How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting

How to make a relationship romantic and long lasting

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting?

Falling in love is destiny but being in love is a choice. In every relationship times come where people struggle to put things together but everything keeps falling apart. Then a question pop up in every mind that why our relationship is not working ? Whose mistake ? Do i am doing correct ?

To solve all these problems in a relationship we ask ourselves – How to make our relationship romantic and long lasting? How to work things out? Is the romance got faded away? Or we are just bored with each other. Many people spend so much time and money over expensive books on relationships, counselors, friends etc. to find a solution for falling relationship. But the solution is within you and is very easy and common to follow.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - broken relationship

In the beginning phase of every relationship, romance is so passionate. Because, we put a lot of efforts in little things. We plan a lot of time together to talk, to know each other. We try to understand each other’s problems.

But what happens after few years? Why can’t we do those little efforts and romance again? The reason is that we humans are very good at screwing our relationships. But when it comes to make it good, we try to avoid this by making excuse like it is very hard to make things right again.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - love relationship

No, it is not hard. It is you who is making this hard. You are the one who is taking your relationship for granted. You are the one who has no time to express love, but have enough time to make a drink! So just stop making excuses and follow your heart and our amazing and little tips to make your relationship romantic and long lasting. And avoid the mentioned reasons which lead to a sour relationship. So here are the tips.

1. Communication

Communication is the key point in each and every relationship and when it comes to our partner than it works as charm. But in a deep romantic relationship communication is mainly listening to your partner. If there is no communication in a relationship it is because each of them try to be a Party Leader and wants other to be a ‘bechari janta’ who can’t speak or when one is speaking other one is judging or day dreaming like ‘mungerilal.’

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - communication issues

When each them of try to make only their point only and don’t try to listen the other one’s, it leads to a negative debate. And in a relationship a negative debate is not a communication at all. So try to avoid these types of debate. Try not to contradict your partner each time but to understand their point according to their view point and listen proper. Try to be a good listener rather than a good speaker to make your relationship romantic and long-lasting.

2. Understanding

Understanding is very important in a relationship even more than love to make a relationship romantic and long lasting. Because love can’t sustain long without understanding. There are many couples who got separated because they were not able to understand each other but still love each other within.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - Misunderstanding

In a relationship we need to understand the need of our partner. And the need varies from person to person and also with time. Some people may want that his/her partner should help them in works or say “I love you” often. Some may want that his/her partner gives surprises often or give them time. It is not really difficult to find out the need of your partner. And even if you are not able to understand then try to talk about it to your partner itself. This talking and finding solution together is another level of understanding.

3. Express your love often

Either your relationship is new or old the only thing which binds it is romance. Always put the same efforts that you were putting in the beginning of your relationship. After some time couples use to take each other for granted and stops expressing their love to each other.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - expressing love

I am not saying that you have to do big things every day like plucking the moon from sky. But, at least you can say “I love you” in a day or give a flower or call your partner with the same sweetness of new love. Expressing your love in a relationship is just like watering a plant. If you stop watering, the plant will die. So does your relationship, without the expression of love.

4. Wise expectation

Some people say that relationship with no expectations would be more successful. Is it practical? Of course it is not. We humans have a default level of expectation. Couples have expectations with each other. And it is a good thing. But the expectation should be wise and acceptable like taking care, little surprises etc.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - false expectations

Suppose a girl expects that his partner would gift her a diamond necklace and the poor boy has monthly salary of 10k. How that boy is going to fulfill that expectation? By donating his kidney! This is an unrealistic expectation. So for a long lasting relationship, have some wise expectations rather than unrealistic expectations from your partner.

5. No Ego

Nothing kills a relationship faster than an ego. We all have that ego, either less or more. Yes we do! But if you are truly in love with someone, there should be no place for ego. And if it is there then try to control it.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - ego problems

When your partner is discussing something and you are trying to be smart letting your partner’s word down, that is ego. You are so proud of yourself that you are not even considering your partner, then there is a ego. Stop this thing before it kills your precious relationship. Stop using the “I” thing and start using “we” to make your relationship long lasting.

6. Enjoy little and big things together

To keep our relationship fresh, enjoyment and laughter is must.Busy in our roles and responsibilities we often forget our precious relationship. Everything needs time. So does our relationship. That’s why take some time out from your busy schedules and plan some special moments together. Like watch your favorite movies, prepare food, plan a date, go to shopping together, play games, plan some trips, do some adventurous things that you both would never forget. All these moments will always cherish your relationship with romance and make it strong.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - enjoy every moment

7. Acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation of long-lasting relationship. But, it has been noted that many people try to change their partner’s behavior or things because they don’t like it. And when the person changes completely, some people also leaves them by stating that “you have changed!”. If you really love somebody then you would be accepting the traits of your partner rather than changing it. Your partner likes a thing that you don’t, then no one is forcing you to like that thing. But, at least you can accept your partner’s choice.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - room for another affair

8. Be Friends first

Why we always need a friend to enjoy or to shed tears or to tell secrets? Because friends are those who don’t judge you and you are never afraid of sharing anything to them. Friends understand and support you anyway. Now image how beautiful the relation would be if it would contain both ingredients of love and friendship? Make your relationship that much beautiful and strong, be friends of each other. Then you and your partner would be able to share anything with each other. And enjoy the love with freedom.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - be friends

9. Relive and remember the old times

Whenever you feel like something has been missing in your relationship and making it weak, try to find that thing in the old times of your relationship. Remember your journey of beautiful relationship. Recap those memories in which you both fell in love. Collect old pictures, videos, gifts, silly moments, first fight, first kiss, everything of yours and watch and remember it together. Then you will realize what was missing. Not just remember, try to relive your old moments. This will introduce the old lost romance in your relationship. And this tip will definitely make your love long lasting.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - remember old times

10. Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and Appreciation could make any dimming light glow like a star. This is the important ingredient connects two lovers physically, emotionally and mentally. Often appreciate your partner and relationship. Express the feeling that how lucky and happy you are to have such a good partner? How he or she meant the world to you? And with this attitude, No matter what problem comes by, you will be always ready together to face it. Initiate this step to introduce romance and immunity in your relationship.

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - appreciate and thank you

11. Be honest and forgiving

Another aspect of a relationship is trust. If you don’t trust each other, your relationship is not going to stand even a month. But trust does not fall from sky! It is earned by being honest and truthful to your partner. No matter whatever the thing is, just tell it truthfully with your partner. Never hide any secret from them. Maybe he or she will get angry with you at first. But at last you will earn your partner’s trust.

Top 10 tips to stay madly in love with your partner - forgive

Forgiving is also very important in a successful relationship. We are human and we do human errors. And if your partner is that honest to even tell his/her mistakes then you must be forgiving also. That’s how the balance in relationship works.

12. Be a little obsessive

It is okay to be little obsessive with your partner. And it is also okay to be a little jealous when such situation comes. This little obsessive and jealous nature of yours shows that how much you are into your partner. And you are never going to stop loving him/her. But It is not suggested to be that much obsessive like Shahrukh Khan in “Darr” movie 😛

How to make a relationship romantic and long-lasting - obsessive in love

With all these points we can conclude that making a relationship romantic and long lasting is not a rocket science. It is just your feelings, common sense and little efforts which will do the magic. We are social animals and we need love. And when that love is with you then never let it go. I am sure that all these amazing tips are going to help you a lot to keep your relationship romantic and long lasting. So why wait? Just follow it!

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