Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

Relationship is a sweet piece of cake but it needs a lot of efforts from both the partners to maintain it. Every relationship needs time, attention and a lot of efforts to make it work. But when it comes to Long Distance Relationship then we need to do extra efforts. Did you ever thought why it is so hard to maintain a Long Distance relationship?

Some people even say that Long Distance Relationship never works. Why it never works? Is it the geographical distance which is making it difficult? Or different factors and our mind set are the problems. Every relationship has ups and downs and couples try to solve it together. But what if you are not together at the same place? Won’t be easy to solve them?

After developing a strong relationship, couples often drift apart because of so called Long Distance Relationship. It is sad to say but in 95% cases a Long Distance Relationship does not work. And “Hamari adhuri kahani” song plays in their background mind for lifetime of the love birds.

It is not that they do not try or attempt to solve these issues. But then it is never possible to enjoy a relationship in Long Distance as you do in a normal. With every Long Distance relationship a common but important issue rises. When to be together and how to be together? With love and hope to be together, every couple in Long Distance relationship continues their journey. But this hope starts to die with time. And then couples raise the issue of when to be apart and how to be apart. It is sad but true, most of the times it happens in Long Distance Relationship.

Thank God ! now we are in 21st century, where we have the facility of voice and video calling. You can get in touch with your partner whenever you want. Internet and Technology have given some relief to the long distance relationship  couples. But the struggle and problems of a Long Distance Relationship is still the same. So let’s discuss the “Top 10 problems in a Long Distance Relationship”. And if you are in such a relationship, i am sure this will help you to avoid such problems and make your Long Distance relationship stronger and exciting.

1. Misunderstanding and Miscommunication

This the major problem happens most of the time in Long Distance Relationship. Miscommunication and Misunderstanding happens frequently in every relationship and can be a number one breaker of it. But the chances of it in a Long Distance Relationship is very high.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - Misunderstanding

Talking too less or taking too much, both are bad for your relationship. If you are not calling your partner a single time in a day then it will be a problem to you. And if you are calling like every minute then it will be a problem too. You would look like a chewing gum to your partner. So Balance is the key to avoid such miscommunications.

Apart from this couples also need to share their feeling and problems which they are going through. Otherwise any angel is not going to tell  your feeling and problems to your partner. But instead of sharing their problem couples play the silence game and promotes more miscommunications and misunderstandings. Break this problem by having proper communication and by sharing your feeling towards your partner.

2. Time and money

Long Distance Relationship is really hard to manage if you have the shortage of time or money. Long Distance relationship relies on giving time to your partner. If you are not able to devote any time to your partner then really sorry to say but the relationship is never going to work. And thank god we are in 21st century where long distance relationship has the perk of voice and video calling.

But to take the advantage of these perks you should have money. So if there is any hole exists in your pocket, avoid falling for a long distance relationship. Not only for talking but you also need money and time to plan a trip to meet your partner. Because hope of meeting to your partner is the life of Long Distance Relationship. If you don’t have these two, then maintaining a long distance relationship is a real challenge.

3. Boring Conversation

Why we do not want to talk with our distant relatives? Because it is really boring and awkward to talk the same things you have talked a lot of times to them. That’s exactly what happens in Long Distance relationship where people do not find things to talk. Couples miss each other and feel heartsick to be with each other and get in touch with each other all the time.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - boring conversation

But when the time comes to talk, the same boring conversation starts between the partners. What are you doing? Did you eat? What you eat? blah blah …. and then full stop, long silence waiting for each other to say something. When you are not together, it is difficult to find things to talk. This does not mean that love is not there. Love is there but some effort is also needed.

4. Unbearable Missing

Most disastrous feeling ever is missing someone but you can’t meet that person at instant. Only long Distance relationship couples have this feeling. But this problem makes the relationship more strong. This feeling gives you another feeling that is loneliness.

You will feel alone in the crowd of thousands of people. You are feeling lonely not because you are very far away from your partner, but you are struggling this unbearable missing and lonely feeling, because you are missing the time when you were with your partner. And you want that time to come again. This problem can be very well felt and expressed by long distance relationship couples.

5. Room for another Relationship

If you are falling in a long distance relationship then you are a risk also. A risk that no one would like! This is a real and practical problem of a Long Distance Relationship. When you both are away from each other, a chance of another relationship automatically develops. But that room for another relationship only develops when your partner or you create it. This problem exists mainly in a relationship which lacks romance, trust and time for each other. So be careful to protect your relationship from such room. And don’t let your bird fly with other one.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - room for another affair

6. Trust issues

In the world of technology a lot of long distance relationships are developing on the social media sites. People fall for any person by their pictures, status and talks. Some cases are also there when two people in love moves to different poles because of job, family etc. Love can develop anywhere and for anyone but trust has to be earned. And we human trust the things we see. But in a long distance relationship you are not able to see your partner’s action. So you get suspicious and paranoid at times. So the trust issue is another big problem for a Long Distance Relationship to sustain.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - trust issues

7. Jealousy and insecurity

Feeling jealousy and insecurity in any relationship is not new. And it is also not bad to be a little jealous or insecure about your partner. But when this jealousy and insecurity turns into monster that can eat your relationship is not good. And this monster generally evolves into a Long Distance Relationship. Couples start to get jealous and insecure about petty things. Either a normal picture with someone or a formal talk with anyone can make couples paranoid. The main reason is the thought of not you being there in the picture or formal talk. And the thought of losing their love makes the long distant couples very much jealous and insecure.

8. Drifting apart

Some of the relationships have broken because of this drifting process. And in a long distance relationship couples are already drifted away from each other, by distance for sure. But when this drifting process comes also in emotion then it is really hard to control. This drifting process grows slowly and becomes giant ball with time and strong enough to crush your dear relationship.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - break up

This starts from very basic things like not replying the messages fast, not taking call quickly. Then comes the phase when partners start to avoid each other’s messages and calls, cancelling their plans by making petty excuses. The reason they give is that their distance drifted them away. And the master stoke dialogue is stated “it is not you, it is me!”. Of course it you who has started this process by avoidance.

9. Cheating

Well cheating is omnipresent in any type of relation. But in long distance relationship, cheating with your partner gets way easy. Hey! This is not a good thing but the reality. When partners are living in different geographical areas then they do not know a single thing of each other until shared. So who knows what your partner is doing at your back? You will believe whatever they say. You have to, unless you get any solid proof. Cheating and manipulating each other is the sour truth in some of the long distance relationships. Don’t doubt too much and don’t believe as blind.

10. Hard to express

To maintain romance in any relationship, first we need to express our love. But in long distance relationship it is very hard to express love and show caring nature. In long distance relationship, couples can’t be on each other’s birthday every time or plan date or offer flower to show love. Apart from this, resolving conflicts is also very tough.

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship - hard to express

Love is tough. But it is tougher when it comes to long distance relationship. And it is not true that long distance relationship never works. It works but it needs extra ordinary commitment and efforts to make your love keep going. If you are truly in these problems would mean nothing to you. You will be able to cross each hurdle. So never give up on your love whether it is long distance or not.

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Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

Top 10 Problems in Long Distance Relationship

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