Best Ways of Making Money Online

Best Ways of Making Money Online

Best Ways of Making Money Online

Are you trying to find out the ways of making money online which are genuine and not fake one or scam? Then this is the article for you only. In this article, we will learn the best ways of making money online.

But before finding the best ways of making money online, I must admit that these are not the shortcuts of making money quickly, by the term quickly I mean in 2-3 months. I must tell you that it takes time to start a side hustle whether it is online or offline. But let me tell you that once you have started your hustle and kept on working patiently at least for 6 months then it does pay.

Don’t get attracted by lots of sites claim that earn $50000 per month online with 2-3 hours a day. As you know that nothing comes without hard work. In real-time, for every hustle to grow it takes time, the same is applied to earning money online also.

If you find any of the websites that claim to easily make lots of money online in 2-3 days, just immediately close the website.

The site is probably a scam or fake created just for selling some useless product or to attract lots of eyeballs to get more audience.

Every single of such sites is a scam and reading or learning from them, is nothing but a total waste of time and energy. On top of that if you buy any course or product from them, then only God can save you to not feel regret afterward.

Unlike the other “make money online” articles, this is a comprehensive guide on how to make money by following the legit ways and sites.

Believe me, many of these methods or I must admit that almost all of these methods will require some investment of time or money or both to get started. But I do agree that once you will get started then after some time it will start paying you with no doubt.

Nowadays it is very easy for creating a blog. If you don’t want to host your blog then there are other ways also. You can create an account for free blog creation providers. There are thousands of such platforms.

So without any further delay, let us see some of the best ways of making money online.

1) Consulting

Consulting is the best career that makes you offer your expert services or bits of advice to the other people looking for the service or advice in your niche.


By becoming a consultant, typically you are going to help the business and people struggling to solve a particular problem in your expert niche. It’s your direction and solution which will help those people and businesses to get the solution to their problems.

Amazingly, businesses are ready to pay for your service at your quotation, the concept is that they want a good solution to their business problem. They even pay you more than what you ask if you are providing them a good and quick solution for their problem.

Typically those people are looking for someone who has more experienced and may have solved the same problem earlier. The willingness to pay you higher means you can go for monetizing your experiences and can set up a business with that also.

So what needs to be done to become a successful consultant for making money online?

To be successful and able to stand separate from the crowd, you should select a particular niche in which you are comfortable and can achieve expertise level with some training and courses. The niche can be financial, Human Resources, security, strategic operations, etc.

The business can be of any level, they can be a small or medium sized business. But the key take from this is to you must select a niche in which you can easily improve your skills and have the passion to learn more and more in that particular niche.

2)  Google Adsense

Google Adsense makes you make money by allowing Google to let it place customized ads on your website or blog. Google Adsense is the best way of creating a passive income stream, although it takes time, once the process started you have to do nothing, you will be paid every month without even opening your laptop or computer, or workstation.


Google Adsense matches the best ads to your website depending upon the niche of your website. The ads are created by advertisers who want to publish their services or products to the world. Advertisers pay different prices based on the type of ads depending on the niche of your website.

To make the ads more natural you can customize your website accordingly. Google also provides lots of other ways to give a user a seamless experience with ads.

To join Google Adsense, you need not buy any product or service. Creating an account on Google AdSense is free.


3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another one of the best ways of creating passive income sources. The concept is simple and straightforward, you will be get paid when someone buys a product or service from your referral link.


Generally, these links are provided by retailers and e-commerce companies who want to increase sales of their services or products. However, it’s a different concept when compared to Google Adsense.

For the Google Adsense program, Google will decide which ads to show to your site. Ads can belong to any business or any niche. Here you don’t have the freedom to choose what ads you want to show on your website.

Unlike Google Adsense, in affiliate marketing, you have full freedom to become an affiliate of your choice of business.

Affiliate Marketing works through the affiliated links provided by the e-commerce companies. You can use those links in your website, blog or can directly share with someone who is looking to buy the same service or products.

4) Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, as companies are allowing employees to work from home, becoming a virtual assistant is another good option for you.


Working as a virtual assistant role may be different for different companies. The work of a virtual assistant may include bookkeeping, scheduling meeting, marinating calendar, email responding, and other time-consuming tasks. The number of hours per day also may vary depending upon the company’s need for a virtual assistant.

How to become a virtual assistant for making money online for living?

To become a virtual assistant, make sure you need to have particular skills that help you to complete particular tasks, including being organized and follow with time management, having good interpretational skills, and a good grasp of communications skills.

You may need to deal with not only one to one person but sometimes also dealing with other ways of communication like emailing instant messaging, or video conferencing.

5) Online Courses

Nowadays most students, learners, scholars are moving towards an online way of learning skills or courses. Nowadays it’s becoming harder to see people reading hardcopy of books day by day.


