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How about Holidays in DUBAI

How about Holidays in DUBAI ?

This would be your best decision ever. Coming for a vacation in Dubai is always a right choice. People come here like crazy and make the best use of their short breaks and tough schedules. Dubai is one of the places which has become top tourist point for the zillions of people around the world. Dubai never fails to attract the hearts and souls of people.

Dubai has uncountable places to go to. These places are widely visited by people because the are family destinations and people get everything they ask for. Dubai will never disappoint the the people visiting this place.

One of the go to place in Dubai is Dubai desert safari. It has beauty which is indescribable. It’s a dream of thousands of people out there to come here and see how actually the desert looks like. And how it feels to visit a desert. Dubai desert safari has a golden sand which shines under a bright sun. It’s exceptional alluring beauty will make your jaws drop.

What Dubai desert safari has to offer you ?

There are many activities you can go for if you are here. These activities are exclusively thrilling and exciting.

Camel rides in Dubai desert safari

Dubai is actually know for its camel riding in desert safari. Theses Arabian camels are very special over here. These tall camels are very humble to the people visiting the desert. Camel has an Arabian guide beside it for you to make you sit on the camel easily without any fear.

Thrilling rides on bashing sand dunes

Riding on adventuresome basing sand dunes is always scary but fun too. This ride is done on 4×4 giant vehicles. You are accompanied by a driver to make sure that you and your family are safe.


There many Arabian women in the Dubai desert safari who are expert in applying Henna sing different designs. These henna designs are applied as a tattoo by the people on different parts of the body especially neck, hands and palms.

how about holidays in dubai

Quad biking

Thrilling quad biking in Dubai desert safari is always fun. You’ll have so much of pleasure while riding on quad bikes and escaping the golden silky sand of the desert. The sand will up in the air when you’ll speed up the bike. This ride is mainly approached by teenagers or youngsters and adults.

Exciting and a joyous evening in Dubai desert safari

This is the best part of the day when you sit beside a campfire or a lit blazing bonfire and feel the soothing vibes into your soul. You will also see the belly dancers dancing like crazy and gathering the crowd. They’ll make you happy and all cherry while sky is in extreme pretty colours and that sun is setting and giving resting vibes all around. And you’ll see camels moving slowly and steadily across the desert which will create a beautiful scenery. Dubai Desert safari will literally amaze you.

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