Traits Most Men look in Women

Top 10 Traits Most Men look in Women

Top 10 Traits Most Men look in Women

There is something called an ideal choice, but we are not aware of it, that what it is. If you are reading this, then I am sure you want to know the top 10 traits most men look in women. People say it’s hard to know what is in females’ head, but it’s even harder to dig what’s in male’s head, so let us unfold the wrap and understand what can drive a man crazy for you.

1. Confidence

A confident woman is indeed the one who can drive crazy anyone around. She has a spark to speak her word out without being fumbled. Men like confident women way more because of the aura they carry, and they make the beauty around. And the best part is they love themselves with all the flaws they have which make others fall in love with her quickly. The first love should always be self-love.

2. Smart women

Now to be frank everyone wants someone smart in their life. Dating her can have you, someone, to guide you when you are all messed and unsorted. She is smart and can deal with things easily she can be a great help. Men like smart women and love flaunting it to others too.

3. Respect

Most Men look in Women - Respect

No relation can survive without having respect for each other. We all live life to gain respect in the eyes of other people. Men generally get attracted to girls who respect themselves and others around them. It is a generous feeling that can make people like you. So, if you want to be recognised, then you have to know first.

4. Affection

Most Men look in Women - Girl with Affection

Love care and emotions three different words but have such deep meanings. Having affection for someone can be the first step of your story. Loving someone cannot come without being attached to him or her. So, men like women who show their affection and showers love.

5. Understanding

Two heart sailing on the same boat need to have a great bond, and a great relationship comes with vast knowledge. Men like girls who understand the situation and don’t be clingy. Girls who know where and what to speak are the one who will take the heart quickly. So, it’s important to understand the complicated humans(men) to make them love you.

6. Effort maker

Most Men look in Women - Effort Maker

It takes efforts to be one and if a man sees this quality in a girl then definitely he is going to fall for. The relationship is like a battle but in this battle, either both wins, or both lose so it needs to have efforts from both sides. So, a good effort maker can be yes. So, to make any relationship work there should be efforts and men crave for the girl to put efforts.

7. Physical attraction

Most Men look in Women - Physically Attractive

Yes, it does matter men like girls who are beautiful and can make others jealous. Physically attractive just not mean slim body or tall personality it just says you carrying you look to the best and making yourself.

8. Well groomed

Most Men look in Women - Stylish

Personality is an aura that you carry with you and people like being around with people who are well groomed. It means the table manner, the dressing sense and the way you approach people. It is found that well-groomed girls have more attractiveness then messy ones. This is one of the Top 10 Traits most men look for in women and maybe the most important one too. That is the reason people say you should watch the best on your first date as the first impression is the last impression.

9. Independent

Independent women don’t need a man to make them feel like queens, and this is something amazing about them. Girls who are independent tend to be best girlfriends. Dating her can make you have a better room of talk. The guy can comfortably share his ideas about work with her and can have a support system. Such men like girls are independent and have their own set of beliefs.

10. Easy going

Most Men look in Women - Easy going

If you are not the holder, then you are a good choice. Dragging upon something can make things complicated for one and men don’t like girls who pull a little thing to a big issue. Girls who don’t stick to things are right for them. Life is short, and men prefer to let go quickly and swim with the flow. So, men do want a companion who is easy going and not fussy.

These are Top 10 Traits most men look for in women it might not be the same in everyone’s list because all humans are different but its found in many. No one is perfect, and this does not mean you change yourself for someone. If someone loves you, then he must love you the way you are. So, if these are your qualities, then you are the most men’s choice of girl.

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