Learning new skills online is now very easy, anyone can find out lots of tutorials on a particular subject easily and some time’s it’s free also.

There are thousands of ways you can make money from online courses. You can ask for an upfront fee for the entire course offered either through your website or through some other website. Another way around is you can provide the course free to your users in return for just sharing on Facebook or other social media platforms. This will increase the traffic, demand, and truthiness of your product.

6) Podcasting

Times are gone when people use to listen radio just only for fun, nowadays many more people have started using listening podcasts while working, exercise and commuting. Since it’s much easy to access podcasts online, people can listen or learn new skills at any time, whether they are driving or relaxing, or doing some mundane tasks.


How to earn money using podcasts?

To earn money using podcasts, the first thing is to just create a podcast in the demanded niche. The niche should be selected in a way where you find yourself comfortable and possess in-depth knowledge. Once you have your podcast ready, then you can host it on various platforms, you can provide your podcast to users either free to ask them some upfront.

Your podcasts can be a source of learning or entertainment for your users. It could be a way to channel for other online gigs, including courses, services, consulting, products, public speaking, books, and contents, etc.

It must be admitted that with podcasts the chances of making million dollars is less, but depending upon your audience base, the popularity of your podcasts you can earn a way handsome money with podcasts and too passive.

7) Freelance Writing

Companies are always looking for quality content in large amounts for their blogs, landing pages, websites, and social media account. They are also ready to hire freelancers for full-time employment for the project like writing technical articles, technical manuals, engaging speeches, leadership articles, etc.


Companies even make a team of freelance writers who have a variety of different talents which will help them to publish great content articles.

How to become freelance writing for making money online to fulfill your passion?

To work as a freelance writer, you can register yourself as a freelance on the websites like Freelancer. If you search you will find thousands of other websites where you can create your profile and hunt down some good company. But to write quality content, you must keep updating yourself with the latest trends, you must have a great vocabulary power, and top of it must have good writing skills.

Many freelancers charge their clients based on pay per world model, while others charge their clients on an hourly basis. You will be surprised to know that some of the good writers do charge $5-$10 per word.

8) Sponsored Blog Posts

Another best way of making money online is through sponsored blog posts. Providing a sponsored blog posts on your website offers a way for many companies to get promoted for their products or services thereby increasing the sales of their products.


There are thousands of ways you can get paid by creating good quality content for those companies. You need to simply post the article given by such a company to your blog or website. On top of it, sometimes sponsored content may include product reviews, etc.

But to get sponsored posts, the main criteria is that your blog should have huge daily traffic and engagement with the world. If your blog is new or just growing then we suggest you stick with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing strategies for earning money online.

But if you have a website or blog having huge daily traffic, then you can ask for $100-$300 per sponsored post.

9) Youtube Videos

You must have visited youtube in your life for finding something, I assumed that you know the fact how easy it is to get lost in youtube watching videos one after the other, especially when you are trying to find a solution for a particular problem.


You will be amazed to know that many surveys have revealed that nowadays, businesses are moving towards youtube for virtual assistant, advice, and knowledge.

There are thousands of ways through which you can make money on youtube related to technical stuff, cooking, dancing, etc.

The best thing is that you can make videos on any niche on youtube without much effort. You just need to create a quality video first, then upload it to youtube, and you are done.

The more numbers of viewers and subscribers you have on your youtube channel, the more money you can make. The earning capability on youtube also depends on how passionate you are in your selected niche and the quality of your content.

The greater the value you provide to your audience, the more money you will earn.

10) Language Instruction

Knowing other languages can pay off today as more people are interested in expanding their capabilities. You can join sites like Verbling and iTalki where you can make between $10 and $30 per hour helping others learn languages.


One of the largest opportunities, however, is to teach English to foreign students through online English school sites. These online schools hire people from all over the world with a good command of the English language for between $18 and $23 per hour. Most of the students tend to be in Asian countries, so you will need to accommodate some time difference to do this type of online work.

11) Translator and Interpreter

Although we have a google translator in place, the need for a human translator is still in demand, google translator provides an option for translation task but it doesn’t replace the need for human being s to interpret and translate the content for someone who speaks a different language than what the audience wants.

BEST WAYS OF MAKING MONEY ONLINE - Translator and Interpreter

There are several ways of doing the same, including finding, working with companies and clients who are looking for the same services.

12) Online Video Editor

You must have experienced that video content will be the king in the future. Video content is in demand in comparison to other types of media.


Companies find it tough to create a good quality content video for themselves, so to solve this problem companies are ready to hire or pay a good amount for a skilled video editor.

You know what’s the best part is here, is that you enjoy your work and get paid also. According to a survey, video editors are among the top paid people. The yearly payout of a video editor is approximately $100000.

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