ways to make him miss you like crazy

Top 10 ways to make him miss you like crazy

Top 10 ways to make him miss you like crazy

There comes a common phase in every relationship, when you may feel like your boyfriend is not giving you enough importance like he used to. There may be instances even when you feel like he tends to avoid you and this gives rise to several suspicions in a relationship. So, it is always better to go for the prevention before the wound deepens

The passion of longing and desire is very important in a relationship. So, when you see the passion fading away from a relationship, you need to buckle up. If you are serious in the relationship and see both of you together in the future, then you need to ensure that the passion is living. The only way to make sure that he feels the passion in him towards you, till now, is only by ensuring whether he misses you in his life.

Now, here comes the main drill! Many of our boyfriends do not even realize whether they miss us or not at certain times. To make them feel it, you need to take the first step. Take the privilege and make them miss you by using some simple tips and tricks. Below are the Top 10 ways to make him miss you like crazy.

1. Stop replying often

If you are available for him all the time, whenever he wants you, then you are probably doing a serious mistake. You are letting him take you for granted when you are available for him all the time. Your boyfriend may think that he does not need to take out time separately only for you and you know, this is wrong! If he can make time for everything in his life, then why not for you? Maybe he does not give you that much importance. But you need to make that sure before taking any decision regarding your relationship.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Stop replying often

Stop, replying to frequent texts or calls and make him feel like you do not want to talk to him absolutely. When he will be unable to contact you anyway, he will surely feel the value of your absence from his life. And, that’s it! If he reaches you back anyhow, then yes, he missed you. Otherwise, it’s probably not the right one for you!

2. Do not go around him

There is a common issue with the boyfriends, that they do not want to be surrounded by their girlfriend all the time. They want space. Okay! Give them that. When you are around them all the time and everywhere, they start avoiding you. Stop giving him the attention! If he is able to feel your presence without doing any efforts, then he will never value you.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Do not go around him

So, whenever there is a plan with him or his friends, just cancel it. Keep doing this back to back for at least a month or the two by giving several excuses. When you are absent from his circle for a long time, he will undoubtedly start craving for your presence. This is sure to happen if your boyfriends have the same feelings to reciprocate.

3. Show him your “The Best”

The best way to make him miss you is by showing him the version of you he has not seen yet. When you see the passion fading away, especially for your boyfriend, then start working on you. Maybe, all these days you hardly cared about how you looked, but now it is time!

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Show him your Best

Whenever you are with him, make sure you look your BEST! Add a little something different to your look, which makes him notice you like never before. This will help you to ignite the lost passion in your relationship, yet again.

4. Start making some new friends

New friends give new life. If you always hang out with his friends, then he is probably not getting the chance to miss you. So, give him the chance to miss you. Go, and make friends who are out of your boyfriend’s friend circle so that he cannot get to know about you from them in any possible way.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Start making some new friends

This will immediately stir up their insecurities and possessiveness towards you. If he fails to reach you through all the possible ways, then he will surely start missing you.

5. Be Busy

If your boyfriend can be busy with everything on Earth, then why not you? Show him that you have also got to do something in life other than texting him and being with him. You can take some part-time jobs or can develop some new hobbies, in the times you used to meet him or used to wait for him.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Be Busy

Do not let him know about your engagements beforehand, and cancel the plans only after you have got three to four missed calls or texts from him. Repeat this thing quite frequently. This will immediately make him go through a priority crisis. He will certainly start questioning his identity and existence in your life. The main point here is, make him feel what you felt. And that’s it. You can consider it as one of the strong dosages to make him miss you!

6. Post HOT pictures

Your relationship and love your boyfriend maybe as pure as nature but you know the proverb that, “Men will always be men”. Hotness is the quality which triggers your boyfriend’s attention just like that. So, when you feel like he is not giving you the attention like he used to, bring out the steaming hotness in you.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Post HOT pictures

Click some pictures which seem to be more revealing and appealing, by showing some cleavage or thighs and post them on the social media. Make sure he sees the pictures which will make him feel jealous. This will immediately trigger on his possessiveness towards you and he will obviously miss you.

7. Change the status to “SINGLE”

If you have set your relationship status to “committed” on the social media account, then its time for you to change it back to “single”. When he is behaving with you like a friend and is not giving you the attention you deserve as a girlfriend, treat him like a friend only. To make him miss your presence as a girlfriend, you change the relationship status.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Change the status to SINGLE

This will be like a sudden bomb on him if he really feels for you as a girlfriend. He will try certain ways to find out why you changed it. To ignite the fire more, you can also address him as a friend in public. All of sudden, the guy who was hardly giving you any attention till yesterday will now find ways to be with you because he is missing you.

8. Do not allow the “Kiss”

When your boyfriend is not giving you the attention, you treat him like that. It is in the intricate characterization of the boys that they will always want to involve physically with their girlfriends. So you will have to use that as your weapon. Whenever he tries to come near you to kiss or, tries to become intimate, then you just push him away.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Do not allow the Kiss

Make him feel like he does not deserve the kiss. If you do this back to back for some days, it will make him realize his mistake. Physical intimacy is a powerful trigger, and when he is unable to derive the satisfaction from it, he will start missing you.

9. Exclude him from some plans

If you are in a relationship, it is very common for you to hang out together. But when you feel like your boyfriend is not missing you at all, and hardly talks to you, you need to stop doing that now. So, now when you are planning something, remember not to include him in it.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Exclude him from some plans

Either avoid him if he is accompanying you to the place or exclude him completely while making the plan. Avoiding him continuously for some days will eventually make him crave for you.

10. Say “Talk to you later”

There comes a time in every relationship when the passion starts fading away from a relationship. To bring back the fire of passion in your relationship, you need to make sure that your boyfriend craves for you in the same way, you do. So, whenever he tries to call you and talk to you, avoid him by saying “Talk to you later”.

ways to make him miss you like crazy - Talk to you later

These four words have the power to bring back the strength in your relationship. This will surely make him go through an identity crisis in your life. The fact that you are not able to make time for him will not let him concentrate on anything else around. We can assure you that you will get an “I miss you” message after this!

So, now you know what you will have to do after this? All you need to do is, assess your situation and choose a way out from the above-given guide of Top 10 ways to make him miss you like crazy. This guide will surely help you to get back your boyfriend’s attention and will also bring back those lost colors in your relationship.

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