11 Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time

11 Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time

11 Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time

In a healthy relationship, both parties are equally happy and respected. This healthy relationship does not grow overnight. It has to be created, nurtured and cherished in order to maintain it. In a healthy relationship, two people, despite their differences love and respect each other, they create a inseparable bond. They don’t grow out of love. They explore the other person day after day, differently, from a new point of view. They fall in love with their partner every day. Now, in these happy and satisfying relationships, the couples follow some intimate habits. By these habits, happy couples are recognized and distinguished from other people. So, here are some of those intimate habits that is explained below to make other peoples understand

1. Holding hands

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Holding hands

Even if they are not a PDA (Public display of affection) kind of people and does not feel comfortable with it, they would still hold hands together. Be it a huge party, full of unknown people and strangers or in front of their friends and family members, they will always hold hands. It is a symbol of togetherness for them. To make their partner understand that no matter what, I will always be with you, beside you.

2. Hugging each other

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Hugging each other

This is another healthy habit that is very common among happy couples. They tend to hug each other when they get emotional. If they are sad or happy, even when one of them is angry with the other, the other person hugs them and it soothes them immediately. People will always open up to only one person. And that person is someone whom they love very much. As showed in a scientific study, hugging someone calms their nervous system so it is logical too. When someone cannot express their emotion properly or suffering from major problems, all they need is a hug from someone whom they love and who loves them back.

3. Kissing on the forehead

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Kissing on the forehead

Another great habit that is evidently present in every happy couple. Even if they are not so the touchy-feely type of couple, kissing their love on their forehead is another way to show their affection. It shows that he or she cares for you. A kiss on the forehead can always make everything much better. It shows that he or she will be with you and you will face the obstacles together.

4. When the girl wears something of their partner

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-When the girl wears something of their partner

It shows their comfort level. According to me, this is another cute habit where the girls wear a T-shirt or some kind of clothing of their partner( trust me, it’s super comfortable). It pro is that they are comfortable with each other totally and there isn’t any fake relation between them, so she can borrow his clothes as much as she wants without feeling uneasy or super conscious.

5. Communication

Communication is the heart of every relationship. It enables exposure between couples. Couples who share an intense union talk about almost everything. They share and know details about each other- from significant circumstances in the lives of their partners to their friends and who they hang out with, their anxiety, difficulties, fears, battles and all mundane things in their partner’s life. They continuously seek ways to find out their spouse or partner. They are up to date with the occasions of their partner both beautiful and horrible.

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Communication

Communication goes beyond the exterior surface of external interchange, it operates intense and goes beyond words, terms, and conditions. They share personal evidence that barely any other person knows about. They come to a degree of bonding where they formulate their love language, slang and pet names. As a result of this, a bond is formed that can suffer the test of time because they have attached on deeper levels.

6. They always keep in touch, in any way possible

It could be by calls, messages or even physical touch. There is always something to talk about that they cannot wait to be with each other physically and emotionally alone to communicate. They phone to check on their partner to see how they are doing and when they return, if they are safe, if they ate anything, what are they doing and how they miss them, they talk about how their day went. Intensely connected couples are not ashamed to touch their partners in public.

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-They always keep in touch, in any way possible

Most times it is even done unconsciously as it has become a habit. They know how to express intimacy, both physical and emotional with their partners, how to touch them and be touched. The touch of a hand is quite a powerful tip to nurture intimacy; take your partner’s hands and hold them while taking a walk or even while cuddling in bed or when you are reading books and he’s doing his work. This brings you closer and shows that you want and value them.

7. Trusting each other more than anything

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Trusting each other more than anything

Couples in sync don’t go skeptical about their partner. They trust in their loyalty. Even when situations occur to make them misplace loyalty, they hold on to their moralities and trust because they know their partners more than anyone. They don’t go sneaking around their partner’s phones, they are convinced and optimistic in themselves and the love of their partner and the relationship and bond that they share.

8. Both of them influence each other

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Both of them influence each other

We all disagree with our beliefs and ideology. But couples who share an intense relationship seem to have similar view of spirit and tend to think similarly. They believe in the same things. They may begin oppositely but as time goes on, they proceed to act, speak and even look alike. This happens as an outcome of time expended together, familiarity and physical and mental intimacy shared and belief network communicated overtime. This also makes them able to impact each other’s lifestyle beginning from the way they dress, talk and even the kind of food they eat.

9. Both of them give each other value and respect that they deserve

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-Both of them give each other value

Intensely connected and happy couples do not take each other for granted. They love it when one of them gets successful and achieve their dreams, they motivate and help one another. They constantly pursue ways to make their partner more successful and happy by motivating them to expand and improve themselves. They will do everything to bring out the best in their partner. They help with house duties or employ someone to help. This does not only fosters intimacy on a deeper level but motivates their partner; as a result, their partner expresses gratitude. When you have a partner that has your back and motivates you to do more, you will hold them in high appreciation, you will want to see the best and get the best for them.

10. They solve arguments together and does not take any conflict seriously

Every relationship suffers from conflict as it involves two separate people who come together with different impressions, feelings, opinions and ideas. Conflicts, thus, are unavoidable but intensely connected and happy couples don’t scramble from conflicts, they grasp them and face them head on. They don’t save histories of error done to them by their partner, they sometimes ignore the mistakes of their companions for peace and stability to reinforce. They don’t examine implying to every word spoken in anger to them, instead they try to comprehend why the partner respond in a certain way and try to detect through the outcomes.

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-They solve arguments together

One of the mysteries of intensely connected and happy partners is the capacity to formulate handling policies for whatever circumstance that appears in their relationships. First, they have been able to insulate every day tensions from severe circumstances and arranged ideal ways to attack them when they emerge.

11. They have fun together

Intimate habits that happy couples follow all the time-They have fun together

Intensely connected and super happy couples are always high in spirits. No matter what, they always play and laugh with each other. They explore different ways to enjoy entertainment activities together, they establish chances to expend time together and appreciate each other’s association. It could be indoors or outdoors but the goal is to celebrate each other’s company. The delighted you are, the happier your partner will be and the more desirable and satisfying your relationship will be. There’s a saying that explains a couple that sweats together sticks together. It could be exercising together, enrolling in a gym, even taking dance classes together or preparing meals together. Happy couples enjoy each other’s company.

So, as mentioned above, happy couples are rare to find but it can happen if both of them nurture and cherish each other and appreciate their efforts. Happy couples share a bond that goes beyond words. It cannot be explained. It can only be felt. Maybe they came from different worlds, maybe they have different views, ideas and opinions but they will still love, respect and care deeply for each other. Love makes them to do it.

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