How to fashion yourself to look modern and trendy

How to fashion yourself to look modern and trendy

How to fashion yourself to look modern and trendy

Are the fashionable clothes and trendy outfits already bankrupting you?

The mindset of the era and the glamour of the social media often pushes us in the pool of extravagant fashion styles. We are ready to spend off our last penny to look trendy and earn some likes and followers on the Gram! “Oh! So trendy.”, “You look like a model” are the comments we die for!

We understand, fashionable clothes are the need of the hour! It not only saves you from the comments like, “Oh! She’s so old school!”, “Such a fashion disaster!” but also helps you to fit in the society by contributing enough confidence in you and shaping your personality. But what if we tell you, “Fashion is free”? It is no more necessary to empty your wallet and spend up your bank balance to adapt the trendy look. If, we can evolve ourselves from the pre-historic apes to the modern day humans, then why can’t the fashion styles? It is not always necessary to do, what we see. Instead, we can do, and show it to the world. Fat wallet days are back! Stand in-front of your wardrobe for a while before confirming your online order worth thousands. If you’re born with the same fashion soul, as I do, then you’ll surely be able to discover a new trend, then and there. It doesn’t cost you pennies to experiment with new fashion styles after all?

So, before you head off to the party tonight, just take few minutes to coordinate, mix and contrast the different clothes dumped in your wardrobe, to create a masterpiece. Fashion is something that is ever changing! If we turn over the pages of history, we will find an ever-changing definition of fashion styles. From the flared and pleated dresses, retro hairstyles and over-dramatic makeup, to the minimalist makeup and modern day, skin fit dress, everything is a part of the fashion styles. Nowadays, we often look unto the Instagram or fashion bloggers for our fashion inspirations. No wonder, we get absolutely lost in the black hole of the Gram while scrolling through the feed and ultimately, sits confused in-front of the wardrobe. Wait, don’t call off the party tonight because we’ve taken the burden of scrolling throughout the latest fashion styles in the industry. You don’t need to stress over finding the best and the trending for you! These few fashion tricks are all you need to change your fashion game for forever!

1) Tucked in shirt with high-waist trousers

Forgot about the shirt you got at the sale? Pull it out of your wardrobe now. Tuck it inside a pair of blue denims or black trousers and secure with a wide belt. And done! You’re good to go to your work place and fight the Monday blues. And guess what, just a slight change, and you can even go to the party, after the office hour ends. Just tuck out the sides of your shirt, and make it look like a half-tucked shirt and let your hairs flow! And, that’s all.You may have seen the so-called “cool” girls to flaunt a half-tucked shirt on your Instagram feed million times with a hashtag “boho” but trust me, that this similar look can make you look so much sophisticated and chic.

Tucked in shirt with high-waist trousers

Make sure that the trouser is high-waisted, as it gives a nice structure and dimension to your figure. The perfect office going and the party bashing looks are here for you! This is one of the most minimalist, yet the most sophisticated and trendy everyday look. Style a simple pony tail or a high bun, some bold or nude lips with a hint of kohl on the eyes to make it smokey and a pair of high-heels or sneakers. And you’re done!

2) Silk suits with heels

Fashion is not something to be measured in scales. “Overrated” and “underrated” are just the words preferred by the individuals who does not understand fashion. So, when you choose the silken suit jumpsuit for work, don’t let these words distract you. Why suppress the fashionista in you with the pale and sheer tops, when you can rock black so well? Also, how can you miss out on your comfortability factor when judging a jumpsuit at work?

Silk suits with heels

Think, how you can get that extra space to move your legs unlike the ones who wore those slim-fit jeans to the work. How cool is that! Also, do not forget your black 5-inch heels back! These are the showstopper today. Just style a small bun or a simple ponytail, with some nude makeup! What about your black goggles with it? Ah! How sophisticated is that! So how many couldn’t take their eyes off you today? Let us know!

3) High-neck with A-line Skirts

Want to tell the world that you’re a grown up now, and have matured enough over the years? No, no legal document would do that for you. Why not say it to the world with your fashion statement? As it’s already the fall, high-neck tops might be out of the wardrobe now! Pick a subtle blue, or grey top and pair it, with similar color A-line skirt because, monotone is the new fashion of the hour! You may be wondering, where is the twist the outfit? The twist is,no twist. Contrast cannot always be the one to bring in, the twists. Give monotone a chance to show the fashion spell.

High-neck with A-line Skirts

However, to add a hint of dimension and trendy to the look, wear some high-style boots or gum-boots which are contrasting enough to mirror a trendy look. Also, the black goggles are everything because the look already has a blue, or grey series going on it and black just brings back the aesthetic culture. This look hardly requires any kind of cosmetics and jewelry, because aestheticism is the key to look beautiful. Do whatever you want your hair for this look but we suggest, a simple bun or ponytail with the look.

4) Bold and plains

Want to wear the red bold top go the office today? But then, its RED! The hot-shot RED. What if, the boss notices and stops your promotion? What if, colleagues tease you? What if, your crush does not at all like the color RED? There is no end of the “What ifs” in life, but we can decide what comes first.

It’s always “ME”. Wear, whatever you want to wear with just a pinch of trick, to balance the bold reds with some plain, monotone color. One can never go wrong with fashion but you need to make a work wear look like a work wear and a party wear, like a party wear. And, here, creeps in the difference. You need keep your work wear, always in balance. Wear the red if you want to, but also, take a plain yellow or grey blazer and trousers to balance and tone it down. This will not only make the color pop out more, but will also make sure that it looks absolutely professional and chic. Rock the outfit in meetings, office parties and what not!

Bold and plains

5) Loose fittings with wide-leg trousers

We have only three words for the ones who loves this look – less is more. Also, why compromise on the comfort that you enjoy in your over-sized loose tops and wide-leg trousers. You may think it of as a casual wear, but is casual wear not a part of the wide range of the fashion styles you see on the feed? Just pick up the loose over-sized sweater; a cropped sweater would look the best, from the corner of your wardrobe and obviously, the over-sized trousers. Do not forget the wide round waist belt to tie up with this outfit and also, tuck in the sweater half into the belt to make it look more casual.

Loose fittings with wide-leg trousers

This is the perfect outfit for the lazy sloth bear like you! Don’t think and stress over the contrast factors while dressing up like this, because contrast, particularly, has nothing to do with the fashion styles. If you have fashion alcoholic soul in you, then you can create a statement look with this today! What are you forgetting your gum boots for? Tuck your wide-trousers in your gum boots, and give it the structured look. This fine look either makes you look like a professional photographer on the go, or the top-notch fashion bloggers who hardly cares about, what the world thinks about their dress. Style, itself, is very versatile and non-stagnant. Like, you cannot hold time, air and water, in the same way, style cannot be held in a handful. So, who are we to define the styles you style? Style it the way you want it.

Style it the way you feel comfortable. Style it the way your soul wants it to be.
Remember, there is no such particular factor like dress size, color of the dress, length of the dress and so on that can determine the type of fashion you do. So learn not to care and carry on the styling game!

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