet program as if they have any weight problems then it will also be helpful for them.

Retake measurements

Never forget to measure yourself before starting the diet and exercise and once you start measuring yourself then never stop even you have started your diet and exercise. Always try to track even small changes because these changes will increase more confidence in you. If you have lose your weight in one month then you really need to continue for the second month to know that how much you can lose your weight. After losing weight you can focus on toning as well as building muscles of your body.

Reward yourself

When you will track your body weight on regular basis then you will surely know the small changes and when you will notice the change then give some rewards to yourself, then try new exercise or workout for yourself and for big changes you gifts some new outfits to yourself but we never recommend to add some calories food or go for dinner as a reward of weight loss.So, when you will do these things for a month you will surely notice weight loss and may be you have got some better shape of your body. So, keep doing these steps to lose your weight easily in one month.These are the best ways about How to lose weight in one month with out skipping meals or having aggressive exercises.