Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat in a Relationship

Top 10 Reasons Why Women CHEAT in a Relationship

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat in a Relationship

Have you ever been into a relationship and got cheated? And then you kept wondering where you got wrong that made her cheat towards you. The reality is, even in the happiest marriages, affairs can occur.  It may be due to unfulfilled emotion or physical conditions. Although the reasons women cheat differs from individual to individual, some do it for love, some for sex, some need a lift in their confidence, and some are simply wired to be unfaithful. Regardless of the reasons, it’s up to you whether you want it to work further or not. May be circumstances can one of the kinds, but the explanation might not be convincing enough. So, let’s discover top 10 reasons why women cheat in a relationship.

1. Being too Busy bothers her

Being too Busy bothers her

Many women at a point of time sadly find that her men have no time for her. There is no romance and intimacy left in between, and this is where she starts feeling in need of a company. Many times, men forget to manage time between their professional and personal life. Men start ignoring their text or cancel last moments plans. The responsibility of household or your career makes their sleep more important leaving around no time for romance. That’s the time when women started feeling unwanted and try to seek their pleasure from somewhere else. You mustn’t overshadow your intimacy and date nights due to your other responsibilities. Your women need adequate time too, otherwise, it could become a reason for the cheat. Keep the line of communication open so that she doesn’t turn towards the second option. Remember women always crave for intimacy which includes cuddling, kissing and many more.

2. Being the bad girl

Being the bad girl

Not all woman is loyal towards their relationship some just want to satisfy their urge of inner sex. Once it gets unleashed the beasts escape from the cage. For such women love is not their utmost priority, once they are satisfied with their needs they head towards the next target. Not only sex, but there could also be many other reasons like money or care which their man is unable to fulfill. The women who are attracted to luxurious life can also cheat several men to fulfill their desires.

3. Self-esteem


Women are found very self -esteem and this makes them easy to easy influence them. If her man doesn’t make her feel beautiful and sexy which the other men do, her attention may be shifted to the other one. Women s love to seek compliments and being admired, it may be for their good looks or smart work. If you don’t want your women to shift her attention towards others and cheat, you then make sure that you pay attention to her and flatters her. The other reason could also be that she does feel secure in this relationship or is unable to open with you and needs someone else to fulfill these things. Take out some time to thank your women for all the effort she does for you. Don’t make her feel neglected or ignored. Women don’t not only need physical support but hey are emotional bugs. You need to retreat her instead of taking her for granted.

4. Revenge/payback for past wrongs

Revenge or payback for past wrongs

Women wanting to seek revenge want their men to make them feel the same way as they felt wounded. The simple sorry may not be enough to regain her trust. Men need to prove it by their action that they seriously feel guilty and would not repeat because actions speak louder than the words. If you have cheated your women or caught in a big lie while breaking her trust, then possibilities might be there that she is waiting for an opportunity to betray you.

5. Bedroom boredom

Bedroom boredom

Maybe your women won’t directly express you because it may hurt your prestige, but she isn’t satisfied in her sex life. She can ignore it for a while, but women have craved for it and they may move towards someone who could satisfy them. Maybe your old same positions and the same person is not giving adventurous feeling to her. The other person is better in adding spark to her life making her love life spicy and romantic. Men’s are found to be more passionate towards sex during the starting of their relationship but later the priority shifts somewhere else. Men usually don’t take this part so seriously, but it becomes a matter of concern. To avoid such circumstances men should avoid repetition and find new ways of adding spark to their life by taking out on dates and adding more tricks to pleasure her and bring back her excitement.

6. Exit strategy

Exit strategy

Many times, women are no more interested in their men and they won’t feel the same way as earlier. Or it may be that she has realized you are not the right one for her and she has found someone better than you. She wants to end the relationship but doesn’t want to hurt you. Women in this situation find another path of cheating their men instead of confessing them. If you feel the changes and neglecting behavior in your women try talking to her and resolve things. Make her believe that no one can make her love more than you.

7. She doesn’t find attention towards her

She doesn’t find attention towards her

Women want attention and if you don’t involve in conversations during dinner dates, movies and other times, this may be a matter of concern for you. Women love to spend time together and while doing so they want all the attention towards them. Your sudden changes in behavior can make you lose her. If there has been a sudden increase in the phone conversations in men and he spends most of the time being engaged with his phone which has become a reason of fewer improvements with your women, then this reason might be a cause for her to look for another person. This is one of the top 10 reasons why women cheat in a relationship.

8. She feels insecure

She feels insecure

The distance may cause loneliness to a woman and she may start liking to spend time with other men ending up on cheating towards you. Some women are not prone to handle long-distance relationship and feel many requirements which do not get fulfilled. You may be out of town or flying constantly for your works to a regular place. This can make her feel insecure and if you are not able to convince her with your answers it can make her feel otherwise. This might be one of the reasons why women cheat in a relationship.

9. Women finds gentlemen more attractive

Women finds gentlemen more attractive

Young men coming into a relationship doesn’t want to make changes in their lifestyle. They want to live like king as they used to before. Whereas women want to change them accordingly and make them the way she wanted it. If you are such a lazy are the fluffy guy who doesn’t want to adapt mutually then this may irritate your girlfriend and she may move ahead in search of someone better than you. The process of being converted into well-mannered boyfriend can result in quarrels which may disinterest your women towards you. The second cause could be the flirty nature of men which doesn’t change after having a girlfriend in their life. This thing can make your women upset and she may ditch you soon. Remember to adapt yourself accordingly for living into a successful relationship. If you find some genuine issues into it try to talk and resolve it. You need to do efforts to fulfill up to her expectations.

10. Abusive Partner

Abusive Partner

Girls don’t like their partners to abuse them or have constant fights in every small thing. Men’s sexual and physical abuse cannot be get ignored and women started feeling disrespected and unhappy. They might develop a fear of you and don’t feel comfortable. Men usually restrict women in every small thing which may be same as taking their freedom away. The feeling of being abandoned in a harsh relationship can let her cause cheat on you. Being too much involved in your women’s life and your possessive attitude can annoy her. Respect her privacy and give her some space.

So, these are the top 10 reasons why women cheat in a relationship. If the problem is the bad intention of the girl, then it’s time to understand and leave her. But if the problem arose due to your change behavior, negligence and abuse then its time you should learn to pamper and resolve things. It’s obvious that every situation will differ, some can be considered, and some may not. Remember relationship needs constant efforts to be together but cheating is something that cannot be neglected. If you find such reasons hard to survive with her then it’s time to move on and find a better one for you. So, the next time you are upon these things, keep it in mind that your lady love may ditch you.

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