21 Signs that you are not made for each other

21 Signs that you are not made for each other

21 Signs that you are not made for each other

Mostly, you can’t choose with whom you fall in love with. But you can select what you want to do with the feelings you have for your partner. And you cannot force yourself to have feelings for someone, and you can’t force yourself to stop that feeling. Hence, it is not tough to find yourself in such positions and opinions where you can see you are in love with the wrong person. More offence falling in love with the wrong person ends up in a bad note. Just think if all of us fall in love with the right person, no one will ever go through the phase of break up or pain of separation, and no one has to worry about whether their partner is cheating or not. You have to look for many signs to know that you are in love with the right person. Sometimes you may be sure that the person you are in love with is the wrong man and sometimes you are sure that he/she is right for you. So here we are telling you some expressions or signs that you may miss while choosing the right person for you. These 21 signs will show you that you are not made for each other.

1. You tried to tell your concerns many times, but nothing changes

Waiting for your partner to change is a kind of disappointment with time. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner can easily show your individual’s feelings and find the correct way to handle such situations easily. But in case you are in love with the wrong person, you can express your feelings, share your concerns, talk as much as you want but nothing changes, the relationship remains the same. That’s all because you can’t always expect a person to change for you.

2. The time gap between you and your partner

Are you in love with a person who lives in another time zone or works overnight when you work on day time? As per the experts, this is not a healthy relationship as you and your partner doesn’t get enough time together to spend and know each other. Such relationships work only when you have good trust and communication with each other. We all have some needs and expectations, so it is always better to see your partner at times when they want you the most.

3. Spending a lot of money in your relationship

You may feel that paying for your involvement in everything like dinners, trips, outings, telephone bills, Netflix, and so on is right. But if your partner is not making any effort in paying for anything in your relationship and he/she is not ready to share any responsibilities, that he is not the right one for you. In such a case, the relationship is all about the necessity and not a desire.

4. Unhealthy lifestyle habits

If you are self-obsessed, you used to care about you more, workout daily, ate healthy food before you went into a relationship with your partner and suddenly the lifestyle changes, it is a time to look upon it as experts say if such thing happens you are in love with the wrong person. It shows that the person does not care about the healthy lifestyle you had before you entered a relationship. If you may end up eating unhealthy food as your partner likes and wants you to, this is not right; you are in love with the wrong person.

5. Your relationship is going on and off Saga

On-off situations makes you feel hopeless and sometimes keeps you in the hope that things may work out sometime. If you find yourself in such a case, the person is not made for you. In such situations, you train yourself for again that situation that never worked out before.

6. You hardly spend some time with your family or friends

If you are in love with the right person, he /she will never ask to give less time to your family or friends. It is usually a change in your life when you fall in love with, good change is for your highest good, but if you feel you sacrificing the time you have to spend with your family and friends, then it is not a perfect match for you.

7. Not into labels

If you are in a relationship where you lack commitment, and you badly need that, move on, this is not a right relationship. If you are asking for the promise again and again, and the partner is just giving excuses, he/ she is not the right person for you.

8. You are only with them if you are comfortable

Being in a relationship with someone who’s been around you for what seems like forever can make you feel comfortable. But just because a person has been in your life for a long time and it feels comfortable, it does not mean that they are a good fit for who you are now, or will contribute to your growth moving forward.

9. You are confused being in love with the person you have a crush on

Having a long term and intense crush on someone, sometimes it may seem love but it surely not love sometimes. It is essential to know the difference between crush and love as mostly crush is mostly one-sided.

10. Partner is not a type of Apologize

Normally, couples get into disagreements, but to choose between how to respond to that arguments is very important for a healthy relationship. If your partner hurts you badly and does not apologize, then it is not a perfect match for you.

11. Behavior in public embarrass you

If you have a partner who does not know how to behave like an adult in society, you are with the wrong person for sure. Maybe your partner’s habits are rowdy and wicked that embarrasses you most of the when you are in public, that person is not right for you. You may find in situations where you have to feel sorry in society because of your partner.

12. You are not comfortable talking about bed with your partner

Good sex varies from person to person, in every relationship. Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable while talking about sex and intimacy with your partner; then you are not in right relationship. If you are hesitating while discussing sex with your partner, this is not the right match.

13. Having sex without intimacy

Most people think that having sex daily with your partner is like having a healthy relationship, no it is not the right way. Wait for the time when you feel like getting intimate with your partner, not just for doing. If you are having sex without intimacy, you are not in the right relationship.

14. Thinking before you say in front of your partner

Everyone wants their relationship to work, but sometimes we need to take drastic measures, say we’ve had enough, and move on. But to know which signs are red flags can be difficult. After all, we do not want to simply give up when there could be a good thing going. Still, in some cases it’s better to close the book.

15. They want things to go their way

If you feel it is essential to watch your words before you say in front of your partner, it is necessary to have freedom of expressions in a healthy relationship. When you are in love with the wrong person, you will find it hard in showing your feelings and thoughts in front of your partner.

16. You don’t care whether your friends or family like your partner

If it is all about your partner and their ideas, they don’t consider your habits at the time of relationship, and you are not made for each other. Your partner is selfish and doesn’t think about your ideas; you are in a wrong relationship.

17. Being around with your partner’s friends and family makes you feel uneasy

Blessings of your family and friends can either makeup or break your relationship. So you hardly care about the feelings of your family members or friends about your partner, in such case you are not in a healthy relationship.

18. It is always about partner’s needs and the partner

Family and friends of your partner also play an essential role in your relationship. If you are not comfortable for most of the time with your partner’s family members or friends, then you are in a wrong relationship.

19. You feel emotionally exhausted most of the time

Your partner being selfish, and if it is all about your partner’s needs, this is the time to move out of that relationship.

20. You love the potential more than the reality

When you can’t express your emotions in front of your partner; you become emotionally exhausted, which rarely happens in a healthy relationship.

21. Your partner doesn’t make you feel special on special occasions

If you are with your partner, and he or she is not exactly the way you wanted, it is not the right relationship. Always go for a partner who you exactly thought would be like.

If your partner does not make any effort for your birthday or anniversaries, then this is not a healthy relationship. Your partner should understand that it’s your special days and you should be treated specially on particular days.

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