Top 10 Reasons why Men CHEAT in Relationship

Top 10 Reasons why Men CHEAT in Relationship

Top 10 Reasons why Men CHEAT in Relationship

Men are well known to cheat women in a relationship but the reason may not be the same always. It could be due to their addiction to sex or satisfying their ego. Many a time men do not tend to cheat but the situation makes them do so. Men are not good at making a decision and their random decisions are proven wrong most of the time in a relationship. This frustration of unfulfilled needs makes their move forward to find someone else and cheat on their partners. Generally, men love being flirty with more than one woman at a time which gives them a feeling of prestige and stud. Many do not want to consider serious relationships and want to go for one night stands. Also, the situation may be that their love, at first sight, has proven a wrong decision. But not all are same some may cheat woman for seeking revenge or due to unfulfilled needs which occurs due to the negligence of their partner. Lets checkout Top 10 reasons why men cheat in Relationship.

1. An ex walked back into the picture

Men usually need lots of time to come out with their past serious relationship. Many a time they start a casual dating to divert their mind from their ex and move on. But mentally they are not ready to do so. In such cases, if their ex comes back then there is a greater chance that they will cheat women whom they are dating currently and would give a try again with their ex.

2. His needs aren’t being met

Even the man needs to be pampered. They love to seek love and attention. Not only these but mentally they have many small needs which they want it to be fulfilled. Who said men don’t like to be complimented? It may be their new hairstyle or a new shirt, they like that their partner should notice their small things and comment on it. Apart from it, there should be emotional support from their partner from whom they can freely share their feelings. But if their partner is unable to fulfill those needs which are fulfilled by someone else, then they may cheat their partners and go to the next. So next make sure you give time to your partner and don’t let him feel ignored or neglected. Be the one with whom he can share his laughs and sorrows.

3. He’s addicted to sex

Men have a lot of sexual desires and expectation from their partners. Some men want to be in a relationship just for the sake of sex. They have nothing to do with the emotional well being of their partners. All they want is sex. They don’t have any other expectation apart from satisfying their lust and desire. For the commitment and being together doesn’t matter. Once they satisfied their lust they tend to cheat that woman and go to the next whom they find attractive. These men are addictive to it and can do anything to please women for being with them.

4. He’s a total ass

This category of men thinks themselves stud. They like being in a relationship with a different woman whom they find to be attractive. The process keeps on going on and they don’t tend to be in a long-run relationship. They feel this a matter of pride that they can attract the women of their choice and can show off to others. They use their charm to cheat women a day or the other. They know how effectively to use their smartness, good looks or money and how to flatter women by complimenting them.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Some men have too much unnecessary expectation which is not possible to be fulfilled. They want that their partners should meet their desires now and then. These men fail to consider that their partner has a life too. He wants to get involved with her partner in every small moment without giving her the space to live a life. This type of men wants their partner to give all their time and if she gives a little importance to her career or friends it may annoy those men. This gives them a feeling of non fulfillment of their expectation which they try to seek from anyone else ultimately leading to cheating their partners.

6. Anger, Revenge

He may cheat you for seeking any revenge related to past. Maybe the time when he was unsuccessful and someone rejected her proposal or personal revenge related to the family. The motive is just to hurt and breakdown her. This is found most of the times in the cases where the men are angry with their mate. The reason may be of lie or cheat which has deeply hurt him. The men want the women to feel the same pain they are going through. At first, they shower them with lots of love to gain their trust and lastly leaves them. The reason may be very strong and has repeatedly hurt him but there are many other options to sort out things without ruining his integrity.

7. He is bored

It is well known to everyone that men tend to get attracted very fast and loses interest even faster. It just like you do all the efforts to achieve an award and when you have it, your effort stops. Or else many a times they develop an interest in a woman which after spending time and knowing her fades off. The men try to entertain by making out with prostitutes or having affairs. He may also cheat her partner to grab her attention and make her feel insecure. This is one of the strongest among-st the top 10 reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

8. He is confused about love

Men’s tends to believe in their early romance. Infatuation with love. You may find someone very attractive but after knowing her the case may not be the same. Men’s judge their partners by their looks. They take quick decisions while judging them after one or two meet up. But in reality, she may not be a compatible one for you. During the new relationship, couples are not so open to each other and their real side is not known to either of them. Men’s just want to have the women of their interest in their life without giving proper time to know and analyze her. Men have a fear that if they take time to know each other more, the women may divert their interest. But they fail to understand that if a woman is seriously interested in them they will keep patience. The late realization gives them a feeling of making the wrong decision and they are unable to spill their guilt in front of their partners. Ultimately their disinterest leads the to get attracted to someone else which causes a reason for cheating.

9. Immaturity

If he is an inexperienced man new to a relationship, he may not understand the complexity of commitment and being loyal. The relationships come with many expectations which he may fail to understand. He may not have any idea how to deal with the things and doesn’t take things too seriously which can hurt their partners. These type of men does not change their socializing behavior with other females and thinks fine to have it. Flirting with others and cheating on their partners is not so wrong in their dictionary.

10. He is damaged

The earlier wounds of physical or sexual abuse have not let him come out of the trauma which restricts him to be fully committed to someone. These type of men are not able to rely their trust on any person. He may seek sexual intensity from outside to compensate for their physiological and emotional pain. They are usually not in a good state of mind always and may intoxicate themselves with drugs and alcohol. They just want temporary sexual support and can hurt any woman’s sentiment.

So we have come across Top 10 reasons why men cheat in Relationship which shows that men need emotional and physical support too. Some have the intentions to cheat or take it as a matter of pride but with others may be the luck is not going well. Their bad decisions or disappeared interest makes them moving their step ahead on the wrong path. Though whatever may be the reason no one has the right to hurt someone and its better if you are dealing with the same situation to confess your guilt. Maybe a simple sorry could work out and make things simple and easy for you rather than playing cheating games and keeping your partners in dark. Sometimes you may have to deal with bad consequences too. It’s ok to break the relation if it’s not working out because every-time two good people are not meant to be together. Their interest may not be the same so live your happy lives individually but not by cheating your partners.