Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend

Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend


Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend

A woman can make your life hell as well as heaven but if you have a possessive girlfriend then it means you are sitting on an atom bomb which can be a blast at any time. If your girlfriend is protective then you will be safe but if you have a possessive girlfriend then you really need to take care of yourself.

Normally women have two to three traits which act like a typical woman but when she has more than 5 traits then definitely you will face more terrible things in your life. So, now we will discuss the top 10 signs through which you can know that you have possessive girlfriend.

1. She will control where you will go, when you go and why you go

This is most suffocating indication your girlfriend, control on going anywhere for any reason, even if you go shopping with your friends then also she will manage some source through which she can keep eyes on you that what are you doing and where are you with your friends and in case she has no idea to put eyes on you then she will give some particular time in which you need to come home and if you have not come in that particular time range than you have to be ready for the world war 3.

Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend - She will control where you will go, when you go and why you go
If you are going out of home no matter what the reason, she wants to go with you,but in case you can’t go with your partner then you really need to explain her the place where you are going, reason as well as timing of going and returning back to home.

2. She will stalk you always

If your girlfriend is possessive then she will put her eyes on your every little work which you are doing in your daily life. Stalking may include the checking of messages of your phone or call details of the phone. Getting a login into the social media account and check all the stories and private messages of your social media account.

She will notice whom you talk, why you talk and timing of chatting of every person in your inbox. She can check your email to know your private contacts etc. She will check your every update and also how can she leave the gallery of your phone. Yes, she will see your every picture of your phone moreover ,she will also check your history of Google chrome or internet.

3. She is always needy and clingy

One more sign of the possessiveness of your girlfriend is that she does want to be on social media or she does want any other friend or any partner because she thinks that she has you in her life and you are the centre of her small world and she only wants you in her life and nothing else. Although this is not a symbol of needy or clingy but the matter gets more sensitive when she started fighting with her friends or family or with your friends and family because of you.

She did not want you to involve in other things except her and we need every people in the world where we live so, it becomes too awkward when you need to cut all the relations with your friends and family because of your possessive girlfriend.

4. She will extremely jealous if you talk with other women

It is quite common that women become jealous when you talk with other women but most of the women can control her jealousy when she found that the lady is only your best friends with whom you talk usually,but the problems comes when the women can’t hide their jealousy and they just want to know why you are talking with that women, how many times in a day you talk with that particular women, reason of talking etc. even she wants to know everything like who you call, who have to send you friend request, you have messages you and why they have call message to you.

Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend - She will extremely jealous if you talk with other women
If someone has an attraction on you and you have revealed it to your girlfriend then time to time she tries to emotionally torture you or may some create some violence with you.

5. She controls on your dressing style

Are you going out for a party or some events? Wants to dress up with your own choice? yes, you can wear the dress with your own choice when you are not dealing with the possessive girlfriend because when you have a possessive girlfriend then it will like your dream that you are wearing anything with your own choice because your girlfriend can directly advise you the clothes which you will wear or not.

She will make sure that the dress which you are wearing will surely match up with her standards. Maybe she will bring a shirt or jeans or pants from the market of her choice and will force to wear in the particular events or party. If you are fine with that dress then its fine but once you start questioning on that dress or arguing that you are not going to wear that dress which she wants then probably she will fight for it with you.

6. She will constantly text or call you when you are away from her

Whenever our loved ones are going on a trip or go away from us for a sometimes then we just call them to know the status that had they reached their destination or not, as they safely reached or not, is there any problems comes during travelling etc and these types of things are normal and comes because we love or care for them. But when anyone just calling or texting every time to you to know the status of every minute then it is the symbol of possessiveness.

Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend - She will constantly text or call you when you are away from her
She started texting or calling at the time when you go out from home and end up only when you reached home. She will call again and again, text you again and again even you can’t get attention to your work because of her call. the repetitive questions asked for multiple times even you have answered that question but she just can’t stop calling or texting you. So, calling of so many times in one hour without any reason is definitely one of the symbols of possessiveness.

7. She doesn’t want to keep her relationship secret

Many people are there or especially girls are there who just want to keep their relationship secret in starting days of the relationship because she wants to understand that person more and more so that she can confidently share her relationship status to her family or friends.

Many times the reason of hiding the relationship is the fears from family but in case of possessive girlfriend, she never wants to keep her relationship status secret even you have just started the dating with her. She will reveal her status to her family and friends. She will also want you to reveal the status of your relationship with your family and friends. Even she will try to know your every friend and family members and try to get interact with her so that you will be always happy with her. So, you have to ready to have cheesy pictures with your friends and family with your girlfriend.

8. She will exist everywhere

If you have a possessive girlfriend then you have to be ready to be mocked and laughed because your girlfriend will expect from you to keep her pictures in your wallet so that you can look her photo every time whenever you will open your wallet. Her expectation will not end here yes, she will demands to keep her pictures in your profile pictures of social media, wallpaper of your mobiles etc,she will also tell you to keep her pictures in your room.

You can keep your pictures in your wall of the room, wallpaper of your mobile or profile pictures of your social media profile but make sure your picture is not a single picture that means you can only keep those pictures which you have clicked with her. People will really start doubting about your existence because they will find your girlfriend everywhere whenever they need you.

9. She never gives your own privacy

No matter you is a child or young man or old age person but you need some privacy for yourself. We need time for every person i.e. we have different friends, family members etc if you want to spend your sometimes with your friends or wants to spend your time with your family then your girlfriend will not allow it to you. Yes, you can go to your friends or any events or celebrations etc but you need to take your girlfriend with yourself.

Top 10 signs that you have a possessive girlfriend - She never gives your own privacy
Even when you give much time to your friends and family then she will observe your friends and family as her enemy because your all time is taken by them. Your girlfriend will not allow to spent single minutes with anyone she will only want to spend your all-time with her only. She wants you to talk to her only. She wants that you go for an outing with her only. Simply she just wants your all time and wants to be everywhere in your life, she just wants to stick in your life in ways where you never think about a single minute of privacy for yourself.

10. She wants an instant reply of her text

If your girlfriend has texted you something then no matter how much you are busy in your work but you need to reply as fast as possible and if you are trying to ignore her text without any serious reason then be ready for Mahabharata in the home. So, whenever she will text you she needs reply even in 30 sec and if you are late then she will call you again and again and a big storm will come in form of speech through calls.

Due to this, you can’t even think to ignore her calls because it will make your life more hell. Do you have some important business meeting? Do you have really some urgent works to do? Are your friends is in the hospital? Forget the entire situation she never cares at a time when you will not reply. Yes, maybe she will understand the problems once you reply to the situation on text or call but you have to reply you can’t ignore even in critical situations.

Before thinking about the handling of controlling behaviour or possessiveness you need to think about the reason of controlling behaviour and possessiveness. Do you know possessive nature is the clear symbol of insecurity but have you ever think that where it comes from? So, insecurity is caused because of fear of abandonment, rejection as well as powerlessness.

If your girlfriend is possessive for you then that means she has a lack of self-control, self-love as well as self-confidence. So, because of lack of these things they just feel to have you all time in her life to stay happy, secure as well as successful. so, if you want to be handled with this possessive nature then you need to make her understand that you are always with her no matter wants ups and downs in their life and you need to mean it also so, that she can also understand her possessive nature and can try to give your privacy even for your happiness.

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