Top 10 Hottest Smokey Eye Make-up Ideas

Top 10 Hottest Smokey Eye Make-up Ideas


Top 10 Hottest Smokey Eye Make-up Ideas

Eye make is not only an art but more than that it’s a beautiful way of making your eyes more beautiful. There are several ways of how you can make your eyes look bolder and different in your own special way. Let’s go through this list of top 10 hottest Smokey eyes make up ideas so that you can be one killer person and people will surely turn at least ones to notice what creativity you have done with your eyes. Now-a-days, everyone likes and loves to experiment something new so why not try these unique, yet simple eye make up ideas.

1. Blend it well

Eye Make Up - Blend it well
Have you ever tried blending shimmer and black together? Well its pretty simple, try blending little bit of a brown shimmer with black eye liner and notice the different yourself. You will get a perfect eye makeup for any night party or a late evening date and it’s a surety, you are going to love it.

2. Mix the colours together

Are you planning to go on an Indian function and confused about the eye makeup? Don’t panic, the solution is quite simple. Try mixing a lighter pink or a dark pink with a lot of liner and golden shimmer. You will surely kill your eye make up with the outfit you are planning to wear.

3. Brighter colours can lead to a brighter day

Eye Make Up - Brighter colors
Planning to go out for a day lunch? Try putting yellow and green eyeshadow with black eyeliner as it will give one of the best Smokey eyes look moreover it will surely suit you. Wear a pretty dress and enjoy your day out with friends or your loved ones.

4. Keep it colourful

Eye Make Up - Peacock style
You love colours and want to experiment something new? Try peacock eye makeup and include all the shades of blues, greens and yellow. Don’t be afraid to use the colours as they will turn out to look pretty and decent enough. What are you waiting for?

5. Keep it simple

Want to keep it simpler yet hotter? Try putting shimmery nude rather than trying a matte shade for inner corner and centre or if you want it to be a bit darker? Then try to use a less of black eyeshadow across the entire eyelid. Blend it quite well and notice the difference yourself since we all know simple things make a hell lot of difference.

6. Its all about being glamourous

Want to look like a sexy and a glamorous woman? Try using a dark brown shade and blend it outwards after then take a lovely dark purple colour and use it as an eye shadow right across the eyelid. After which, you need to take a shimmering silver and put it as an eyeliner at the bottom part. Finish this amazing eye makeup and don’t forget to put mascara and a black eyeliner at the end. Your eye makeup will surely look killer moreover don’t forget to wear your little black dress. After all, who doesn’t like being the centre of attraction for a while?

7. Blue colour is another benchmark

Eye Make Up - Blue color
Want to look bombshell yet sexy in a decent way? Well, blue colour can never go out of fashion so try this sapphire blue Smokey eye makeup look. For this, just remember to mix green and blue pigments by shimmery white, black and brown shades together. You will surely kill this eye makeup in a night party or a late-night candle light dinner too. You never know, who falls in for it?

8. Its anyways not about only one colour

Eye Make Up - reddish brown
Want to try Smokey eye makeup and not look so much gothic yet elegant at the same time? Try including black shadow upwards into a beautiful shade of reddish and brown. This beautiful blend of colours will look superb and you can easily carry this look anywhere or wherever you plan to go. Moreover, its one of the simplest way if you are trying Smokey eye makeup for the first time so don’t be afraid but give it a shot because its all about the first time and how perfect you can be eventually so try it today.

9. Light yet classy

Eye Make Up - lavender
Trying the Smokey eyes makeup for the first time and maybe you don’t want those typical gothic looks but a simpler look? Not a problem at all, try involving shades from light to dark for instance, try to use white and lavender together and don’t forget to put a black eyeliner with a dark lip colour thus it will surely balance out your look and end up being one of the perfect makeover which you can try. Moreover, your partner will even love this new look of yours so what are you waiting for?

10. Its all about being different

As we all know; Old school is never out of fashion so why not try the leopard print as your eye makeup?
Its one print which is going to be different yet a killer one if you want to try it on your eyes. Why not be a little different rather than be just the same?
Moreover, if you love prints so it’s a surety, you should try it once and notice it yourself.Who doesn’t like doing makeup and be a bit different from the crowd? Try these 10-different eye makeup looks and enjoy the feel of your new makeover since its all about being innovative, different and anyways, you should never stop experimenting even if its about your beautiful eyes after all everyone loves themselves so the next time you plan an outing, try one of this look and feel the difference yourself.

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